Baby how you feeling? Good as hell.

I had an entire post ready to publish from last week, but it took me a little longer to edit and I keep adding more details. The more I think about the job interview, it completely derailed my post from what I wanted it to be. I also realized that it was more of a rage post, which shouldn’t be published, almost like a letter to myself, I will keep it saved as a draft. These days you have to be careful with what you write, because of the people out there, assuming what you mean without even reading the post how you meant it, they are getting offended more than ever. I don’t want this blog to be about job interviews and how hard it is to be yourself these days, you probably know that by now.

Adapting in Austin is easier than it has ever been. I don’t have a car yet, so I mainly use public transportation, it is not as efficient as Chicago, but it works. Crazy people on the bus are a constant thing, but I enjoy trying to imagine what kinds of lives these people live, either before or after they get into the bus. Sitting on a bus for 40 minutes really allows you to let your mind wonder and your imagination run free. That is how long it takes me to get to downtown, or the library. Yes, I found a library and I feel accomplished. Being a writer and reader, libraries are what usually bring me comfort.

Last week I got into my writing heavily. I have a few prompt books and I decided it was time to put them to use. I started writing a short story about this girl, who was raised by her single mom in a white house by the lake. She makes friends with a girl from her school that has some type of schizophrenia disorder. I’m not sure if this is what I want write as her friends’ disease or if I should do a little more research. I guess the second would work better. As time passes, the house is up for sale and the girl has to come back to her city and find out what happened to her friend. The story is based on the 60’s era.

The second writing project is a story I have been writing since before I started writing school in 2017, about a girl who was adopted from Latvia at the age of 5, by a woman who took her to be a beauty pageant contestant in the deep south and filled her up with Adderall. As she grew up, she decided to move to Hollywood in order to become a star, secrets from her past starts erupting, she meets new people and her personality starts to change.

Writing comes out differently as I try to express myself on paper.

The third and last project so far, is a children’s book, that I would like to call “The Alien next door.”  It is about an immigrant kid (yes, that is my world and my voice), who was brought by her mom to live in the states.  As she is navigating through this new world, she will meet friends, that besides being American, like she wished to be, are also treated different because of their religion or skin color. That’s by far the one I’m most excited to work on, due to the fact I have some of my friends of color helping me out and expressing their point of view to me.  We need to tell these kids from early ages that is ok to be different. It is a joy! I have been learning how to draw on SkillShare, because I would like to illustrate this myself. It is fun, until I start crying and hating myself because of the difficulty of it. By the way, if you would like to try SkillShare for free for two months I will share a link on twitter

These are some of the projects I want to work on for the next year. Of course, more and more will be added to the list but for now that is what I have for now.  I found a job, not with writing, as they keep saying I need more experience, but to have experience I need a job, its and endless loop. The job is with a luxury charter bus company, it’s like being a flight attendant, but on the bus, it is an auto-attendant. Great, because I hate flying anyway and the bus is always the most logical choice for me.

See you next week! If I don’t Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


The Wrong book

Hey there from Austin, Texas! I have been missing out on my posts for over a month, when I promised myself I would do this at least once a week. The reason for all this lack of content is my move to Austin, Texas. After leaving Chicago, at the end of October, I had to adapt to this new city and try to get a job. A regular job, because a writing job is still up in the air.

Upon arrival, my dear friend referred me to work at her company. I was ok going back to the front of the house, hospitality industry, as my writing career is still in the pre-conceived stages, meaning, I write, I post and I apply for jobs. But I’m still in the recent graduate phased and my school, besides posting multiple job positions everyday, which are all located in different states, cities or are somewhere farther than I would like to travel. I have notifications on Facebook and I constantly receive updates about jobs in Florida, Maryland, LA, New York. The one close to me, for Whole Foods marketing position, was already filled.

I got the job and I went on my training, for the millionth time, the same speech of “Don’t harass people, don’t make fun of their accent, don’t be late”. Heck, I could be the one giving that training. The next day I arrived early and due to my experience I was immediately thrown into the line to cut avocados, set up the line for lunch and make tortillas. That’s when my brain crashed. If I’m working on something other than my career of choice, I can’t have time to think. I have to be moving non stop. If I stop and start making assumption my brain quits.

After making tortillas batter, weighing the tortilla batter and transforming them into 300 little balls, with my skinny arms, I had to clean the line before we left. All of that its definitely not a big deal, as long as it is in the job description. It wasn’t, it was completely different.

While bonding to the girl who was training me, I told her I had a writing degree and she asked me what I was doing on this job. “I need the money,” I answered. As I was cutting the avocados to make guacamole, I told her that I went to culinary school for a year, so I have knife skills, also food handling certificates from all the previous jobs. That’s when she looked at me and her face changed. “You have all these little secrets, that you keep spilling for me.” I should have told her that I had a food and beverage training in Australia and was also a F&B supervisor back in my home country.

Photo by Louis Hansel on Unsplash

It’s not actually secrets, I just learn to be quiet and keep it to myself, so I don’t have people changing their attitude like she just did. It’s ok to work with different things while you are starting out on your new career, I’m not ashamed of that, it is a job and I need to work. At the end of the day, I realized I’m not going to work with food anymore.

On that day, I decided to try something new, to be honest was a disappointment at first. This week I received a few phone calls and set up an interview for Tuesday, it is not a writing position yet, due to my experience she will keep me close, but not in charge of anything yet. I’m happy just to have a chance to learn.

After that, I wrote a few articles that I should post soon on, about this work experience and a dinner I had with chiropractor who was selling his business, that shook my core. It still needs some editing, but it is off to a good start. A few days ago, I started to work on a kids series, the project has been a long time in the making. I started to do some of the illustrations, watching some drawing classes on SkillShare.

Next week I will tell you about what happened to both of my internships.

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