I’m keeping monthly goals. Let me tell you why.

I’m keeping monthly goals, instead of yearly ones. I will tell you why.

My mom sends me a voice message this morning. She said a guy from her apartment complex was outside, at the parking lot, screaming, that he couldn’t take it anymore, and someone was trying to kill him. My mom lives in Brazil and it just makes me reflect that people from all over the world are losing their minds at this point.

All this uncertainty is almost impossible to predict what’s is going to happen next. When in March of 2020, they announced the quarantine would be about four weeks, we were all hopeful. In two months, the quarantine celebrates its first birthday. Hooray for everyone still staying at home, not seeing friends or family, who spent Birthdays celebrations, fourth of July, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Eve at home. I don’t know about you, but I’m on my limit. I want my life back.

Setting Monthly goals.

Setting monthly goals will help me to keep my priorities focused on what I need to do now. One step at a time, not thinking about what I plan to do in August. I plan to go back to film school for the fall semester, but I rather not think about it too much. As we don’t even know if we are going to have the vaccine shot by then.

It’s a blur. We are all coming out of this experiment with a different vision of life. The nurses who worked at hospitals at this time will never be the same. People who lost a loved one, to this virus, will be broken for life. We all suffer differently. Some of us lost our jobs, our house, the only way to provide for our families. There is no way you don’t feel broken inside seeing this situation. Unless you are rich, and living a life above the other humans. Living in a 5000 Sqf house and say: “We are all in the same boat” sure doesn’t help.

I can’t see much farther ahead, so I couldn’t work on my vision board.

Photo by Wes Hicks on Unsplash

This year, I couldn’t do a vision board yet. I can’t see much farther ahead, even less make plans. My only plan now is to see my family. That’s all I envisioned so far. I can’t take much longer without seeing my mom, otherwise, I will be the one screaming outside my apartment complex.

Much has been said about the new presidency. I don’t want to raise any hopes. He will have a lot of work to clean the mess that the other clown left. What I hope for all of us, its to get our lives moving forward and at least be able to enjoy this summer. I can’t imagine another summer, stuck at home, frightened by the news, that if I go outside I might die, worse, I could kill someone’s grandma. That’s a lot of responsibility to carry on in life. That’s also what’s causing a huge mental break on most of us.

How many times you thought you had Corona the past year?

The news keeps reenforcing that the virus is everywhere. Don’t hang out with friends, wear the mask, wash the hands a thousand times. You can’t relax. How many times have you ever thought you had Corona the past year, after coughing? Me? Almost every day.

One day, when I was leaving Walmart, I took my mask off in the parking lot, not a big deal, but without even anything, I touched my mouth to remove a fuss of fabric that stayed on my lips. I froze for a hot second, as I remember I hadn’t clean my hands with hands sanitizer, after leaving the store. Death sentence.

For the rest of the day , I thought about it. The same happened when my ice cream fell on the table at the Ice Cream Store, I picked it up and put it right back at the cone. Is it worth dying for a 4 dollar scoop of Ice cream? No. But on a quick response, I did anyway.

This is the kind of madness we are living in for almost a year. Not the expensive ice cream, the fear of dying.

Not the one I dropped on the table, but its just to give you an idea of my almost loss.

Be always on the alert. Can I breath without the fear of dying? Not yet.

We are always on alert. Don’t get sick. Don’t transmit the virus. Don’t see anyone except the ones in your household. I feel really bad right now for people who live alone. We physical contact. Not over Zoom though. I need to be able to sit with my friends at a restaurant and laugh, have a good time, but all we hear is “Wait”.

In my last post, I said it’s been hard to focus on anything right now. Breathing exercise and meditation helps a little, but I go back to alert mode as soon as I’m out of it. And to make it worse, you have the super achievers. Heck, I can’t even get a blog post written without questioning myself about it.

Super-Achievers morphing time!

Super achievers! Morphing Time into super productive in amidst of the global pandemic!
Photo by Luke Chesser on Unsplash

Super Achievers are another class of people who are here with the full intent to drive you crazy, and with social media as a stage ready for it. I remember last year, it was the second or third week of January, someone posted on Twitter they already had read 50 books that month, so they asked “how many books have you read yet this year?” None. By the way kid, what kind of books are you reading? Reading for me is to enjoy the story, not a competition to finish the race. How in the world do you get so much done in the first 3 weeks of the year?

Between the Virus, the vaccination, the new president, the fact I’m still stuck at home, and the super achievers posting their entire working schedule online, my Ferris Wheel is broken and I’m up. Just waiting for the time that it will work again. I find happiness in small things like when I plan to write something, watch my trashy reality tv shows, or buy makeup on online sales. Small things.

Make it worth it. Every single month.

Every month will be worth it this year. For January, I’m going to focus on Issa Rae’s Masterclass and start writing a script for the ScriptPipeline contest that I want to participate in. Wish me luck! I’m not a super-achiever, but I work at my pace. Get things done are important, but again, it’s not a race.

What are your goals for the rest of January? Are you feeling somewhat off track with all this happening around us? Let me know in the comments, so I know I’m not alone feeling like this.

Stay calm and Stay healthy!


The biggest failures of 2020

We are finally on the last day of the year! And what year 2020 was! This morning I woke up thanking God that we got to this point safely. No big issues with Covid, we managed to have food and shelter, my parents are safe at home in Brazil. 

It’s was terrible. I don’t know what the universe was thinking, but it sure decided to kick over half of the people on the planet to the curb(no pun intended). But it sure did and besides people saying you should keep planning, my brain staggered like when you give Windows too many tasks and it can’t process fast enough. For the last post of the years, I decided to go over some of the plans I had and had to put aside for the time being, while I watched TikTok and Reels distract myself. 

Taking Writing for TV workshop in LA

At the beginning of the year, we went to LA for a short visit. It has been my dream since I was 12 years old. Meaning, I obsessed with something for over 20 years and I finally made it through. The trip was great, and just saying that I was in LA felt like I was on Selling Sunset. I hiked the Hollywood sign trail, we visited The Groove, walked around Rodeo Drive, like Pretty Woman, got some fake money that was thrown in the air by someone in a fancy car (probably a music video shooting), and visited the Hollywood walk of fame stars.

Little Joana had a piece of paper from a magazine in her closet, to tell the universe she would go to Hollywood someday.

The most important part of the trip was, being able to visit the New York Film Academy and talk with one of the school’s directors. Mr. Devine was on point and very straight forward when it comes to the industry. I think everyone considering getting into the screenwriting path, should hear what I heard from him.

It was only a 15-minute conversation about the industry, he asked me a few questions, I answered and with that, I had the best TedTalk of my life. I left that school sure I was coming back in a few months for the workshop. 

You can read more about my LA trip in this post :

Make a YouTube channel for my comedy sketches . 

I don’t think I’m funny, but people say I’m. I’m very observant, and I grew up with a very sarcastic mom. I think funny moments come when you are not expecting them, or when you see that person that you thought had it all together, lose it. I love to make people laugh, and I don’t care if I’m roasting myself. 

As you can see I’m constantly posting pictures about myself when I was younger, if thats not roasting myself, I don’t know what it is.

I had this idea of creating this youtube channel to make fun of the simple things in life, but it was entirely my fault I didn’t. I gave all my time to learn about blogging and how could I write more and more. Because that’s also what I like to do, writing. If i put the same intent I put on writing my blog posts on a book, I would have the book by now.


I made plans with a long-time friend to meet her at Disney, in April. She would come from Brazil and we would meet in Orlando. Renata is my friend since we were 15, we went to the same school, but we met outside, at the English classes we took at the same place. Life took a different direction, but our friendship was always there. I think real friends don’t need to be checking on you constantly, because you know when you text them, they will reply back, no matter what. With the same enthusiasm, like they saw you yesterday. 

Seeing my friend and taking my annual trip to Disney is what I really wanted.. This one would be even more special, because I would bring out the 15 years old in me, and show people from my high school, that follows her, that I win in life too. Throw some shade it’s what I do best. 

My mom and my dad also had plans to come to visit in May. I guess that hurt even more than me not being able to go to Disney. The covid situation got me on my nerves because my mom and dad are in the risk group. My mom takes care of herself, but my dad is stubborn. I’m glad they are fine and soon enough I will be able to go see them. 

Learn more about Food Photography and started as a side gig. 

Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

I started photographing food in June when my friend and Chef invited me to work as her assistant on her events. I love food and working with her was a blessing. We had events almost every week, and besides some ups and downs, we made it through due to her grip. We had plenty of bachelorette events to work in the middle of the pandemic, always wearing our masks and gloves, showing up on time. 

Have always loved photography, I never specialized in anything. It’s been about 14 years that I mess around with my camera and gadgets without getting anything done. My Flickr account is gone. I didn’t want to work with people. For example, I can’t work with newborn photography or wedding photography. I’m too scared of butchering someone’s dream or make the baby look ugly. It’s hard to mess up when it comes to food, you just have to master it. 

Writing the second episode of my show “Larry”

In July, I spend the entire month working on two scripts for the nickelodeon writing program contest. I didn’t place it, but what I learned was, writing for tv is what I really want to do. The first script was a spec of Pen15, about 30 pages and the second could be a pilot of my own creation. So I wrote a story based on my own life, about an immigrant, who moved to America to take English classes and fell in love with her teacher.

The biggest problem she would find is his extremely conservative family, trump voters, poor white America (who actually believed that Trump could do something). In the first episode, she is introduced to the family, and we start seeing how thin the line is between “Love Thy Neighbor” – unless the neighbor wasn’t born in America.  

It’s based on my own life and my struggles. I heard stuff about other people coming from them, you can’t even imagine. God Bless my husband for calling them out. 

The second episode is still cooking in my head. Once I have about 10 episodes, I will try to find investors to film.   

I still have dreams besides the covid curtain being shut on my face. 

If you are alive and healthy, even if you are not, you can still dream. You have to dream. Even though I think 2021 will be chaotic for a little longer, we eventually will come out of this mess. Somehow we always do. And we gonna have an entire year of planning to put into work.  

Now the vaccine is here, I’m warming up my engines like a 1970 beetle, I will eventually drive for a while, and if I’m lucky, it will keep running.

Before I let go, I would like to tell you to watch out for the end of the year big achievers. It was a pandemic years, and it is ok if you just survived. It’s ok if you didn’t read 120 books, wrote 2 books, got book deals or made a major sale. Most of us didn’t. We thrived different ways.

I wish all the people that read my blog a happy and incredible new year! Might 2021 will be a year of pursuing and conquering all your dreams. I’m thankful for all of you, six people, that are constantly booting me up to keep moving. 

Thank you for holding my imaginary hands throughout this crazy year. 

Cheers to you! 

The Golden Ticket.

Dare to try. I’m all in.

I spend the first months of quarantine, like most of us, clueless of what was happening. I had no idea of what was going on and at first, the lockdown was supposed to be only for 30 days. What I wasn’t counting on was that the government would have no idea of how to control the virus and keep extending it. After thinking a lot about this mess and only getting angry, I decided to focus on what would make me feel alive and happy. My writing projects and my blog. Out of nowhere the projects picked up.

Give it a try little bird, you might fall, but you might fly.

I’m currently working on some scripts for the Nickelodeon contest. I have to submit a spec script from the list and an Original Comedy pilot. A Spec Script is a document that proves that you can work for the show, using the same tone and voice, almost like you would fit in to a work in a company. It’s like a skill test on indeed.

If you write scripts or read it, you know each one of those is about 28 pages in maybe 3 or 4 acts, a cold opening, and a tag. The preparation for the scripts is intense, because after all if I did a good job and get lucky, I could get a trainee placement in California, which would be ideal and give me chance to work with I study to do. The spec script it’s the hardest one for me.

During the Creative Writing Classes for Entertainment, at Full Sail, I had about 5 or 6 classes I had to write scripts. They were all about ten to twelve pages each and we were constantly having to give feedback and receive feedback, but receiving feedback from peers that know less than you, it’s like screaming at the top of the mountain. It echoes, but it doesn’t do you any good, and it is too vague. I had two scriptwriting classes, even though they were the peeling my skin with a knife, I retained the most information of all classes because I enjoyed it.

On the first Writing for TV class, we had a very sweet teacher, he comprehended that some of us had never done that before, and took it easy. We had to choose a show from the list and continue to work with it on Writing for TV class II. I choose the show I was most familiar and comfortable to write for, Brooklyn 99. I had to study everything possible about the series to recreate my spec script as if I was working on the show, like the character’s mannerisms, obsessions, reactions, and vocabulary. It is easy to write on a series that had been on the air for a few seasons, but this time the show I choose to write for this contest only had one season and about 10 episodes altogether. Pen15 is a great show, but I have to confess that I’m having trouble writing with their voices.

Pen15 is executive produced by Andy Sandberg’s Lonely Island Production’s company, who plays, Jake, the main character from Brooklyn 99. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I like writing about shows that I enjoy and I’m familiar with, so study about it it’s not torturing. For example, I could never write about NCSI or Law & Order. It’s just not my kind of show. I have been watching interviews and reading about the show’s creator, learning what the idea behind it. That’s when I get in trouble. Since there are not many episodes or seasons, there is not much I can research.
Here is a little bit of my process to write a spec that I learn at Writing for tv I and II, while at Full Sail University, taking the Creative Writing Bachelor’s degree:

1- Write an outline of the idea.

Writing a few outlines ideas and coming up with the best one, works for me. Everyone has a different way to do it. Write the outline first, so you have something to follow.
I use colored note cards, so I write different acts in different colors and number the cards.

2- Create a Beat Sheet.

This is like mapping out the episode and how things will evolve through the acts. You have to know what is going to happen in the A-Plot and on the B-plot. For example, for this spec, the A-Plot is Anna lends Maya a notebook with personal stories, so Maya could read it, and Maya loses it. B-Plot is Maya dealing with her Aunt bullying her during a visit to her house.

The Beat Sheet I made for Brooklyn 99

3- Treatment.

If you have time, you write a treatment document, with all the scene heading and what is supposed to happen in that scene, without dialogues. I won’t have time for it this time.

4- Start writing the spec.

During the process, I research what type of show is it and how many pages the script of an episode has it. For Pen15, I learned that they have a Cold Opening of 2 to 3 pages. The first and second acts are about 8 pages each, so the third and the fourth are smaller and they contain a 1-page tag. It’s very similar to Brooklyn 99.

5- Revise.

I’m not on that stage yet. Hopefully, I will get to this point by the end of the week. I understand that this is a contest to be a trainee, but if I look sloppy, they will pass me without even reading the first page. Make sure the punctuation is correct, the Scene Heads are according to what’s happening and the dialogue makes sense to the kind of show you are trying to be part of. That’s what caused me lose all the points and I almost failed my class.

It’s a not difficult thing to do, it’s easy when you have written many other scripts and have the experience in your hands, which I don’t have much besides those classes. You can always learn. I think is like any other job where you have a set of rules to follow so you get work done in time. As I wrote here before, in January I made plans to go back to LA to study screenwriting, my plans are yet to happen.

About the Original Comedy Pilot, I will work on something based on my life, while married to a white conservative man from Indiana, which I hope, since is my creation, it will be easier to write. I have to so much to say in that pilot, I’m boiling.

All the other projects are a little obsolete for now, like the comic strip and the illustration online classes, even the Food Photography project, I had to put on the side for this month. First things first. This contest feels like I’m looking for the Golden Ticket to get into the chocolate factory.

Thats it for now! I have to go back to my scripts.

Stay safe.


5 Movies that inspired me to write

Do you have a passion for movies? I do. There is some of it that inspired me heavily to want to pursue screenwriting. First, let me warn you, I’m not a snobbish movie watcher, neither Am I a Rotten Tomatoes evaluator. I know what I like and I’m super ok with my movie choices.

I have been obsessed with movies for as long as I can remember, some of the movies I watched multiple times, learn the lines and repeat it often. What is the first line in your mind when you think about your favorite movie? Tell me in the comments! It would be fun to talk about it!

It took me a few days to write another blog post because I’m a very indecisive person, so I wrote down a list of movies that inspired me actually to write movies, and I ended up with a list of the movies I like, not movies that actually made me want to write.

It’s been a few weeks that all I have been talking about its social issues, rights, and ways of making life better to most of us (respect to the diversity folks!).

In this post, I decided to go a little lighter and talk about movies that inspired me pursue the screenwriter path. I made a small list, as I can talk about this for days, I had to narrow it down. Here are the movies I picked:

1- (500) days of Summer

The plot of the movie got me. The story of the boy being hurt and the girl being extremely independent was refreshing. I’m the queen of romantic comedies, I probably watched dozens of them, usually, the hero always gets hurt or chases the love interest during the entire movie, just to be together at the end. Its the so-called “Happily ever after”.

Spoiler alert, 500 days of Summer takes a different route and makes us think that female characters can be the cause of heartbreaking too.

In the story, Tom is a very normal guy, boring, if I dare to say until he meets Summer at his workplace. Summer is fun, refreshing, outgoing, and doesn’t care about what people think about her. She is also not interested in a serious relationship, at least not with Tom.

It’s almost like she shakes the tree, for someone else to pick up the fruits falling from it.

Tom creates the image of the perfect girl, and ends up destroyed by the fantasies he created in his mind about her.
Everything in this movie it’s perfectly executed, from the characters to the cinematography to the songs and dialogue.

2- Coyote Ugly

I love stories about people that live their old boring life to find their dreams somewhere else. My current working project is about an immigrant girl, who was adopted as a child, and as soon as she graduates high school, she leaves her southern small town and moves to Hollywood.

In Coyote Ugly, we have Violet/Jersey, who left her small town to be a music writer in New York. She is shy, sweet, and determined to win, she ends up working in a super cool underground bar, with a bunch of badass bartenders. It was the first movie I’ve seen that made me want to go to New York City to work in a bar and make it happen.

I worked in a bar indeed, but in a Georgia suburb, and the only I time danced was Cupid Shuffle during New years Eve, on the floor, close to the computer. I guess a coming-of-age movie, about finding yourself and your dreams, it’s always a very interesting concept to write.

It’s a formula that always works and has been working for years. Girl leaves small town, goes to the big city, gets run over by all the possible situations, and makes it in the end. She usually has a love interest and sidekick. How many movies have you seen like that? I’ve seen plenty

3- Spirited away

I’m not a big fan of Japanese animation, I’m not much into anime or manga. This movie hits me differently because of the time in life I’ve seen it. In 2003, I was working at the movie theater, it was my first job. Every first Sunday of the month, we had a meeting, and after the meeting, my coworkers and I stayed over instead of going back home, before our shifts. I remember watching Spirited Away in the morning, right after the meeting.

Over and over. Also, at night, before I go home, I stepped into the movie screening, just to listen to the original dialogues in Japanese.

The movie talks about Chihiro and it’s a coming of age tale. In a similar outcome like The Wizard of Oz, the hero has to grow and overcome her fears in order to save her parents and go back to her normal life. Chihiro has the hero’s journey very well rounded and the story has a lot of intakes of Japan after WW2, where growing society and social impact move the country forward.

Spirited Away is a production of Studio Ghibli with the creator and director Hayao Miyazaki.

There is a lot of hidden meaning behind the story, some videos on YouTube associates some of the characters with some of the cultural aspects of the country. It’s a great screenwriting study source, quite different and somewhat complex to the American public.

4- Devil Wears Prada

Miranda Priestly. That’s all. I have to be honest, I bought the book but I never read it. Instead, I watched the movie about a million times and as I said before, I can quote these lines from my heart. Andrea aka Andy is the definition of the Hustle.

She is the type of character we cheer for and in the hope to have the same courage she exudes on the screen. Right after being shamed by Miranda at the way she dresses, Andy gets help from Nigel, which is like a fairy godmother, giving her a makeover.

Channel boots, a new haircut, tailored couture outfits, and a great boost of confidence. The montage scene of Andy going to work, with Vogue playing as the soundtrack it’s my dream scene to recreate to myself when New York. I tried, in 2007, but I was low maintenance Andy, from the very first scene, before she gets the job.

I also don’t think Miranda is a horrible boss. You want to know why? Because if you don’t behave like a shark, you will get eaten by all the tiny fishes around you. Makes sense? For me it does.

In one of the scenes, while Andy is having dinner with a guy who is not her boyfriend, she said and I quote “If Miranda was a guy, they would not be talking bad about her, they would be congratulating her for being a great boss.” We have seen horrible and demanding male bosses in plenty of movies, but when a woman does that, she is an evil witch.

5- Titanic

The crop the la crop. I could talk about this movie for days, but I will try to focus on how that inspired me to be where I’m today. Titanic was the first “grown-up” movie watched at the movie theater, also the first time I had to read subtitles, at 12 years old. As a child, I didn’t speak any English whatsoever.

My dad had just moved away, and I was living alone in a 1-bedroom apartment with my mom. Titanic took me out of the rut I found myself in, it gave me the chance to dream. I decided I wanted to move to Hollywood. Once again, I repeat, I was only 12 years old, living with my recently divorced mom.

After watching the movie, I had decided I was going to leave Brazil. ASAP. At first, I wanted to act, so the plan was to take some acting classes and make my way to America. I couldn’t afford any classes, I could barely afford to rent the VHS tapes to watch the movies.

Time passed and that dream of going to Hollywood to work remains alive and well, but now, I would be writing movies like Titanic, so I could give a chance to other kids to have dreams as I did. The movie was a much-needed crutch at that time in my life.

Everything in that movie worked to become the classic that it is. The plot, the romance of the poor guy and the rich girl, the “make each day count” state of mind of the main characters, Rose’s transformation from a quiet suffocated person into a strong woman, the decision making, and chances they took. Again, the Hero’s journey is all there. Looking back, Titanic has been my film school for the past 22 years.

I realized after writing about these movies is that all of them are centered in a female strong character. Woman who took decisions that would change their lives or careers and that makes a lot of sense for me now. During my research for this post, I found a term that I’m going to write about next week the so-called “Manic Pixie Dream Girl”.

What Summer, Claire, from Elizabethtown, Charlize Theron in Sweet November have in common? They are all living their own truth. They are the protagonist of their own story, even though they were not written with that purpose.

She’s got a dream!

Two weeks ago I headed to Los Angeles for the first time. My husband visited with his brother around 2002 and kept telling how messy it was. I wanted to visit it so bad, for so many years, that I didn’t hear a word, I wanted to experience myself.

The city where dreams are made of is Los Angeles, not New York. The creative land of actors, directors, musicians and all the type of famous wannabe be people are headed that way. It is indeed a magical place, and it sure does make you feel like you are in a movie. I made sure to behave like I was in one. I sang Pretty Woman- Walking down the street, while cruising around Rodeo Drive, secretly wishing someone would kick me out of a store because I look trashed from walking 12 hours the previous day. I also made sure to sing (in my head) Miley Cyrus – It’s the climb- while hiking the Hollywood sign trail. A long-time dream, and I mean the oldest dream I’ve ever had. In 1998, the 13-year old me, cut a piece of the magazine with the Hollywood sign on it. I taped on my wardrobe and promise myself someday I would get there and I sure did. It was the happiest day of my life (this year so far)

When we arrived on Sunday, we decided to visit Santa Monica, since our AirBnB was only scheduled for later in that afternoon. I wanted to put my feet on the Pacific ocean, since I had it done with in the other oceans, like the Indian and the Atlantic. It was a very bright, beautiful day. Santa Monica Pier was packed with families and visitors, as they have restaurants and an amusement park, also entertainers singing their songs and dancing. We only had 40 minutes on the parking meter, so we had to rush and go back, as the Airbnb accommodation was located in Burbank, about one hour away.

One of the main reasons to go to LA was to meet in person my great, beloved friend from Writing School, Shelly. We have never met in person, but thank goodness for technology we navigated through school, relying on each other, talking constantly, sharing the disappointments with teachers, peers, and assignments. We had dinner at an Indian place in Burbank and it was like I was talking to a friend I knew for ages. She gave me a book to fill out with my business plan, and we decided to move along with the story she is working called “The Moon Children”. It’s an adorable tale that I’m happy to collaborate anyway I can.
The second day we headed to Hollywood. For some reason, I always thought Hollywood was an entire side of the city, it actually is, but it considers a neighborhood, they also have West Hollywood, a trendy area with restaurants and cool stuff, like the open mall and a Farmers Market.

We walked around the Walk of Fame and visited some stars, some shops. The street was closed in front of the Dolby Theater for the Bad Boys Premiere the next day. It’s magical to see all the work that its put for only a few hours. We parked the car in Hollywood and took a Lyft to the meeting point. At 2:00pm we met with the Tour guide for the Hollywood sign hike we book through AirBnb Experiences.

It was a pleasant experience, the guide was awesome, telling us stories about the sign, the houses around it and movies. On our way back, he talked about restaurants, cool bars, and other experiences we could enjoy around town. We pay 20 dollars each with Airbnb Experiences, on the website. Worth it every dime.

The third and last day was the most important for me. I visited The New York Film Academy campus, located in Burbank, and had a chance to talk with the Admissions Manager. What he talked about changing the entire way I could see the industry I’m pushing to work in. I told him that I graduated in Creative Writing last September, but the school sold me an almost impossible dream to achieve. The school faculty told us, during the TV writing and Scripts for short film classes, that if we wanted to pursue a career in the industry, we should move to LA and make it happened. His reply was brutally honest: “We have too many people here that think they are going to live their dream careers, and they won’t. Most likely because schools like yours sell this without telling the truth. It not about how creative you are, Hollywood is about business. Who is going to invest, how am I going to get the money I invest back, how are you going to do it”

It was like watching a masterclass. I recommend everyone that thinks about getting into any art school, to talk with people that went to school or do a close research before applying. He continued; “It’s also not about networking either. I know someone at Sony Entertainment if I get you a meeting with her right now, would you be able to sell your project? Or At least answer the questions she will make?”. We talked about the programs at school and how demanding, as the students have to be available for projects at least 45 hours a week. In the end, he gave me his card, for whenever I was ready to get in contact with him. After thinking about what he said, I decided to take ScreenWriting workshops and focus my writing on the Entertainment Business itself. I love movies and I love TV. For sure, I would love to write professionally for it.

I came back home with my heart full of hope and push to work on my projects. I also decided I would not move to LA, instead, I would take my classes and be back to Austin, and even though is harder, I can start something here. I also got back home with a broken back from hiking with Converse and wear boots with heels. And a cold.

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