Welcome to the new era.

We interrupt our normal programming to announce that this blogger just become a US Citizen.


I landed in this country 10 years ago, with 1500 dollars to my name and an extraordinary  passion to win. At that point of my life, I didn’t belong anywhere. I hated living in Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro was never meant for me, and Fortaleza where my parents were living was a no go. I have tried before.

Home is where you heart is

When I arrived in Chicago, something hit different. I wanted to stay and grow roots for the first time in my life. Even during the worst moments, I could still see my future in it.  For the first time, I felt like I belong somewhere. I was not afraid of anything, I just wanted to make it work. As I walked around town, I learned really fast that in America, you HAVE to act like you belong. Just like Anna Delvey, in Inventing Anna, if you pretend hard enough that you belong, they will believe you do. That’s what I did.

I never scammed anybody, but when it comes to Fake till you make it, she got a point.

The minorities like me knows what I’m talking about.

Within 6 months living in Chicago, I had it all. But I also had something my country never gave to me.Confidence. This country is made by people that take chances, that kick the entry door. We suffer, we cry in silence, but we also brush off the dust, every day at dawn, and start over. The minorities like me, knows exactly how to get over situations fast, in order to survive. It’s a jungle out here.

You become a citizen as soon as you leave your country behind and make your way into this place. The rest is just formalities.

The reason why I wrote all that, it’s because I just got my citizenship. I love Disney movies and I recently watched Pinnochio. It resonated with me so much.

Husband said “Hold on, there is one string attached. Its your wedding ring”

Well my bad 🤣 I meant no strings with immigration.

There are no strings to hold me down. To make me fret or make me frown.

After 10 years of having nightmares about visiting my family in Brazil and couldn’t go back in the US, I’m finally out of the lions’ dent. No more wake up sweating in the middle of the night. I’m here to stay.  With all that being said, I will be focusing this blog in a less overdramatic line of writing.

September 2022
September 2012







As this blog has always been about my journey as an immigrant, which I will always be, I will continue to write about my experiences, but I will also be focusing in other projects. Now that the haze has lifted, I want to participate in some writing contests, with Coverfly, travel and dedicate more of my time to the youtube channel.

I’m moving forward to more of Film/producing/ editing line of work. Live out loud too will soon be Live out loud Too Productions. I waited for this moment for a long time. Three years to be exact. I like to think I just didn’t do it because I don’t have a garage. Or because of the Pandemic. I still don’t have a garage, but I will make it work.

Hopefully if you are still reading this, please my youtube channel! I’ve been posting shorts lately, as I couldn’t focus on writing or editing for the life of me. This is the latest short I posted!


“Yippee-Ki-Yay, Motherf*****.”


See you soon!


The winds are shifting and that’s ok!

How and why will I be focusing on travel content instead of writing fiction? –

800 words.

My love for writing fictional content is still here, and it will still happen, but as for right now, I will try something that was there before. Something that has been in my mind for the past 15 years. Creating traveling content to move forward to fiction in the long run.

February was a busy month.

I’m trying to keep up with the blog posts, while also managing to work full time and survive the cold Colorado winter. This year has been a hard hit for us. We have snow every week and frigid temperatures that make us not want to leave the house. Not leaving the house makes me not want to write anything. I need to find a coffee shop to get less distracted.

Two weeks ago, even in sub temp cold weather, we decided to drive to a ski area and have lunch there. We needed to check the ski resorts area and why not do that online when you can drive two hours just to have lunch and make a few videos of it?

The GoPro can work some miracles.

Photo by Jamie Fenn on Unsplash

I got a Gopro 9 for my birthday last October and that was the first time I used to film some content with it. Let me tell you, a GoPro makes an entire difference in video quality.

For someone who is a newbie like me, the Action Camera actually can work miracles. By the way, my next blog post will be about filming/editing gadgets for newbies.

One of the Youtube content creators I follow and make some awesome videos was talking about the gadgets he uses, as he has been working with photography for the past 15 years. That immediately took me back to the time I fell in love with Photography in 2004 and how different my life would be now.

What if I had followed what I wanted to work with? Would I be successful? Would I have a youtube channel talking about photography and videography? Would I be a pro at this point? It’s all in hindsight.

Life tripped me many times. I love writing fiction but I’m too insecure to write it. I’m very self-conscious and dramatic, and feeling like an outsider in this country doesn’t help me with my confidence. In my mind, I will wake up someday and write 300 pages and get published. My book will be chosen to be adapted to Netflix, Anna Delvey style.

The insecurity that comes from within.

Many times I ponder what is making me insecure? Why would I move mountains to live in the United States when I was younger and now that I’m here, I feel trapped?

When I was in Rio last year, my hometown, I felt like a winner. I could conquer the world, and as soon as I got back to America, my confidence was flushed and I was put back into my immigrant cave.

How does a person get out of this hamster wheel and get something done? That’s the reason why this blog exists, to share how I’m navigating life, as an immigrant trying to be happy, and getting things done.

Don’t be afraid to shift with the winds

By getting things done I mean, living my life to the fullest, while I do what makes me happy. I know what makes me truly happy. Traveling/Writing. That’s why I’m going to start filming some traveling content and posting it on social media. We will see what happens from that.

Don’t be afraid to shift the winds and adapt to whatever you are leaning to. Life is constantly changing and we are constantly evolving. I’m constantly in a spiral and I learn how to deal with my Brain giving me new ideas every day. I’m just happy I’m alive to try new things and make new plans.


This is not Toxic Positivity – It’s the positivity I have left to share.

I grew up with my mom saying “If you are not happy here, move.” We moved plenty of times and I had to adapt to different places and make new friends. So by my mom’s advice, if you are not happy, move. There is always a new day to try.


If what you are trying is not working, change the way you sail, or change where you are sailing. A couple of times in different pieces, I read that “You are not successful because you don’t stick with anything long enough.”

But what they never tell you is How long do you have to persist, before you start making some changes? It’s all so biased.

The video is a intro to the youtube channel I’m creating. I got some footage on Envato and the music I worked on Garage Band.

Like I said the word for this month is adapt. I’m going to New York for the first time in 15 years in two weeks. In summer we are going to hit the mountains with the trailer and create some content.

Let’s keep trying.

Horror Tales in a thread

Another week has gone by since my last post and not much had happened in my writing endeavors. I have been focusing on getting the writing prompts together so I could work on my project of another self-published Short Stories book. It is weird to think that Horror Genre is probably my least appealing subject for writing because I never watch horror movies or read horror stories, yet I enjoy creating those types of narratives. I like reading stories from people from different countries and watch videos about people that heard something about a neighbor, or someone they know and they swear the information is real. Twisted in some ways, but real. That’s where my imagination runs wild. I’m a writer after all.

Horror Art vintage found on Pinterest

Last week I read on twitter about something that happened in my home country, it was a long thread, it was highly engaging and entertained, I ended up reading it all. In the northwest part of Brazil, there are a lot of those anecdotes that people hear from someone, who told someone and it became like the tale of that small town. Here is what the locals said it happened: a lady went to a funeral, as when she was leaving, she saw a picture of the deceased guy in his tomb, who had died many years before. On the way home, she felt a presence and felt like she was being followed by someone. A few minutes after she got home, she went to the living room and saw the guy from the picture from the cemetery, seating on her couch. She didn’t get scared and they started talking. They feel in love. The rest it’s going to be on my story.

I keep reading it, I wonder if it would be a good horror story or a drama. In the horror, I feel like they would break up and he drives her insane because he doesn’t accept it. If it’s a drama, she would kill herself to be with him for eternity, in a way more dramatic than City of Angels, from 1998. I still have to come up with a complete storyline. I won’t let this one go, or keep it only in my head as I did with the others That story it’s too good to be abandoned. I also come up with other ideas I would like to write:

– The accident: After an accident, everything seems to be normal in the girl’s life, but she can’t see her reflection in the mirror. What could have possibly happened?

– Unexpected Visitor: Working in the night shift alone, the guy sees a face in the cellar staring at the security camera. Who is it and what does that thing want?

I came up with some other ideas, the little book will be about 5 short stories and I want to publish on smahwords.com, where I have the first one published, I’m a self-published author if I dare to say. The booklet is free https://liveoutloudtoo.com/e-book/ . I will try to make a post on how to self-publish soon.

This past week also, as I started the preparations to film for my husband’s chiropractic channel I also watched a video on SkilShare about writing and filming content for the web. It was a little bit overwhelming because I think this is most likely for the tik tok generation, and I’m an older millennial. I can’t seem to wrap my head around so much exposition of someone’s life. It’s too much! Post it, like it, hashtag it, watch that viral video in a loop, share it. Go back for the comments. Answer the comments. It’s exhausting. The instructor was fun and engaging, but the content of the videos was what drove me crazy. I watched it all and got my little badge of achievement, but it got me thinking about how far people would go to get some online presence.

My only online presence is boosted on Sundays, where I’m frenetically live tweeting with the 90-day fiancée show.

That’s my twitter account and no, I’m only popular on Sundays

The instructor talked about how to create meaningful content write a list, trash it, write another list until you get to the quirkiest situations to talk about. Like planes for example, what would be the weirdest thing or the most irritating remarks you could write about this type of travel? The food, the flight attendants, the screaming child, people who sleep on you without warning and so on. Or camping. We all have a crazy story about camping. Mine is: I set up everything, got super bored and left.

I finally got some silence in my house. I’m going to write my stories now! See you next week!


J. Snelly

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