90 day Fiancee Train Wreck- Part 2

 I swear 90-day fiancee is like being part of a cult. I will explain why. On Sundays, a great number of people gather on twitter with the hashtag 90-day fiancee, to discuss other people’s relationships and households. The show has a duration of two hours and after that, it comes 90-day fiancee- Pillow Talk, another hour, with former cast members, usually the most popular ones, so they can talk about what we talked about during the previous two hours. We engage in their opinions and talk about what they are talking about someone else is talking about. Yeah, it feels like a cult. Once you are in to judge those stranger’s life, it is hard to detach. Because we are driven and allured by the craziness of those individuals, who either changed their entire life and move to another country for love, or for the ones who are here trying to adapt to the culture the person brought to their household. Add that to the family and friend’s fear of the American being scammed for a green card and you have yourself a cauldron of hype.

Continuing from part 1, liveoutloudtoo.com/2020/09/28/the-train-wreck-that-is-90-day-fiancee-part-1/

I left the best of my opinion and judgment for the last part. In this last part, we have The Rude Crowd, The spoiled brats, and The Brazilians. 

Let’s start with The Rude:

Andrei, Robert and Mark and possibly Big Ed 

All these guys have one thing in common: they want to be the boss, the bigger person, and the ones right all the time. I don’t think Andrei is this rude in real life, I also think his accent and communication skills play a big part in how he is portrait on the tv show. Yes, he has his moments, we all have. But he is also constantly triggered by Elizabeth’s family, which being in a different country and having to deal with this Floridian trash people, I would lose my mind too. Imagine that the bear is quiet, and you keep poking and poking. When the bear comes after you, you blame the bear. 


He and Annie was the most aggravating couple of that season. He was rude, she was rude back. He probably promised her the world, and when she gets here, he takes her to Goodwill to buy clothes. There is nothing wrong with Goodwill, but people from different countries don’t understand the culture of second-hand clothing unless it comes from a cousin we know, we don’t want to take used clothes from strangers. That’s exactly what happens to Annie, she got mad with him and he thought she was a golddigger. Also, the fact that Robert’s son has a porn start grandma, who straight asked Annie if she was on birth control and offer to pay her ticket back to the DR. What is up with this Florida people? All the nutcases from the show are generated from that state. My friend says that is too much sun in the head.  


Number one in rudeness. He was married to a lady Philippines before and she left (oh jeez, I wonder why?) leaving him alone to raise their children alone. After the kids are grown, he went back to the Cebu and found himself a younger version of the one who got away, Nikki. I guess that was a 40 years difference between them and the was the rudest person to her, doubting her intentions, asking for a prenup, yelling at her because she was not doing much at the house. That’s the only couple I hope she didn’t go through with the wedding. But she did and they are still married. 

Big Ed

Before the 90 days comes Big Ed. Four ft nine of pure gracious roundness and mayo in the hair. Big Ed is a photographer from San Diego and was communicating with Rose online for some time, so he decides to go to the Philippines, to meet her in person. After arriving in the “pines” with his little backpack, he questions himself as Rose is nowhere to be found. After being 1 hour later, Rose shows up, as I kept thinking that she was hiding behind a wall, deciding if the rest of big Ed would show up at some point since only half of him was there. The first thing she says “I thought you were taller!”, the rest of him is not coming Rose, that’s all you get. They go on to a nice hotel and the rudeness starts, he askes her to shave her legs, buy her a mouth wash, because he told her she news to take care of her breath. Rose explains to him its a stomach problem. They travel to her house, where she lives with the rest of her primary family. It’s scorching hot, there is no AC and Rose sleeps on a mattress on the floor. Big Ed starts questioning if she wants him for a better life. She doesn’t care at all about her living conditions, as she flips on him and his rude behavior after a while. Rose leaves the hotel and Big Ed comes back to America devastated. I was sad for Rose having to go through all this American Dynasty type of behavior. 

The Spoiled brats 

From the last season, we have Kailani, Tania, and Deavan of the 90 days the other way. Let’s start with Tania. 

Tania met the South African bartender Syngin on a trip, rapidly moved in with him there for the rest of her trip, and got proposed. Syngin if free spirit and chill. Tania is controlling and has a Valley accent we don’t know she got it from since she is from Connecticut. When he first arrived in the country, she had a trip to Costa Rica booked for some holistic classes, like witchery or something. She left Syngin here for a month, alone, even though they only had 90 days to live together before getting married. In Costa Rica, she hangs out with other girls, danced with strangers, said Syngin was too controlling. She also said he was not her soulmate. In his face. Too late to give up now. I feel like he was trapped and still is. A match made in heaven. 

Kailani looks like the type that relies on her family for all the answers she needs. She has a whole support system and this ok until a certain point, you have to let people make mistakes for them to grow. She thinks everything is Asuelo’s fault, you take a boy from the island and expect him to be a man just because he became a dad, sorry, it will take time for him to mature. Everything is new for him, the country, the wife, the kids, the new family asking him questions he doesn’t have an answer yet. This people’s biggest mistake is projecting on the other person what they want them to be. They push and push and when the other person loses their mind it’s their fault. Gaslighting at its finest. They don’t understand the language barriers, culture shock, adapting to the new norm. That doesn’t happen overnight, I’m in America for 8 years now, and I still struggle in some aspects. It’s normal, but the Americans don’t get it.  

Deavon is another nutcase. Found herself trapped forever with that man-child Jihoon, as she got pregnant immediately after meeting him. Another person who relies completely on her family, as she and her daughter live with her parents. Her daughter spins around the house like a crazy helicopter with no pilot. Jihoon keeps saying he is gonna change and do better and she keeps expecting him to do it. As she moves herself to Korea with the two babies, nothing gets better as her mom budge in to give her a hateful opinion about Jihoon. We don’t need any negativity towards him, he is already a basketcase himself. 

Last but not least, my favorite subject The Brazilians. 

Where are my flowers?

The Brazilians are always portrayed as crazy, desperate, and would take whoever it comes their way to give themselves a better life outside Brazil. I can almost guarantee you Larissa was never in love with Colt. She was infatuated and dreaming about the possibilities her life with him would give her in America. Than mother Debbie, like a Thundercat, decided Larissa would not abuse her little precious boy and went after her like he got bitten in kindergarten by another kid. So much gaslighting got her arrested multiple times. Larissa was seeing in the first season as a villain. I thought she was a bit too much, but not a villain. We don’t know her back story. We know she has kids, but that’s it. She doesn’t talk about her family, previous relationships, nothing. It is like she is a blank page in the United States. Fresh out of the boat. 


The first time we saw Karine, she was barely 20, living in the most secluded area of the Brazilian Amazon. Almost like an indigenous person, she was also happy with her living conditions, and then she met crazy Paul. Crazy and I mean CRAZY. He took tones of luggage to go see her, spend days on a boat, without speaking any Portuguese, got chased with a machete at the park, run for his life, and proposed to her. They get married, she gets pregnant and moody, she spends the entire pregnancy threatening to divorce him. The baby is born and they finally come to America. It was not what she was expecting. I will say it again, in Brazil, we expect what we see on tv. Snow, hallmark, and Christmas movie scenarios. I was alluded by Gilmore Girl’s small-town way of living. I’m still disappointed that Marietta, GA has nothing to do with Stars Hollow, Connecticut. My American husband still makes fun of me because of that. “Do you know this is a warner bro lot right?” “Shush. I don’t want to know”  


The most mentally stable Brazilian we have seen on the show so far. She was sweet, independent, had her mind in the right space, and loved Michael’s kid. She freaked out a little when asked about the prenup, because that for us, is a lack of trust. A question here and there about the finances to shake up the storyline, but everything went well at the end and they got married. I don’t have much to write about stable people, just train wrecks. 

I don’t think I need to make a special category about the most popular ones like Danielle and Mohamed, Nicole and Azan, Darcy & Jessie, Darcy and Tom, Darcy and the new guy. This post will never end.

I think that wraps it up to my two-part post about the 90-day fiancee show. I love trash tv and I’m always fishing for some new content. I also watch Love after Lockup, Marrying Millions, and Married at first sigh. Catfish and TeenMoon on MTV too. So catch me on twitter if you like to share any opinion on Trash TV. Is there any other show that I’d have to watch? Let me know in the comments!


The train wreck that is 90 day Fiancee – Part 1

Imagine yourself going on vacation to spend a few days with your girlfriends at the beach, soaking in the sun, drinking, enjoying your free time. When you get there, you meet a guy/girl, falls immediately in love with the stranger. You guys spend the next days in a romantic cloud before you leave back home to America, he proposes. You say yes, to the person you met 5 days ago and decided to apply for a K1 fiancee visa. You decided you will marry the stranger you met on an island and you guys will live happily ever after. That’s the entire premises of the TLC 90 day fiancee show and that’s only the beginning of the chaotic life the couples will have ahead of them. 

I couldn’t write a better script. 

 I started watching 90-day Fiancee about 3 years ago when a friend told me about it. I was instantly hooked. As an immigrant, I could resonate a lot with the cast, in terms of, what we have to go through to get here, and getting adapted to live in the United States is the same. Finding love abroad and make it work on the motherland it’s not necessarily an easy path to follow. The show generated multiple conversations with my American husband while trying to show him that is exactly how a foreigner feels, while they arrive in a different country. 

The TLC big hit generated a good amount of spin-off, such as Before the 90 days, when the couples travel just to meet each other and figure out if they actually are what they say they are, or a complete nutcase all together. 90-day fiancee “Happily ever after?”, follow some of the most popular couples after the marriage, or the divorce, like it was the Larissa and Coltiee case. Recently TLC released 90 days – the other way, with the Americans traveling to live abroad with their significant other. Its highly entertaining to see these people trying to figure out life in a country where there is no toilet, no A/C, a lot of os mosquitos, and no running water. Big Ed showering with the rat in the Philippines is one for the books. Four ft nine Ed was already bothered by every single thing he encountered, Rose and her 4-year-old son were living in extremely poor conditions, sharing a house with her entire family, with her dad and sisters, and the rat. They were all sharing the space in harmony because that’s what people outside of America do, they don’t have a choice neither do they most of the time can’t afford to live better. We don’t have a luxury, we have the basics we need to live and most of us don’t know or understand how the United States runs, and I’m pretty sure that’s what causes the commotion while trying to adapt here. We don’t know what to expect, besides what we have seen in movies and tv shows. 

This week, another season of 90 days Happily Ever After comes to a wrap. It was a crazy season where no one was happy, they all considered divorce, shoes were flying, manipulation was at high stakes, plastic surgery was made without any money and Angela kept her mind games with poor Mykul. That man deserves to come to America more than any other person from the cast. Thinking about this season and some other seasons, I concluded that TLC’s money machine is based on the same troupes, season after season. After some time, I did some research and found out that the show sometimes manipulates their reactions to make it more interesting. It worked, because lately, I have been watching like its a very dramatic soap opera, that it is on air at 2 pm for the past 30 years, like “Days of our Lives”

troupe verb

trouped; trouping

Definition of the troupe 

intransitive verb

: to travel in a troupe

also: to perform as a member of a theatrical troupe 

I put on together a list of the cast that are part of the same troupe; Let’s start with the old ladies first, in respect to their age. 

The Old Ladies who want the youngsters: 

Angela, Baby Girl Lisa (Aka – Angela wannabe), and Jennie. 

Angela was the pioneer. She met Mykul on Facebook and decided to meet him in Nigeria, where she verbally abused the hell out of that man and he patiently accepts her tantrums and gives her cake as a peace offer. I guess he understands she is older and has some serious menopausal sing issues. He respects that, at the same time they want to have a kid together, but she can’t “tote” the kid, because, oh well, menopause. After being on the series of the show’s franchise, they finally got married in Nigeria, after Mykull had his fiancee visa denied. Hey, immigration, maybe he is the Nigerian prince we keep getting emails from since 2010. Let him come over already, he deserves it. 

After Angela, we got the Great Value version of her, Baby Girl Lisa. What is up with these old ladies and the Nigerian guys? Baby Girl Lisa fell in love with Usman, who is a singer and made her a song. That damn song verse “baby girl I’m in love with you” with that autotune was on an endless loop in my brain for days. Make it stop. Lisa is also jealous, feisty, and angry, but Usman is a little bit less patience than Mykull, he fights back. And no cake. Lisa wanted to be in his music video, because the song was for her, his manager/friend said it was not appealing to the viewers. I laughed so hard I spilled my drink. A goat as a gift for his mom, which they insanely transported inside of a Volvo to his mom’s house. There were plenty of memes about Lisa with avail in her head, praying, while she looked identical to the ET on the movie. I live for #90dayfiancee on Sundays. 

Going far and beyond we had Jenni. She moved across the globe to be with Summit, in India, when she got there, he used to disappear like a cat, coming back home eventually with the sad look on his face. Something was bothering him and I called it “He is married. He probably has another family” .He did and it was a whole altercation. His family showed up at the apartment door, Jenni cried, felt betrayed, got back to the States, just to go back to India for another season. This time is for sure! I guess…

The ghostly golddiggers and the delusional: 

Maria and Lana and The Williams


Years and years taking money from Caesar, without a single drop of guilt. Caesar as a nail technician was being drained with the promise she would go see him at some point. We all cheered, we spend the entire season thinking she didn’t exist He was eating ramen like a college kid working like a maniac, for her just to live her life in Russia. At the Tell All episode, she showed up, even the cast was in awe and yet, she didn’t want Caesar, 


David, much like Caeser, fell for a Russian girl he paid to talk on a website, about 200K in seven years. She answered him, but every time they have to meet, she fled with a crazy excuse. Once again, we call the guy crazy and the girl, different than Maria, actually showed up at the very last minute. She didn’t speak any English, so they used the translator. She was shy and confused by the man she was talking for the past 7 years.  

Yolanda/ The Williams

We don’t have pictures of The Williams. Yolanda doesn’t have any photos either.

Much like the other in the delusional troupe, Yolanda fell into the internet catfishing hole, and it was too easy for The Williams to play his game. He told her he was from England when she asked which airport she should arrive, he didn’t know. Like everyone in her troupe, she kept believing in his lies. At first, I was like “protect Yolanda at all costs. Please don’t hurt her” At the end of the season I was like “The witch is crazy, so many clues and how can’t she see that?” Then he blackmailed her. She sends nude photos to him. We were thinking he was part of Usman’s Nigerian friend’s group “The yahoo boys”. The viewers are great with conspiracy theories and I can prove! 

The boy-child troupe

TLC is coming with another show soon called “I love a Mama’s boy” and I don’t understand how Colt was not cast for that too. His relationship with his mom is weird, co-dependent, and invasive. At least that’s what they show on tv. I don’t know what is real or not, I judge by what I see. He listened to his mom, instead of his new wife, forcing the wife to live like in a hippie community, sharing all the spaces and mother Debbie is very protective of her space and her in- house slot machine. Brazilians don’t have a sense of space, since we have none. The same situation happened with Jihoon, the Korean guy who impregnated the girl after meeting her for the first time. 

Jihoon was still leaving with his parents, doing small schemes to make money. So, as his life goes well, he decided to bring the American girlfriend, her 3 years old daughter, and the newborn baby to live in Korea. What can go wrong? Inside of his parent’s tiny house. Last season, he rented an apartment on a bad neighborhood, Deavon’s mom freaked out, the kid almost got hit by a car and all this end up with Jihoon crying on the sidewalk, smoking a cigarette, guilty and a complete emotional wreck. This shows it not for the weak minded. We also have Paul. For 3 years now we see this man move back and forth from Brazil, with a translator that helped him get a girlfriend, marry her and have a baby. With no job. They go to Brazil like they are crossing the Indiana-Kentucky border. His neurotic behavior led Karine to believe he can’t control his temper. I don’t think he can either. Paul, as far as I can see, is the true American, problematic, gaslight the hell out of the girl, blames and manipulate her, because of that feed his ego. Yes, they can get away from each other. 

That’s the end of part one of showing my extensive knowledge of the show. I love trash tv talk and I could talk about it hours on end. That’s why I’m working on the second part which will include: The rude crowd, The spoiled brats (ew! Leida), and the Brazilians (because I have a lot to say about my people and the reckless behavior) 

If you watch the show too, please let me know on the comments what is the most chaotic person on the show so far.


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