The New Era is here.


Here I’m sitting at my desk again, trying to be productive. I got up a few times, I made a few phone calls, I received a few phone calls. Now is almost 2pm and I’m yet to get something done. The thoughts in my brain a 100 miles per hour, I have a lot to think about and to decide what to do first. Are you like that too?


Should I start editing my San Francisco trip video? Should I take classes on how to be a better filmmaker and editor, instead of actually doing it? Maybe I’m going for a walk. Maybe I will meditate. Who am I kidding? The bullet train of thoughts can’t be controlled today. 

One of the many Thumbnails I worked for youtube San Francisco-Chinatown video. Let me know in the comments what do you think!


It always seems like I want to do a lot, but at the same time I can’t do enough. Nothing its ever good enough. I love writing, but its a huge commitment and I’m a little bit taken aback by writing stories in English. I’m very self conscious about it. I loved writing school and I’m great writing scripts instead of long narratives. I was ready for it, but then the pandemic happened, and washed all my hopes and reams away. Did that happed with you? 


When I graduated in September of 2019 I was ready to make things happen. Somehow the Pandemic took all my aspirations away. First, because I didn’t know if there were going to be an end to that, if we were going to live the rest of our lives subjected to the virus and how it was managed, and second I keep in the back of my mind that we are going to have another pandemic soon, maybe not just yet, but in a few years something is coming and its going to be another massive disruption. Where the rich gets richer and the poor people either die, or surrender to the rich. 

The circle of things I enjoy most in life.

2016 Circle of Joy. It says in Portuguese: Photography, Writing, drawing, traveling and culinary.

A few years ago, I made a circle of things I love doing and it could give me money. Writing and photography. Right after came traveling and food. Add videography on the list and you will have my now travel channel. I’m finally in my Travel Channel Era. Took my 6 years to get it done. I never gave up entertaining the idea of one day, have youtube channel that would allow me to gather everything I love in one platform. You can do it too! You might not have the funds, but you have a creative mind and hopefully a cellphone, a pen and paper. 

Quitting is not an option.

I cannot afford to quit my job yet, but I’m working hard to make the channel happen. Its exhausting, I’m not going to flourish it. And I do a round of stand up applause for people who does all that and yet manage to create new things. Being able to be creative and not only copy content on social media is intense and brave. I would love tobe able to manage my own content the entire time. Just quit and work with what I enjoy. But we all have bills and my dad’s or husbands last name doesnt make my life profitable. Girl gotta work! 


We all aspire to do something that is going to make us happy. You can stay at your house all day long playing games and eating trash food, while killing dragons, if that makes you happy, go for it. If you dream travelling the world, start with small trips to near by towns. If you dream about being a chef, be the best chef you can be. Learn everything, about everything. Stop self sabotaging yourself, like I’ve been doing for the past 20 years. Start with a small step today. Be grateful for today. 

Be grateful for today. 

In 2017 I lost a very dear friend of mine. A childhood and teenage years friend. Always believed in me, when nobody else would. The last time I talked to her, she told me “I would give everything to have the same problems you guys are having.’ What she meant was we complain about a lot of stuff, while people are out there fighting to have some health issues and have a normal life. That was ingrained to my brain and I think about it almost everyday. 


Misery loves company. Its much easier for you to get compassion if you are super down, than when things go right. People are fed on other people’s chaotic energy. That’s why what I try with this blog its to keep it positive. If I can live in America and thrive, you can do it from anywhere too. Its just one day after the other. It might take years, but please dont give up. You can always redirect your dreams and goals, I’ve done it plenty of times, but giving up its not an option. 

Live Out Loud too is now a small business. 

I wrote all that to say that Live Out Loud Too is now made into a company. A small media company and this blog is what started it all. I’m writing my business plans and moving forward with my goals. Again, it took me 7 years to get it done. 


Lack of grip, immigration statuses, self sabotage, pandemic, you name it. Welcome to the new era. The Travel Channel era. 


Thank you my 3 readers for all the support. You know who you are and if I ever get any money with thes travel channel, I take you on a spin around a rented boat in Miami. Thank you for sticking by. 

I truly appreciate you.


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