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What I learned about Blogging in 10 months

We read a lot about how to start a blog, the correct niche, what works, and what doesn't. What nobody tells you is that the road can be bumpy and it's not that easy to write and make 10K a month working from home. Otherwise, everyone would be doing it.  I'm not making money yet,… Continue reading What I learned about Blogging in 10 months

Storytelling, TV Talking

The Reign of Cobra Kai

About two weeks ago, I was looking for something to watch and the suggestion list was insisting on Cobra Kai. I skipped a couple of times, to watch something I had already watch a thousand times before, like Gilmore Girls, or Jane the Virgin. I wish I hadn’t skipped. My husband came home and we… Continue reading The Reign of Cobra Kai

General Writing

What you see is what you get

Not really. I'm an immigrant, but you probably realized that by now. Every time I say I'm from Brazil, a cloud of stereotypes rain down on me. My country is mainly known for soccer, Carnaval and the Amazon jungle. You assume you know my culture by the only three things that most of us don't… Continue reading What you see is what you get

General Writing

The Social Media Effect.

How social media affects my confidence and my creativity The past couple of weeks had been a series of events that I could not get my head around writing on the blog. I had my nieces visiting and having visitors is stressful, for different reasons. Also, they are Vegan, not that a problem, but at… Continue reading The Social Media Effect.