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Travelling abroad during Covid.

Photo by Suhyeon Choi on Unsplash I’m finally back and ready to take the wheel with the blog again. It was a great break, but now it’s time to put in perspective all the new projects I had blocked in my mind because of missing my family. The last time I went home was December… Continue reading Travelling abroad during Covid.

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The New Roaring 20’s are coming!

When the new roaring ’20s finally starts! After a week of feeling low, I'm back ! And since this blog is about empowerment and positivity, today I'm writing about The Roaring ’20s. As soon as the vaccine is in, I will start getting ready to be out. It’s easy to understand now why people from… Continue reading The New Roaring 20’s are coming!


I’m keeping monthly goals. Let me tell you why.

I’m keeping monthly goals, instead of yearly ones. I will tell you why. Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash My mom sends me a voice message this morning. She said a guy from her apartment complex was outside, at the parking lot, screaming, that he couldn’t take it anymore, and someone was trying to kill… Continue reading I’m keeping monthly goals. Let me tell you why.


How to get out of the rut in 5 different ways.

How my brain looks like in 2021Photo by Ddddddarya on Unsplash We turn on the tv, we listen to podcasts, and even on my IG feed is people yelling something about the government, the Corona Virus, the vaccine, and being a hundred percent honest, I’m exhausted.Everyone is loud and it seems like the voice in… Continue reading How to get out of the rut in 5 different ways.


The Facebook Debacle

Relationship Status - Done with Facebook! "Are you sure?" Photo by camilo jimenez on Unsplash Have you ever been harassed by a relative, an aunt you never meet, or a long time neighbors, commenting on a memory from 16 years ago, on how messy you were? You are not alone. My problems with Facebook started… Continue reading The Facebook Debacle