The Reign of Cobra Kai

About two weeks ago, I was looking for something to watch and the suggestion list was insisting on Cobra Kai. I skipped a couple of times, to watch something I had already watch a thousand times before, like Gilmore Girls, or Jane the Virgin. I wish I hadn’t skipped. My husband came home and we decided to give it a chance to the show, just for a few minutes and we were hooked. I got soaked in at the first five minutes and couldn’t stop watching. I watched both seasons in a week.

The show was initially produced for Youtube Red, by Sony Entertainment, in 2018. How haven’t we all heard of it, is still a mystery, I don’t know anyone who watches shows on the streaming.I’m glad for once that Netflix decided to buy the two seasons and don’t hog it or give us 7 episodes every six months, as they do with shows like Mr. Iglesias. It all there for our the most millennial way, I want it now, and I want it all.

Karate Kid – 1984

I don’t remember watching the Karate Kid franchise, but I’m familiar with Mr. Miyagi, banzai, and the nickname Daniel-San. The fighting dragon or bird pose is also part of pop culture, you don’t need to watch the movies to know about the rivalry between Daniel LaRusso and Johny Lawrence. You know LaRusso won the fight with the illegal kick, as it is stated multiple times 34 years later during Cobra Kai.

The show is based on what happened to each of the character’s life, after the Karate Kid movies. Daniel LaRusso, as expected, succeeded, is married, owns a car dealership, has a nice house, a wife, and kids. A typical cookie-cutter middle-class American life. Johnny Lawrence is a dead beat, borderline alcoholic, and an absent father to his mischievous kid, Robby, who by the way, hates him. After seeing a kid being bullied outside of a store, Johny goes out in his defense, fighting the kids using his lifetime karate experience. It’s a great scene and it keeps your attention during the entire fight. After all, Johnny fights against five guys alone. The next day, is on the newspaper, guess who sees it? Daniel LaRusso and that bring some meaningful memories. After the fight, Miguel, the kid who was being bullied, asked to be trained by Johny and that sparks on him the desire to open his karate dojo, that of course, he would name it Cobra Kai, based on the dojo he used to train, with his karate Trainer, Kreese.

What makes it Cobra Kai so cool, of course, the bickering between the two main characters. They are full-grown men, yet they can’t let go of the fact that LaRusso stole Johny’s girlfriend in high school and he only lost the fight because of that illegal kick. They still hate each other. LaRusso is calm and collected, but extremely hurtful and vengeful, while Johnny is a nutcase, learning how to teach karate with a purpose of fighting to compete and win, without almost killing the opponent. That gets in the way when we see his old Sensei Kreese make his way back into the dojo. Kreese is an extremely violent war veteran, who doesn’t want to teach mercy. He was apparently dead, but Kreese is alive and well. He wants the students to win, no matter what. So he instigates Johnny to fight dirty.

34 years of rivalry.

Apart from familiar characters, we have an array of new people that add to the fun. LaRusso’s Daughter, Sam is the typical girl next door, who gets infatuated by Miguel, knowing that he is being trained by her family arch-nemesis, now Sensei Lawrence. She encourages her dad to open his own Miyagi Dojo, based on her dad’s Sensei, so she can train karate, like when she was a kid. Almost like a Romeu and Juliett, but with some extra people on it, like Robby, who gets a job at Daniels’ car dealership to get make his dad mad, and end up finding in Larusso, the dad he never had. So he gets under his wings to learn some karate moves. One of the best scenes is the karate tournament, where Robby is coached by LaRusso, against Miguel, who is with Cobra Kai, aka Johny Lawrence, Robby’s dad. Johnny wants to win, but also don’t want Miguel to hurt his son. His conflicting mind is what drives the series. Its about between do what is right, or win against the person you had a beef with your entire life. You don’t know which side to cheer to. It balances it out during the entire two seasons.

Other cool things to add are the lack of technology expertise on Johny’s part. He is awkward and with no social skills, he also makes you uncomfortable to watch him navigate his endeavors. The fact he struggles with a computer system and phones is hilarious. Daniel Larusso is happily married, while Johnny is on the newly founded internet, looking for “hot babes”. It feels like he got stranded in the ’80s, especially when a female student, looks for him to learn karate and he says girls can’t do karate, because they are “soft”. When he gives Aisha a chance to prove herself, she beats the crap out of the other student. Entertainment at its best. After a huge fight breaks out on the first day of school, the second season ends with a major cliff hanger. Netflix announced that season 3 is coming in 2021, as its already filmed. My only problem is, Netflix itself.

Like I said many times before, Netflix is about the money. Not much what the audience thinks it’s cool, or popular. I had many shows I liked, canceled because the executives said there was not enough audience to keep it on the platform. Once again, because they didn’t want to promote the way it should be. Netflix is my Daniel LaRusso. I despise it, but can’t stop talking about and let go.

We don’t know much about season 3 of Cobra Kai yet. All we know is that according to the show creator Jon Hurwitz the series “is already filmed, edited and ready to go”, as he said on Twitter. Let’s hope its the beginning of 2021, but its Netflix, so I’m getting ready for the staggering of waiting months and months.

If Netflix don’t stagger, we will have season 3 soon.

Cobra Kai has a little bit of everything for everyone. Karate, family values, comedy and loss. Flashback who lets whoever never watched the movies go along with the story the show is telling now. If you watched, let me know in the comments what did you like the most! I can’t wait for season 3!

Enjoy your holiday weekend ! Stay healthy !


Netflix cancels all my favorite shows.

I will never forgive Netflix for canceling the “Curious Creations of Christine McConnell”. They canceled it so fast, you probably didn’t even have the time to see it on the Watch Next options. It was the weirdest show and I was all about Rose, the raccoon. I feel represented. I felt seen. It was creepy, with very dark humor, goth and it came out on Halloween of 2018, and yes, that’s how long I have been mad at Netflix for canceling it.

“Hence the bow and nothing else”

The Curious Creation of Christine McConnell

“Curious Creations” had everything. Creative recipes, weird dialogues, taxidermy, an angry bad mouthed raccoon, was a mix of culinary show and scripted dark comedy. The show could come out for every Halloween Season, like Stranger Things. Christine McConnell, portrays herself in the show as a baker, in real life, he is a photographer and stylist also known as the Queen of Creepy Cookies, she also has a few baking books, according to her biography.

I found out Christine also has a YouTube channel, creating vintage weird content that includes recipes. Like many other shows I enjoy, Netflix cancels it, because it’s not profitable, clearly because they didn’t promote enough, how they would some of their shows or movies.

It happened with another one everyone’s favorite, “One day at a Time”, was canceled after the third season on the streaming because representation was not trending at that time. At the beginning of this year, they canceled AJ and The Queen. What I have been noticing, it’s the number of shows they have for Generation Z. The people were born after 1996. Netflix staggered in these young adult productions and the 30 something gang can’t find anything to watch.

Netflix becomes a GenZ streaming.

The list on the streaming of this type of show is long, just by making a quick search on Google, I found at least ten, that revolves around mischievous teenagers, usually, rich kids, that either killed someone, it is plotting to kill someone or after a wreck or a dream wakes up with a superpower.

Werewolf, a warrior nun, the umbrella academy, the list goes on and on. No wonder we end up always watching the same show over and over. That’s why Friends, The Office, Gilmore Girls keep getting all the views. I’m not saying it’s bad, but all the streaming should be split by age group, for example, we have a lot of different options when it comes to choosing, so if by any chance we could have a chance to only pay for what we watch, would be great.

Netflix would have all the Gen-Z shows they already have, HBO Max, would have movies and shows like New Girl, Jane the Virgin and Friends, which it already does. Disney would have cute Disney productions and Starz, Amazon, and Hulu would have grown up shows, like serious drama and crime shows.

It would be ideal because I would not have to spend my money to watch a certain type of show. Especially because the ones I like, Netflix cancels it. That happened with AJ and The Queen who was released in early January of this year.

AJ and The Queen

AJ and the Queen is a story of Robert/ Ruby, a New York Drag Queen, who worked for years performing to save money and open her club. She finally makes it to have her own business with her boyfriend. Spoiler alert- the boyfriend steals her money, living her with nothing, destroyed, and counting on her luck. Ruby then decides to go around the country.

She finds out the neighbor’s ten-year-old daughter, AJ, hid inside of the van, because she wanted to find her grandpa, all the way in Texas, as her mom was in shambles and not able to take care of herself or AJ. The show is heartwarming, the story is carefully written by RuPaul, and the message couldn’t be more realistic. It’s about love, loss, friendship, life challenges, how do you cope in hardship moments, humor, and comfort.

As the relationship between Ruby and AJ progresses, we start to realize how much they need each other, we just don’t know which one needs the other more. I cried watching the show multiple times. The dog scene and the red dress running were about to wreck me. Because I wanted to hug AJ and because I wanted to hug Ruby. In February, it got canceled.

Netflix cancel all my favorite shows.

Of course, it did. The show didn’t have any outraged teenager, superpowers, crazy rich kid plotting to steal someone’s boyfriend, instead of that, it had real people, with real problems. Apparently the network stated that there was not enough of this type of the show audience to keep it running.

Another show that got me sad about Netflix canceling was One day at a time. I held on to that show, it is everything I look for to watch on TV. Representation matter and it there is enough space for all us, the problem is with people following the same formula, over and over, because of the Networks executives, who think a different person playing a regular character would not attract and keep the audience to make them enough money.

Once again, it’s not about representation, is about the show that can profit more. Its business, not entertainment. One Day at a time was rescued by Pop TV, after an army of people going on Twitter and fighting for it. I understand that show, as an immigrant through Abuelita’s eyes, when told the story about how and why she moved to America, I was in tears.

People should see, on tv shows, that being an immigrant in America is one of the hardest things. For some of us, it’s a daily battle. It is buying into a pair of jeans, just because you think it’s beautiful, but once you try it and it’s kind of tight, you take it to take it home anyway, because, in your mind, the jeans will fit you the day you lose weight.

One day at a time needs to go on!

The point is, you spend a long time trying to make it fit, and sometimes it doesn’t. One day at a Time gave me the chance to see myself writing for the show, as I would love to write the spec for the Nickelodeon contest based on it, but I held myself because if I don’t pass, I don’t want to be thinking it’s because my spec episode was bad. Let me have my fantasy in my mind that someday I will be able to write for the shows and work with the show runners I admire. I’m throwing at the universe as I write my Original Comedy Pilot for the contest.

On July 31, I submitted the scripts for the Nickelodeon Writing Program. Do I have hopes to win it? Almost none. Was I thrilled to get it all done in time and participate? Absolutely. I created an entire story, with a Cold Opening, 3 acts, and a tag, by myself, had help and insight ideas from my best friend, who also happened to watched Pen15 and was able to untie the knots in my brain. I love it when people say writing is easy. True to be told, it never is.

That’s it for this week! Let me know in the comments if you had any of your shows canceled too!


J.G. Snelly

She’s all that.

“During those days I was looking for inspiration for my story, I decided to look on Netflix for some of this Young Adult Genre, and for my surprise, I loved all of them. Well except one, that you will probably know from my following list”

I’m a 90’s kid.
I loved everything about the ’90s especially the movies. Rom-com to exact. I never understood much of the scenario, because in Brazil we don’t have the same High-school we have there. High School in Brazil, at least for me, was a bummer and the only joy was those movies, like “Never Been Kissed” or “She is all that”, “Boys and Girls”, Down to you” and so many others. I always had a dream that I didn’t need to be rescued, but down inside, I would love to.
I recently had to write a Young Adult story, and for inspiration, I dived in head first, to those “Coming of age” movies and books. I believe that there was a time, between 2005 and 2017 (too Long!) that those movies were forgotten. All it was seen was Super Heroes, Explosions, Maze Running and other genres, but not “Coming of Age” and nothing particular to Young Adult. Yeah sure, we did have some like The Fault in our StarsThe perks of being a Wallflower, Spectacular Now, etc.
During those days I was looking for inspiration for my story, I decided to look on Netflix for some of this Young Adult Genre, and for my surprise, I loved all of them. Well except one, that you will probably know from my following list.

“To All the Boys I Loved Before”
This movie is by far the cutest on the short list. Lara Jean and all the mess she put herself into is a pleasure to watch. We all have been there before, not specifically with letters, but I’m pretty sure the teenager you did some still cringes you to this day. I have plenty, ask me later. The movie shows Lara Jean, her cute family, that includes her dad and her two sisters. A younger and and older sister, that’s is moving away to college. In the movie it’s just state that her mother died, in the book, they wrote what happened. But the story is about Lara Jean writing letters to her boys she once loved and after a fight with her little sister, the letters are sent (in the book, the movie has a different reason). Once the letters are sent, we start seeing who were the boys. First Josh, her ex-boyfriend’s sister. She met him before and was in love with him before until Margot decides to date him. The second one is a kid who is gay and the 3rd one is Noah Centineo aka Peter. Peter goes along with faking a relationship with Lara Jean, to make his ex-girlfriend jealous. It works, the story develops beautifully, we fall in love with their fake romance and cheer for them to end up together. It’s just a cute and lovely movie, the teenage rom-com at its best.


“The Kissing Booth”
California, mansions, rich kids. Another kid that has lost her mom and it is trying to give her life some sense and purpose. Yeah, you are sixteen, you have a best friend since the day you were born and you guys have a list of rules to follow. One of the items of this list is “don’t hook up with my brother”. So far it works fine until you miraculously notice his older brother and realize you have a huge crush on him. Where was that hunk before? In the basement the whole time? After defending Elle from a fight, out of nowhere, they start having feelings for each other. Suddenly he is all over, when she creates the  Kissing Booth for the school project, guess who is there? The hunk. He kisses her and it is all downhill from there. They kept it a secret from his brother/her best friend, and go to live that romance wildly. The hunk is a few years older, but she is 16. It was so savage that she would go out on his motorcycle, lose her virginity under the Hollywood sign, have tones of sex in her bedroom, so much that when her best friend came by surprise, she told him she was watching porn.  Far too advanced for a 16-year-old. Maybe this is an American thing? Please let me know. When I was 16 all I wanted was to be the backstreet boy girlfriend or at least get someone interested in me. The movie is cute, but its also more grown up.

“Siera Burges is a Loser”
Sierra is the definition of insecurity. Different from the first ones, she has both parents, lives in a structured house, her dad is a writer and she dreams to go Stanford. She has her nemesis, a best friend and apparently, she doesn’t care for what she looks like. Until she gets a text message that it was supposed to be for Veronica, her archenemy.
Sierra tags along and the guy thinks, the guy is Noah again by the way, that she is the other girl. Meaning, Sierra basically catfish the poor guy and used Veronica to get to him, with the intent of helping with her grades. Poor Veronica lives in a messy environment, her mom is quite abusive and her looks don’t define who she is in the inside. Sierra then decided to befriend her and start to realize her attitude is more a cover-up than anything else. At this point, I’m cheering for Veronica. I don’t care about Sierra anymore. They become good friends until something happens and Sierra blames on her friend furiously. When it was not Veronica’s fault at all. In the end, after a reality check, and abusing people she loves and trusts the most, she comes to the realization she is what she is. Accepting herself it would be the best for her. Netflix should work on a sequel. with either one of the characters, maybe with Noah? “Catfished by Sierra Loser”

“SPF 15”
I still don’t know what this movie is about. I had to literally take notes while watching. Forgive me if you love this movie, you probably have a reason for it. The main character is Penny, she is a daughter of a famous actress, and she thinks her mom is a bit all over the place. Her mom is played by Molly Ringwald, mrs Sixteen Candles and The breakfast Club (also play the boys mom on “The Kissing Booth). Penny is boring from the 30 second mark. She always has a camera, constantly filming for whatever it is she is filming, we don’t know. The cousin shows up at her door and she is much more up going than  Penny. Camila asks about the guy Penny is seeing, she convinces her to lose her virginity in a crazy sequence. Oh, I almost forgot. Noah is taking care of Keanu Reeves Mansion, like they are besties. Its a gorgeous place in front of the ocean. Quick remarks to not extend this too much : 

  • Johnny/Noah  back story is not very well explained
  • There is a Musician that comes from Nashville and no one knows why. Maybe he didn’t like the South or Country music.
  • After losing her virginity, Penny meets the musician outside in a kombi van, lost in space, like he came from a different planet. Well, Nashville is different than California .
  • Johnny doesn’t have fun with anything. I thought he was actually a ghost . 
  • Ash, the Musician, gets so mad when Penny upload a video of him playing at the pier, for no apparent reason. Like he gets irate. 
  • There is a unnecessary sequence of Animation, with Camila and Johnny, because Camila decided to give him a Lucid Dream. Yeah that also happen. 
  • Camila just met him and asks him  if he would take her serious. Now they kiss and they are together. Where is Penny?Pissing off the musician.   
  • So Penny get all the images and make a video music and everyone is happy in the California sun. 

Spf 15 on Imdb

You might like it. I was confused. 

See you next week 



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