Keeping up with the strangers.

My hands are dry of so much hand sanitizer. I feel like the pandemic hazy feeling finally got me, as lately I have been feeling apathetic and without energy. I’m a person who is moved by plans, short term plans, and simple ones, like saving money for a workshop, a small trip, or a bigger… Continue reading Keeping up with the strangers.

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I’m a Libra, my friend.

Last week's post was a bit sadder than I would like it to be. In all honesty, I live with all that I wrote and I manage my life well. I would not live anywhere else, or change anything except the President and his circus. On the first of August, I sat down and brainstorm… Continue reading I’m a Libra, my friend.

Slum dog Millionare scene

Slumdog Syndrome

Most of the Days I lack confidence Most of the days I lack confidence. Not that I don't have it, it’s just hard to find it within myself. I always stop before I finish a job application, and ask myself if I'm competent enough for that position or the worse part, do I deserve this… Continue reading Slumdog Syndrome

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Netflix cancels all my favorite shows.

I will never forgive Netflix for canceling the "Curious Creations of Christine McConnell". They canceled it so fast, you probably didn't even have the time to see it on the Watch Next options. It was the weirdest show and I was all about Rose, the raccoon. I feel represented. I felt seen. It was creepy,… Continue reading Netflix cancels all my favorite shows.

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What you see is what you get

Not really. I'm an immigrant, but you probably realized that by now. Every time I say I'm from Brazil, a cloud of stereotypes rain down on me. My country is mainly known for soccer, Carnaval and the Amazon jungle. You assume you know my culture by the only three things that most of us don't… Continue reading What you see is what you get