What makes you feel alive?

Coming out of the situation we were all put in last year, a few of these habits had the power to make me feel alive. Especially on those days, you had nothing to look for or any idea how long this situation would last for. How long are we going to be in lockdown? How… Continue reading What makes you feel alive?


All the roads leading back to Colorado

It's been a hard couple of days and I can believe we are moving again! It’s been a hard couple of days, as I try to box the entire house to move again. Hard to concentrate, hard to get things done, always being distracted by the new possibilities I might find in my new home.… Continue reading All the roads leading back to Colorado

Starving Gypsy Bachelorette Party

What’s food got to do with it.

I love talking about food and creations, this is probably my favorite subject because I grew up surrounded by my parents’ hope of succeeding in the food industry and my mom working alone to raise me, while working with food, to feed us. I remember the day when she was at the kitchen cooking her… Continue reading What’s food got to do with it.

General Writing

The case of the Lost File

Last Thursday, I had almost an entire post written and was ready to publish. The post was worded correctly and the voice sounded unique, because I was writing from a relaxed point of view. I wrote on the app that I use, called Writer's Work. Besides it sometimes being shady, telling me that my writing… Continue reading The case of the Lost File


A Writer is Born.

The turmoil in my life continues, but at least I have good news. The past week has been productive as writing, I managed to write an article about the SkyScrapper Technique, suggested by my mentor for my apprenticeship. Even though there was a miscommunication, and I wrote the article about the examples he sent to… Continue reading A Writer is Born.