“Attention! Attention everybody! The circus in town. Come tomorrow to see the greatest spectacle on earth! We have the monkeys, elephants, clowns and the acrobats!”

He fixed his eyes on the carriages, as they passed by. Giu had never seen anything like this in town, it was full of life and was simply magical. He saw it as the opportunity he was looking for in order to change his life. Forever. Giu woke up the next morning with a new exhilarating feeling running through his body, like a thunderstorm about to happen. As he kissed his mom goodbye, he saw the sadness in her eyes. It had been there for a long time now. Giu shook his head and gave her some reassuring words, “We are going to be fine.” Natalia simply shook her head in response.

He definitely was not a dreamer. He had to grow up fast, hide his emotions while being the support for his mom and little brother. He had a small frame which carried a lot more weight than his body could ever. He felt like his frame was like a tiny ant, carrying ten times the weight on his shoulders. His dad had never been the moral support or financial helper they needed. In fact, he has only gotten worse as the time passed, he used words and provoked arguments to hurt his family. In the past, Mateo told Giu multiple times how useless he was, and how he was destined to be a failure, because it ran in the family.

Giu was feeling suffocated, like his voice was never heard. He had to find a solution to save him and his brother from that hostile situation…”

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