Keeping up with the strangers.

My hands are dry of so much hand sanitizer. I feel like the pandemic hazy feeling finally got me, as lately I have been feeling apathetic and without energy. I’m a person who is moved by plans, short term plans, and simple ones, like saving money for a workshop, a small trip, or a bigger… Continue reading Keeping up with the strangers.

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I’m a Libra, my friend.

Last week's post was a bit sadder than I would like it to be. In all honesty, I live with all that I wrote and I manage my life well. I would not live anywhere else, or change anything except the President and his circus. On the first of August, I sat down and brainstorm… Continue reading I’m a Libra, my friend.

Slum dog Millionare scene

Slumdog Syndrome

Most of the Days I lack confidence Most of the days I lack confidence. Not that I don't have it, it’s just hard to find it within myself. I always stop before I finish a job application, and ask myself if I'm competent enough for that position or the worse part, do I deserve this… Continue reading Slumdog Syndrome