What brings you joy? Keep doing it!

This month my youtube channel turns 1. Actually almost 2, but I only had the guts to post my first video last May. I’m constantly self-sabotaging myself, and allow this feeling of failure hover over my head for the longest time. I have ideas, I have the time, but I lack organization to execute it. I don’t have confidence. 


Do you feel like that sometimes too? There is always someone in social media who does it better, who has more time to spend on the videos, who uses better templates and music, and makes you feel like YOUR creation its never good enough. 


I don’t have time to be good enough. It feels like while everyone else has everything together, you are just collecting the pieces and throwing it like confetti. Day after day. It gets harder when you get older. I don’t have time to obsess over my youtube channel. I have a day job that requires me to be up at 5:30 AM,  a job that requires me to show up and be present. It takes longer to us, than an 18 year old streamer that plays video game for 16 hours straight. 

 Having fun on the beach in sunset.

But I promised myself that I would not give up this time. I have to make this work. Here are the steps I found useful: 


1 -Not creating excuses its the first step. 


Stop feeling sorry for yourself. I know its hard, nobody is saying it would be easy. I’m the kind of person who keeps finding excuses to get it done, because I’m too afraid I’m going to fail and never be good enough. I spent years of my life and I mean years, like 15 years or more, thinking that I was a failure, and if I didn’t have the proper camera, the proper light, the all these items people convince us that we need in order to make sale, I would never succeed. I didn’t succeed yet, but at least I started trying to do what I love, with tools that I have.


2- One day at a time. 


There will be days when you don’t want to do anything and its ok. The idea of constantly hustle is the most American culture I’ve ever seen. Somehow they convinced you that resting is wrong and are a not getting what you need, because you are not working hard enough. Always remember that its when we are bored to our cores, that we have our best ideas. It forces us to work our imagination. So be bored and see new ideas flushing through. Daydream staring at a wall. Be imaginative. Create. 


3- Don’t get overwhelmed by what other show online. 


All of us are fighting different battles. We choose what we show online. Our beautiful trips, well behaved kids with matching pijamas, a lovely relationship. It takes me to believe that these people are massively producing lies and we, on the other side of the screen are feeling like we are doing something wrong. We are not. They are the ones selling lies and we are the ones choosing to buy it or not. 


I always put a lot on my plate when it comes to do things and it usually something goes awry. 


This blog is the perfect example of me trying to do more than I have time for. I love writing and for this type of media, but lately I have been putting all my focus on my channel, since I do everything myself. When I’m not at my day job, I’m working on the channel. Even though I absolutely love it, it feels like I don’t have days off. 


Everyone says that you have to attach the blog to the channel, to your social media and I have no time do that and for now its ok. I still need my day job and my sanity. I thought about deleting the blog and start all over with a the same name as the channel, but we have too much history now. Live Out Loud Too is 5 years now and soon it will become a media production company. 

It takes time. 


I also feels less guilty when I put all my time and effort on the channel since I figured out I’m a visual storyteller. Its easier for me to write scripts than write short stories or books, because since this is my second language I need to be visual in what I want to show. Find out what works better for you. Adapt.  


Filming and editing the travel videos are giving me the fulfillment I struggled so hard when only writing the scripts. I don’t mind spend 8 hours putting the footage puzzle together, but if you ask me to write a script for 8 hours straight, I won’t probably make it. It will derail. 

Find what brings you joy and stick to it. 

Eating the easter chocolates at my work.


It takes time, when you find your voice, hear it. Don’t let anyone think you are being too crazy or too delusional. They know nothing about it. Their opinions don’t matter and they will ask you how you did it after you succeed. 


Keep the faith and don’t work yourself to exhaustion. Be happy with little achievements. I celebrate every new subscriber, and I will keep doing it forever. It brings me joy. What brings you joy?  


Don’t forget to Live Out Loud Too! Today, tomorrow and all the days.  And don’t forget to rest! Here is my channel if you want to see what I’m up to! Happy anniversary for TRVLS AND COMIDA! 



See you soon,

J.G. Snelly

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