” A few years had passed since he last saw her face. His memories were always tender and carefully polished with laughter and hope. Her wavy brown hair, being held by bobby pins, her long and warm arms filled his days with hope.

The last time Giu saw his mom was the night he ran away. Natalia said her goodbyes at the kitchen with her teary eyes, while she prayed for the best life her child could have. Ten years had gone by since he joined the circus. Ten years had gone by since he last saw his family. He had grown up to be a man. The man she taught him how to be with values, strong character and personality.

The day the Circus got back to Giu’s town was a sunny bright day. He was apprehensive, but confidence was one of the skills he grew up to have. The carriage made his first stop, as usual on the Town Square, where all the kids would come to see the new entertainment in town. Giu got out of the truck and waved. He started handing some tickets to the kids, he actualy could speak better english than he ever had. His accent was still present, which made the kids laugh at whatever he said. Giu enjoyed the attention, as the giant escorted him away from the crowd of kids.

As the crew started to set up the tent, Giu’s head was being flooded of images when he was a young boy, when he had just arrived in this small town. That’s when he heard a familiar accent.

“So, I heard the circus was back in town, and I decided to check for myself. It turns out you made it. Good job!” said the voice.

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