Diary of a Procrastinator

Procrastinators United ! It took me about 15 minutes to get the word Procrastinator right. Lucky me, there is an autocorrect, otherwise, I would still be trying to write it correctly. Also, because I got up from my chair many times.  A few years ago, I learned the word procrastinator and understood the reason it… Continue reading Diary of a Procrastinator

Cultural habits

Why I prefer my 30s over my 20’s

Why I prefer my 30s? I'm much wiser and careless about what other people think of me. My 20’s ended about five years ago and I’m finally ready to talk about it and go through a little reflection. Maybe because I lived through half of my 30’s already, I feel like an old wise aunt,… Continue reading Why I prefer my 30s over my 20’s

General Writing

What I learned about Blogging in 10 months

We read a lot about how to start a blog, the correct niche, what works, and what doesn't. What nobody tells you is that the road can be bumpy and it's not that easy to write and make 10K a month working from home. Otherwise, everyone would be doing it.  I'm not making money yet,… Continue reading What I learned about Blogging in 10 months


How Sweet it is… To look for a Writing Job

Last couple of days the routine has been the same. Check my phone. Sit down to write. Check Amazon, save some books I would like to buy. Check GoodReads for more book ideas to put on the list. Check my email, received some job posts, read it through, you need at least two years of… Continue reading How Sweet it is… To look for a Writing Job

Genre writing

Working Girl.

There are days when self-confidence is nowhere to be found. Let's be real, there are days when all I want to do is stare at the wall or share cat videos on my social media. There is a certain burden of being connected all the time. I keep thinking of how much happiness and efficiency… Continue reading Working Girl.