The New Roaring 20’s are coming!

When the new roaring ’20s finally starts!

After a week of feeling low, I’m back ! And since this blog is about empowerment and positivity, today I’m writing about The Roaring ’20s. As soon as the vaccine is in, I will start getting ready to be out. It’s easy to understand now why people from the roaring ’20s were always overdressed. I can’t wait to paint my face with make-up and do my hair to hang out at Target.

The 2020 decade we are still in the running to be able to enjoy. After endless hours of laughing at memes, watching reels of people I have no idea what intentions are, and the news saying we are all doomed, I want to start my roaring 20’s. The time I was morphing into my couch is over. I’m ready to shine.

Ready to shine into the new decade

This pandemic stuck us all in the house, living in a dystopian future, waiting for a vaccine and cure for some new virus we had no idea what was causing or how could we cure, except be away from each other. That for me it’s the worst part. Not being able to laugh with my friends in person, meet up for lunch, spending the holidays alone was borderline neurotic. Human are made to have contact with others. We needs hugs, smiles and electronic devices are not made for that.

Day after day, I lived in hope of being able to regain some control over my life, the hope of being able to walk around free. I don’t know about you, but I’m staying at home for almost a year now. At this point, I’m feral and I need to be introduced to the wild again. The other day when I went to the grocery store someone walked in my direction, and I flinch. Like the stranger was going to ask me something. That leads me to the question: are you ready to go outside and start to live your life again?

The 1920’s

After the 1918 Spanish Flu, which has a lot of similarity to the Corona Virus, also trapped people at home for almost two years, “The Roaring 20’s” got this name because of the new possibilities at the beginning of the decade and the new possibilities shining upon people.

The 1920s was a decade of a lot of progress, the 19th amendment finally passed in the State of Tennessee in August of 1920, women finally gain their rights to vote, the women were also gaining space on the job market and living a liberation unknown for them so far. It was a decade of industrial progress, people moving to big cities and suburban families being considered upper class.

It was also the decade that brought us Jazz and the Flappers. Ladies who were in short dresses and short shorts, dancing around and being free. Would we ever be able to be free like they once were? I hope so.

The Great Depression of 1929

Due to the crash market in 1929, the country went into a big recession. According to historians, because of the mass-produce of goods, consumer debts, and the stock market. It’s weird to think that now, we are living through the same difficulties because of bad virus management. You can tell me whatever, I still the virus was managed poorly due to 45th president. If the president told us, when he first got the briefing, instead of using us and our health, as a political weapon, we would have been better. Now he is finally out, we are starting to see some light at the end of the tunnel. It is about time. There was also the alcohol prohibition, I believe thats the era where the speakeasies had a huge boom. Drinking underground was the way to go.

What is going to be new in the New Roaring ’20s?

I think people will still be cautious for quite some time. The maniac hand washing. The inside sneeze when you are in the middle of the store. The explanatory after coughing “I’m not sick” eyes. After we get vaccinated, the media stop focusing so much on the death rate, and start focusing on the curve flattening ( did that ever happened at any point?). We will regain some confidence to go outside, and that my friends will be the moment we are all waiting for.

Once people realize that life is getting back on track, we will be able to go out with friends, barbecue with family, go to birthday parties (no blowing candles, that over forever). I wonder if single people will be able to date strangers from an app without asking for a negative covid test before agreeing to meet? Here is my million-dollar idea: The app may have to create a QR code, like a restaurant menu.

Are you gonna be able to sit next to a stranger?

Maybe we will drink from a stranger cup like they did before? If your best friend never offered you to try some of her drink at a festival, she is not your best friend. Life Pre-Covid was hell unsanitary. Licking your fingers to open a plastic bag at the grocery store? Never again.

Are we gonna be able to sit next to other people in theaters? How long it will take for us to feel comfortable sitting next to a stranger? Is the Waffle House big depression going to happen? Cause the restaurant is known specifically for their unsanitary behavior and there is no other place to go at 3 AM when you crawling back home from a bar.

I miss seating in a restaurant, with live music playing, or some karaoke bar, where people are convinced they are on The Voice. I need to showcase my talent to people other than my husband.

A few things I plan to do when the restriction are lifted :

Travel abroad. I’ve been stuck at home this entire time thinking about traveling to Greece. I follow an account of a photographer and the country is gorgeous. The scenery is idyllic and the water is crystal blue. I’m not going to even start it with the food.

Go back to school and get a certificate in Writing and Producing. I will probably have most of the classes taken, but I’m interested in learning about the Film Industry as a business and not only as an employee. I want to be able to produce my own content and for that, I need to learn. And no, I want to actually go to school and network. I took Creative Writing online and it led me nowhere, because of poor networking.

Go to a Carnival and eat all the food at the food stands. Hotdogs, Cotton Candy, popcorn, and just people watch.

Go to a concert. Or a show. Or just watch someone play the guitar so we could all sing along while drinking.

It’s about appreciating the little things!

It’s about appreciating the little things. The New Roaring 20’s has everything to be the best decade of our lives yet if we only allow it to be. If we are not so scared to live it up, after the hardship that was the beginning of the new decade.

The vaccine is here, soon it will be for everybody, and we will be finally free, but only if we want to be free. Some people might take longer to adjust, some might be too scared to go out again. Everyone should do as they please, but in my case, I’m going to enjoy it. I’m going to go outside and make some memories. Other than stay at home and watch other people having fun.

The time is up! What is your plan when you are finally able to go outside without restriction? Sing at karaoke, eat at a Buffet in Las Vegas, go to a concert? Let me know in the comments because I need ideas too!

Stay healty! Stay Sane! We almost crossing the line!


I’m keeping monthly goals. Let me tell you why.

I’m keeping monthly goals, instead of yearly ones. I will tell you why.

My mom sends me a voice message this morning. She said a guy from her apartment complex was outside, at the parking lot, screaming, that he couldn’t take it anymore, and someone was trying to kill him. My mom lives in Brazil and it just makes me reflect that people from all over the world are losing their minds at this point.

All this uncertainty is almost impossible to predict what’s is going to happen next. When in March of 2020, they announced the quarantine would be about four weeks, we were all hopeful. In two months, the quarantine celebrates its first birthday. Hooray for everyone still staying at home, not seeing friends or family, who spent Birthdays celebrations, fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve at home. I don’t know about you, but I’m on my limit. I want my life back.

Setting Monthly goals.

Setting monthly goals will help me to keep my priorities focused on what I need to do now. One step at a time, not thinking about what I plan to do in August. I plan to go back to film school for the fall semester, but I rather not think about it too much. As we don’t even know if we are going to have the vaccine shot by then.

It’s a blur. We are all coming out of this experiment with a different vision of life. The nurses who worked at hospitals at this time will never be the same. People who lost a loved one, to this virus, will be broken for life. We all suffer differently. Some of us lost our jobs, our house, the only way to provide for our families. There is no way you don’t feel broken inside seeing this situation. Unless you are rich, and living a life above the other humans. Living in a 5000 Sqf house and say: “We are all in the same boat” sure doesn’t help.

I can’t see much farther ahead, so I couldn’t work on my vision board.

Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

This year, I couldn’t do a vision board yet. I can’t see much farther ahead, even less make plans. My only plan now is to see my family. That’s all I envisioned so far. I can’t take much longer without seeing my mom, otherwise, I will be the one screaming outside my apartment complex.

Much has been said about the new presidency. I don’t want to raise any hopes. He will have a lot of work to clean the mess that the other clown left. What I hope for all of us, its to get our lives moving forward and at least be able to enjoy this summer. I can’t imagine another summer, stuck at home, frightened by the news, that if I go outside I might die, worse, I could kill someone’s grandma. That’s a lot of responsibility to carry on in life. That’s also what’s causing a huge mental break on most of us.

How many times you thought you had Corona the past year?

The news keeps reenforcing that the virus is everywhere. Don’t hang out with friends, wear the mask, wash the hands a thousand times. You can’t relax. How many times have you ever thought you had Corona the past year, after coughing? Me? Almost every day.

One day, when I was leaving Walmart, I took my mask off in the parking lot, not a big deal, but without even anything, I touched my mouth to remove a fuss of fabric that stayed on my lips. I froze for a hot second, as I remember I hadn’t clean my hands with hands sanitizer, after leaving the store. Death sentence.

For the rest of the day , I thought about it. The same happened when my ice cream fell on the table at the Ice Cream Store, I picked it up and put it right back at the cone. Is it worth dying for a 4 dollar scoop of Ice cream? No. But on a quick response, I did anyway.

This is the kind of madness we are living in for almost a year. Not the expensive ice cream, the fear of dying.

Not the one I dropped on the table, but its just to give you an idea of my almost loss.

Be always on the alert. Can I breath without the fear of dying? Not yet.

We are always on alert. Don’t get sick. Don’t transmit the virus. Don’t see anyone except the ones in your household. I feel really bad right now for people who live alone. We physical contact. Not over Zoom though. I need to be able to sit with my friends at a restaurant and laugh, have a good time, but all we hear is “Wait”.

In my last post, I said it’s been hard to focus on anything right now. Breathing exercise and meditation helps a little, but I go back to alert mode as soon as I’m out of it. And to make it worse, you have the super achievers. Heck, I can’t even get a blog post written without questioning myself about it.

Super-Achievers morphing time!

Super achievers! Morphing Time into super productive in amidst of the global pandemic!
Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

Super Achievers are another class of people who are here with the full intent to drive you crazy, and with social media as a stage ready for it. I remember last year, it was the second or third week of January, someone posted on Twitter they already had read 50 books that month, so they asked “how many books have you read yet this year?” None. By the way kid, what kind of books are you reading? Reading for me is to enjoy the story, not a competition to finish the race. How in the world do you get so much done in the first 3 weeks of the year?

Between the Virus, the vaccination, the new president, the fact I’m still stuck at home, and the super achievers posting their entire working schedule online, my Ferris Wheel is broken and I’m up. Just waiting for the time that it will work again. I find happiness in small things like when I plan to write something, watch my trashy reality tv shows, or buy makeup on online sales. Small things.

Make it worth it. Every single month.

Every month will be worth it this year. For January, I’m going to focus on Issa Rae’s Masterclass and start writing a script for the ScriptPipeline contest that I want to participate in. Wish me luck! I’m not a super-achiever, but I work at my pace. Get things done are important, but again, it’s not a race.

What are your goals for the rest of January? Are you feeling somewhat off track with all this happening around us? Let me know in the comments, so I know I’m not alone feeling like this.

Stay calm and Stay healthy!


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