Being away from Twitter was great.

Great for my mental health and to focus on different things. It was hard on my blog. Twitter is the way I have to promote my blog post, get the engagement, as it is to comment on other bloggers’ posts. It was a necessary break because I have never seen so many people wishing on other people’s death, as the vaccinated wish on the people who don’t want to get the vaccine.

My mind can’t wrap around so much bad energy

Emanating from people who in most cases pass as great people, caring about others. I’m not going into the vaccine matter,  full disclosure I’m fully vaccinated indeed.

Just look around and see if you are one of these people wishing people to be dead for their choices. That’s borderline evil.

It’s totally fine to have your own opinion, but when you start to wish people to be sick and suffocated because of their decision, to validate yours, it’s time to look inside of what news you’ve been feed.

Time away from Twitter made me realize that there is more life and not everything is as bad as it looks. From society’s point of view, if you’ve been fed anger and destruction on your timeline, you may cave in and start to think your life is derailing, and certain people don’t matter.

It’s just the algorithm pushing the same time of content over and over until you can no longer get out of the bubble. That’s why the more you consume certain types of news, the more specific your timeline will get.

I drive the algorithm crazy.

We are all in the Matrix.

As I’m an immigrant, I don’t have a political side or a vaccine side, so I’m constantly navigating between the news, from the mainstream media and the independent media.

I like to see the disparity between the outlets that are being sponsored by pharmaceutical organizations to tell the masses what they want to and the independent media, that just want to inform us what is real. I don’t pick sides, I like to get my conclusions based on what I learned and researched. I do believe in science, I don’t believe in brainwashing.

Twitter is not for everyone.

Everyone on that platform has a weird way of interacting with each other. There is no need to be friends.

You might have never even been friends with that person in real life, you have probably never seen the person prior, and yet, you are ready to shout out your opinion and be extremely rude. Because your opinion needs to be seen as someone caring about what you say. Truth to be told, no one does.

I think Twitter works like this: It’s like you are in the line of the supermarket to pay for your groceries, you hear a conversation about the vaccine from two people ahead of you, and you jump next to them and yell they need to die because they didn’t get the vaccine, call them stupid and wish their entire family to die.

Would you do that in real life? Like face to face? Or would you just ignore those people and move on with your day? Some people are doing that on social media.

I’m sick and tired of this tyranny and entitlement. 

Being away from Twitter gave me peace of mind. Yes, it messed up with my blog traffic, as I don’t have a huge following, and that’s still the only platform that works for sharing. Instagram has a different purpose altogether. It’s mostly about sponsored content. I’m sick of that too.

There is also a big portion of Twitter folks to ask random questions and get some type of engagement.

Questions like “how many Christmas ornaments do you have on your tree?” get more answers than when you ask about your blogging issues or writing issues.

I started using the platform when I started watching the 90-day fiancee on TLC and following the hashtag to comment on the show. After a few seasons, the show got stuck on the same storyline and multiple spin-offs and I stopped watching it. And so did my enjoyment of Twitter.

Very quickly, I learned during the elections to mute some words, and unfollow some extremists, from both political sides. Right after that, amidst the chaos of the presidency, the pandemic came along and twitter became a battlefield.

It doesn’t feel good on the brain to feed yourself of other people’s cathartic opinions. You would walk away if a family member would do that to you in congregations, what would you engage with a completely useless stranger on social media? It makes no sense. So I quit for November/December to see how I would feel. Amazing. I felt amazing. I wish my blog didn’t depend on it.

Twitter is the easiest way to promote the blog.

We have some accounts that only purpose is sharing other bloggers’ content. If I have any traffic on this blog, I thank those accounts. Is very practical to be able to comment and share other people’s content you find interesting, as being able to follow their blogs. But that’s all I want to do on that platform.

I’m going to block some other words and move on from being alienated from other people’s opinions. Repeat after me: The opinion of that internet random person is not worth my time or my mental health.

In 2022 I’m once again prioritizing my mental health and what makes me happy. I’m not going to make any plans though, I’m still trying to accomplish plans from 2020. Say Hey, if you going through the same.

Let me know in the comments which accounts you follow on Twitter to increase your blog traffic and what blogs do you like the most, so I can follow them too.


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