How to write for a travel outlet


How to write for a travel outlet publication? I’m still trying to find out for the past 15 years.

During Tourism and hospitality college, I spent countless hours at the library reading Travel Magazines. At that point, while living in Brazil, my dream and life goals were to travel and write to one of those magazines. Not to be stuck in a hotel for the next 15 years, at the front desk, dealing with people traveling all over the world. I should be the one traveling!

I was never meant to get roots behind the desk.
How to write for a travel magazine? Asking for a friend

My favorite magazine at that time was Lonely Planet. It contained the travel guides, which I pretty much became obsessed with and promised myself, someday I would be one of those cool travel writers. I would write the article, take amazing photographs and leave like a Nomad. I just found out they have nomad visas now, since some people are working remotely full time!

At that time, I was also checking the possibility of being a photographer for the National Geo magazine. Little silly 20 years old me with big dreams, living in Brazil. That was way before we have internet access and all this cool things that the technology gave us.

One day I stared a blog to talk about my internship programs abroad, which I carefully and ruthlessly named “Where the hell is Joana?”

“Where the hell is Joana?”

The blog “Where The hell is Joana?” was to write about my experiences abroad, during the 3 months I was out of my country, for the first time ever, while living in North Carolina. My first mistake was: I decided to write in Portuguese, because my vocabulary at that time was rough and kept to a bare minimum.

When I wrote my first post and send it to my mom, she didn’t like it. She wrote me on msn messenger (yes, that long ago) and told me to not expose her or my dad. Nobody needed to know our personal life. I didn’t mean in any way to expose them, its not like they were celebrity rock starts and I was about to drop a major gossip on them.

I just wanted to write!
My dream job in my early 20’s

I would move on to my own adventures in short time. I just get drowned. I tried others posts, but my writing was confusing and random, as I focused more on the plugins and photos than my pieces I was writing itself. I tried again and reactivate the blog during the other internships, until I quit BlogSpot all together in 2009.

No shame on that. Years and years later, the writing got better. After all, this is my second language, I was  born and raised and for my entirely life, Portuguese is my first language.

Life has a funny way to go around.

First I had to learn how to write fictional pieces, learn how to put a storyline, characters arc and development in perspective, until I could actually write non fiction with more confidence.

Again, I always wanted to write travel magazine articles, but for that I needed to learn how to tell a story. I still don’t have a magazine writing job, but I’m thankful we have blogs now. I’m also thankful for being able to document my travels on Youtube. It’s all taking place now.

Blogs and Youtube videos run on the same expectation of being heard and seen, but due to people’s lack of attention, my Youtube travel content is going much better than the blog has ever been. I’ve been learning a lot, especially about SEO and algorithm, so I will write a post about it, probably in the next week.

TRVLS & Comida – Youtube Channel

It’s all in the air now.
I’m working on some youtube shorts, since we are working full time and can travel all time

Maybe I had to go around for a few years or many years before I was able to pursue my long life dream of telling stories while traveling. Maybe some day I will get financed to write my web series, If I ever sit down to write it.

It’s all in the air now. Things actually work, you just have to be patient. And no, you are never too old to pursue your dream. Yes, I get that we can’t just drop everything and focus only on what we’d like doing it. We have bills to pay. (most of us has anyway. Trust fund kids, no)

Hang in there.  It will get better.

See you next week!



Writing Contest and the Creative Bankruptcy


Do you know when you have the perfect writing piece in your head, just right before falling asleep? At that moment, when you have a great idea and it seems like your blog post planned for the next morning is ready in your mind and when you wake it vanishes? That happened to me last night.

I woke up this morning and nothing came to mind about the post, except a few eloquent words that surprised even me. The only thing I remember from before falling asleep was the term “Creative Bankruptcy”. Stay with me a little longer and see if what I’m thinking about it makes sense.

Creative Bankruptcy

Have you ever participated in one of the Writing contests across different platforms? I did and after much thinking about it, I concluded that it all might be a scam to seed ideas. Have you ever thought that the paid ones, you might be paying someone with more influence than you, to steal your ideas and present them as like it was theirs?


I’ve seen some people complaining on Twitter, and I don’t mean the random kid in a basement in Ohio, who writes about robots and zombies. I mean people that have some experience with the industry.

A few months ago, I read someone saying that they have been trying to pitch this script for a long time, only to find out, someone with more influence, just twerk some things on the plot and presented it as theirs.

Don’t pitch your ideas to random people

I was furious. That’s when I started to think about the Writing Contests and Creative Writing Schools, like Full Sail, that I graduated from a few years ago.

Full Sail has great teachers and very knowledgeable people. My only problem was with some of them who insisted that they had that type of influence in Hollywood.

That they could either find you a job or between the lines sell your ideas for their producer friend. Here is why I say that.

One of my Writing for TV teachers had worked in Hollywood for a great amount of time. He constantly said that he was one of the judges of the Emmy and he knew a lot of people. We get that. So in his class, we were given a few options to choose a TV show to write a spec script for, during the 4 weeks of class. My choice was Brooklyn 99.

Brooklyn 99 it is!

The show is amazing and if I had to dive in headfirst on something, for 4 weeks, it had to be something I’d enjoy watching. I started to study the characters, their story arc, why the series creator, writers, and producers had in mind when they created certain episodes.

I study it deeply. First, because I would love to be a tv writer, and second it was my chance to show I was good at something, for once.

After the first week’s assignment, I got a C-. When I asked him what was wrong, he simply told me “I know Dan, he is the show’s creator and he would never use that.”

The same teacher called me on the phone on a Thursday, to change the 3 acts completely. I had to skip work because that part of the assignment was due that Friday at midnight. I spent the entire day, exhaustingly working on it. I still got a C.

Maybe I was very in sync with the show, maybe my spec idea was passed on.

A few months forward when the new season of the show started some of the ideas I input on the spec was on the episode. Maybe I was very in sync with the show, maybe my spec was passed on. We might never know. I don’t think Full Sail will have control over that. No one has. We can have the same ideas, you might just be more prone to get it done than me. Or know the right people.

Last year when I participated in the Nickelodeon Writing contest I was pretty confident I was gonna place. I had to write a spec and an original comedy piece.

The spec I chose was Pen15, which was easier to write because I lived in the same era as the characters. The year 2000. Since I had two scripts to write in 4 weeks, I had to rush. It took me 3 weeks to write the Pen15 spec and 3 days to write my original since it was based on my life.

We can use your ideas, and you won’t have how to prove it was yours. Ever.

Once I had everything ready and before submitting the scripts, I had to sign a term, that I give Viacom all the rights, and any ideas they used that look like yours, are mere coincidence. What I understood was: We can use your ideas, and you won’t have how to prove it was yours. Ever. We have your release form.

Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash 

That gave me chills on my spine. If you use my ideas, at least give me credit for it. Or pay me for a coffee. Something. Before hitting the submitting button, I paced around the house.

Pouring rain, with trees shaking with the wind and the power about to go out. I looked at the window and thought to myself “Maybe I will see this show with someone else’s name on it and pressed the submit button.

Doogie Howser MD.

Back in my writing school days, one of my first assignments was to write a spec or a new version of Doogie Howser MD. I wrote about Doogies Kids, who had the same intelligence as him, and they were twins, a boy, and a girl.

Fast forward a few years, Disney+ comes with a new version of the show. It aches my heart just to think that they might have received my spec and once again, their experience and influence, which I don’t have, made it better and sold the idea I created. Creative Writing School For the Entertainment Business sounds a bit sketchy by now.

I’m not saying by any means that someone stole my idea at school, but I wonder how many people from the same school or others, think about the possibility of that situation happening too.

That’s one of the reasons why I think these contests are what I call a Creative Bankrupt. A term I heard on youtube while a filmmaker was talking about the entertainment industry and how creativity is only to make money, and not for entertainment purposes anymore.

They will make the tones of money, while you were snatched with 70 dollars for your idea

My thoughts on that are: You have a great idea and you paid to be in a contest, they tell you you need to work on this and that (if you pay the higher fee, for feedback) and you might be giving this person an idea that it will make the tones of money, while you were snatched with 70 dollars.

Photo by Jeremy Yap on Unsplash

I’m not saying it’s not worth it. It depends on every person, I participated in the free ones, even though I learned to read the fine lines before submitting. Everyone should do as they wish. Contests are fun and they give you a good idea of timing to work on a project. But like everything else, it’s all about the money and business.

They don’t want to invest in projects they don’t know if they will ever get the money back. That’s why we also have an array of The Rock movies, Marvel, and 17 seasons of Grey’s anatomy. We always see the same people, movie after movie and tv shows that raised this new generation.

It’s always the same people, with the same movie over and over.

That’s why it is probably so hard to break into the industry. It’s been corrupted for God knows how long. I believe youtube is the best way to break in for creators. I’m putting all my eggs in that basket now.

You do all the hard work, to someone come and steal your idea. That’s rewarding.


It would be a great idea to start a spec script company to be used by upcoming filmmakers, like film students and film enthusiasts so everyone would have a chance to have the same opportunity to shine. It’s something I will have to develop still.

Please let me know in the comments if you think your ideas were used by some writing contest or some of your teachers passed your ideas along to someone with more influence in the industry.

Stay Healthy, Stay Sane.


I’m not hiding my accent or who I’m anymore. Here is why

I’m not hiding my accent or who I’m anymore. Here is why :

When I arrived in America, my nationality was stamped on my forehead. I had a heavy accent, my voice was loud, and I laughed even when the joke was about me and my culture. A few years passed and I started to understand all those jokes were about how I sounded my quirky behavior, and all the judgment coming from my new American friends.

The last picture in Brazil, before moving to the US of A in 2012.

While I wanted to blend in, I was cutting the tree branches, one by one, until I felt like I had no identity anymore. That behavioral change hit its peak when I lived in Georgia.

Georgia on my mind

Working in a restaurant, as a server, with an entire Southern American crew, the boss, the supervisor, and the other servers, I felt compelled to muffle my feelings and choke on sentimentalism. Get up, put on a happy face, work 14 hours a day, while being homesick and broken inside. You have no right to complain. You are a second-class citizen.

I listened to diminishing jokes about my culture, which some of those people thought it was funny to make fun of, second-guessing my abilities to work like the others, leaving me to be the last one to be a trainer. Only because of the place I came from and the way I sounded.

Never arrived late at work, never called in sick, and it was on the team since the first week they opened. Being oversee by management, bothered me because I knew I was working hard, crying on the way back home. Exhausted, because I knew I needed to be better than everyone else, even when I was not being watched by anyone.You can’t relax like you peers. I was still a second-class citizen.

The hard path to belong.

One day, I was so irritated by that situation, I started to look on Youtube, how Hollywood actresses changed that accent for different roles in movies. I found exercises you could do, to minimize, and make your speech clear. My husband got mad at me, saying he loved my accent, while I told him,” I need the job, we need that job. I can’t be fired because they think I have language barrier by the way I sound.”

I couldn’t quit, because for the entire year I worked there, I was still working towards my permanent residency. And he was still at Chiropractic school.

Many of the problems I encounter here in America, is because of the lack of confidence I have ingrained in me because, for the longest time, I had been quiet just to get by. Every time I look for a job that’s not restaurant-related I think “why would they hire me, instead of a born and raised American?” So I freeze and don’t complete the application. That’s where I find myself these days.

My Production Company is going great. In my mind. Not in real life.

There is nothing in this country that encourages people like me, to step up and find their way. I’m always held back by some stupid insecurity that shouldn’t exist, that it was caused by the system. Since the dawn of time, if you are different, you don’t feel like belong here.

I’m working towards having my own production company, which right at this moment is very successful in my brain, but completely paralyzed by fear in real life. I wish I could blame the Pandemic, maybe I can partially. Being a multi-hyphenated person, I did more than just write. I also draw, photograph, make videos and learn about websites, among other things to fill up my days. Instead of focusing on only one thing.

Why would someone have to change their names to fit in?

A segment on the news just showed a lady who had to adapt her name, to succeed in Corporate America. Once again, if you are different from what’s expected, you have to suffer, to adapt to a certain way people will accept you.

It happens to all of us that fit in the box. It’s frustrating to live in a society that makes us all sound the same, dress the same and look the same. The lady from the segment decided she was going to use her full name, instead of adaptation, and she looked happy. How can you tell someone to change who they are, to fit in? That’s pure evil.

People are easy to judge and label you. Either by where you came from, the way you behave, or your name. I had to lower my voice, because “it’s too Brazilian” and we are loud. I stand too close to people in the line, and we talk touching people. Americans hate that. I learned about it at the first restaurant I worked in in Chicago. Every time I talked to them, if I move my hand to touch their shoulder, they would flinch. Sometimes, I did it on purpose, their reaction always made me giggle.

Unapologetically Brazilian

Practically having to be reborn as a new person, learn all the values, all the habits, the food, the behavior, the laws of the land in my 30’s. While still being who I’m and who I was before, it’s a daily challenge. Because of that pressure, I let go of worrying about my accent and I’m not worried about it anymore. If I sound like I just arrived here, while asking where the bathroom is in Disneyland, deal with it.

The beauty of being yourself it’s to live free. There are no laws that say that you have to fit in, look and act the same to belong. I wonder why we are so drawn to characters on shows that are funny and quirky, its probably because they are a portrait of something we would like to be in real life.

As I get older, I care less and less about what people think about me and my life, and you should too. It’s fun to be different, to have your vocabulary and the unique way you sound to others. Don’t hide anymore. Make a promise to yourself that, after the Corona Crisis, you will be reborn into something you always wanted to be.

There is no more time to waste. Not after this crisis. Not after being locked up at home, like a bird in a cage, for an entire year and counting.

My promise to myself is not trying to change who I’m anymore to fit in the American patterns. That means that I will be loud, I will be emotional, and I won’t hide where I’m from anymore. I belong to this country as much as any other person born and raised here. My culture will just add up to stir the pot. Like many other cultures that makes this country so amazing and so appealing for all of us.

I had a similar post about this last year Be True to your School

This one was about empowering and embracing your weirdness. This time around it’s to embrace your plenitude and your culture, as part of yourself, of who I’m.

It’s ok to be a late bloomer in a new career.

Are you a late bloomer in your new career? Have you finally had the chance to pursue your goals a few years after your 30’s? It’s ok. It happened to me too! There is nothing wrong with being in your 30’s 40’s or even older and decided to step up and work on something you always wanted to.

Warning: being true to yourself might cause dizziness, lack of confidence, confusion, doubts of a better future, sometimes inevitable crying, and skeptics from family and friends.

Deciding on your career at 19 it’s not very smart.

I had to decide on my first career at 19 years old. At such a young age and with no realistic expectations, the only thing I knew was, I loved traveling and I wanted to live working in fancy hotels. Maybe traveling and visiting places around the globe. In my second semester, I realized I wanted to write for Lonely Planet magazine. Had to bottle up because of circumstances at that time.

When I graduated in 2008, there were no Youtube Channels that had traveling as the main content. In our Tourism and hospitality field at that time, we were supposed to work at the hotel front desk or in a restaurant as a food and beverage supervisor, we had to climb our way up for years unless you mess around with a manager. Not my kind of climbing.

Years of running around in my 20’s and financial instability.

The reason why it took me so long to pursue what I wanted in the first place was, years of running around in circles, moving countries, and being out of status in the USA for three years. I finally had the chance to change careers in 2017.

Only after I got my document, the time I needed to dedicate myself, and the courage to apply and sink myself in debt. In my 30’s. It was not an easy decision to go back to school and learn a completely different subject. In a second language. While working as a waitress in a bar.

When old dreams knock on your door, open it.

In 2017, as I decided I was going to follow my long life dream to be a writer, having so much to say and my voice needs to be heard because I believe I’m not the only one going through this. I want to write for tv shows and create characters based on what I had to deal with being an immigrant. Of course, that not only valid for me.

I have seen a lot of young kids these days, making a lot of money in different apps, especially dancing around TikTok, teaching make up tutorials and that can be very discouraging. I feel out of place every time someone who is 17 is extremely successful because of an app, and I and others who work so hard barely can get by.

Last week, I received a phone call from the Career Center, from my school, to check if I had any success after graduation. I told him no. I have a blog, but I haven’t had any success, at least not in what I expected to succeed.

A career switch in your 30’s is risky but sometimes necessary.

As I explained to him, changing careers in your 30’s is not an easy task. Especially when you are competing with a super high tech new generation that was born with a phone in their hands. I’m used to working with customer service and run around in a restaurant like there is no tomorrow.

I can multitask, I’m street smart and I’m good with sales but put a photoshop program open in front of me, and I freeze. I know how to crop and resize. Work with brightness and contrast, but that’s it. I tried to remove the background of the image once and it made me want to cry.

It like being born again, but older and broke.

Relearning all the new programs has been the hardest part. It feels like I slept for the past 14 years, while I was hands-on in the restaurant job trying to survive, the technology of the world moved on and I didn’t follow.

Every time I look for a job, either in content writing or marketing, the position requires at least five years of experience, my heart, soul, plus the B2B copy samples to prove I can do it. How do you have five years of experience on something that you just started?

There is nothing wrong with starting over, as many times you need to. People tend to believe, because of the social standards imposed by society, you have to be successful before 30, married with kids and a white fenced house.

I’m sorry, but this American dream from the early ’70s doesn’t exist anymore. It only exists to put pressure on people and make them feel bad for their life path. It works the same way the beauty standards. Sephora would never sell you a 60 dollar foundation if they don’t make you believe you need it.

During the conversation I had with the career center, the person who called me told me he understood what I was going through because he was also in his 30s and majoring in Audio Production. I wonder how many people are frustrated about trying to start something over

The fear of wasting time and failing again.

A career change in your 30s is filled with doubt and an intense lack of confidence. It’s usually surrounded by fear and sometimes a huge push to move forward. Days that you will feel like you will conquer all your dreams, because you have a lot of experience in different life areas and days will you feel paralyzed by fear of failing again.

You will feel like there is no space for error anymore, is either now or never. Why didn’t you find out how to follow your dream sooner? Maybe you didn’t have the finances, maybe you had babies and had to take care of your family, or you spent some good amount of years, trying to be something or someone, an important person for you, though you were or had to be. You were filling someone else’s expectations and not yours. My mom doesn’t understand why I want to do it. Neither does my dad.

Ok, Boomer.

Being born and raised into a boomer generation family, who never followed any dreams, always worked 9 to 5, and expected you to do the same and be successful is very nerve-wracking. I tried to explain to my mom what a screenwriter does, and told her about my YouTube channel plans. She says “go for it” even though she has no idea of what I’m talking about.

There were a few times she threw some shade at me talking about my successful cousins are, who at the age of 30 got some assets like a house and a car under their names. Like happiness and success is measure by what you can purchase.

It will take time to become an expert.

Sometimes it comes to a point in your life you can’t pretend anymore. You have to work on something that fulfills you. It’s ok if you are not an expert right away. It will take me a good amount of years to be as good a screenwriter as I’m waiting tables. I never thought I was gonna be able to manage taking care of all those tables and customers, I was macerated when I first started. How hard can it be to wait tables, right? I will write in a different post. There was no hope for me, but I insisted, as I’m insisting now.

I will not let this go and you shouldn’t either. I made a promise to myself I would make it work. There is no timeline to make things happen, you can take your time. Surrender the pressure other people put on you. You shouldn’t be scared to try. You shouldn’t be scared to follow your heart, and find the happiness you deserve.

Keeping the dream alive

Forget about the idea that you are getting too old to try. One of my favorite authors, Rachel Hollis, wrote in her book” Girl Stop Apologize” and I quote “Dedicate one hour of your day for your projects” and that’s what I try to do since I read it. One hour a day to work on what I want, either illustrating, writing, making music. Keeping the dream alive, until you can work with it fully.

Let me know in the comments how are you keeping your dreams alive and if you had a career change later in life! Or if you still looking!

Follow me on my social media for more of my Mid 30’s life struggles!

Stay healty! Stay Sane!

Diary of a Procrastinator

Procrastinators United ! It took me about 15 minutes to get the word Procrastinator right. Lucky me, there is an autocorrect, otherwise, I would still be trying to write it correctly. Also, because I got up from my chair many times. 

A few years ago, I learned the word procrastinator and understood the reason it takes me longer than anybody else to get things done. Not that I don’t want to do it, I feel like I work better induced by a panic mode. My best stories came out of a total neurotic mode, and psychological derogatory behavior. I postponed it, with the excuse I couldn’t do it, only to speed up and create an entire storyline in 7 hours. 

Get it done!

Not easy, but I got things done. My brain works like an hourglass, only to work the very least grains of sand to hit the bottom. I can’t possibly be the only one who works like that. 

Procrastination defined as the act of delaying or postponing whatever you have to do, and for that, I will take my place and crown as the queen.  

Thinking about that, I decided to share the Diary of a Procrastinator, based on my writing school days. Based on a real daily struggle, who fluctuates between laziness, lack of confidence, and other more interesting things to do.  


9 AM 

Dear diary,

Today is Monday and I have a lot of plans for this week. I need my coffee before I start writing my plans for the day. I have to check my phone first to see if there is anything new going on with my friends. 

10:30 AM

Dear diary,

There was not much going on with my friends, but I just saw that Ben Affleck and his girl broke up and that led me to check his career and previous girlfriends. I’m now checking his relationship with Jennifer Lopes and how he was a big part of Jenny from the Block video. They were so cute together, she even made a song for him called Dear Ben. Oh, wait wasn’t that Taylor Swift? Never mind. 


Dear diary,

I finally sat down to write the plans for the week. Got distracted by my imaginary friends on Twitter and their accomplishments. How can’t I get any of this? Am I not working enough? Probably not. 

1:00 PM  

Dear Diary,

I called a friend this morning for advice, she just called me back. We talked about our plans to get things done, as she doesn’t get anything done either. We spent two hours on the phone talking about how our rich friend got rich. That train has departed for both of us, as we are already married. Not with each other though. Well, you know what I mean. 

3 pm 

Dear Diary,

When I sat down to write my plans, I got hungry. I decided to cook a new recipe, and for that, I would have to take a quick trip to the supermarket to get the ingredients that I don’t have. I went to the seafood aisle three times, as I was indecisive about the shrimp size. Jumbo Shrimp? King of the Sea “it could be Ariel’s father” Shrimp? 

5 Pm 

Dear Diary,

The food was delicious! I had to take a photo and post it on my social media. Now I just wait for the 3 likes I usually get. Even though I spent a good ten minutes putting filters to make it look better, my hashtag game is weak. I’m finally ready to write my plans for the week. 

6 PM 

Dear diary,

I wrote two paragraphs and I felt like a winner. It wasn’t my weekly plan yet. I got back on Twitter and made an entire statement about Ben Affleck and how his Batman was terrible. Probably the worst. People agree with me and I feel like my voice was heard. 

7:30 Pm 

Dear diary,

Right after serving dinner, I sat down to watch the news. It was all terrible and it looks like we are all going to die. That depressed me and I can’t focus. I stared at the wall in despair from all the bad news I heard about the Virus. It looks like we are never going to be able to leave our houses, besides going to the supermarket.  


Dear Diary,

As I’m falling asleep, I have another great idea for a story to work on this week. I would get up and write about it, but I’m pretty sure I will remember the first thing when I wake up. Where do your thoughts go when you fall asleep?  


9:00 Am 

Dear Diary,

Yesterday was a busy day, but I didn’t work on what I prompted myself to. Today is the day I have to get it all done because the deadline to send all the writing pieces are tomorrow. Today I will have to focus and I’m going to try to keep my phone away and work without distractions. I can’t remember what my idea for the story was, when I was falling asleep last night, I should have wrote it down.

11:00 Am

Dear diary,

Before I put my phone down, I checked my social media to check on the world’s latest news. I saw a notification that someone replied to my Tweet post from yesterday, saying that Ben Affleck was a great Batman and I was a hater of DC Universe. If that can’t start a war, I don’t know what else could. 

12 PM 

Dear Diary,

I wrote a few words on my planner, that contains an hourly plan for my day. It’s already 12 so I had to skip the first 6 slots. Who in the world wakes up and starts working at 6 am? No wonder everyone here is a bit neurotic. The lack of sleep messes with their brain. My cat is finally back. I was not even worried about him, because he goes around the neighborhood whenever he pleases. People feed him and he goes back home when his scheme is discovered. He is just a needy fat cat. 

2 PM

Dear Diary,

The plans to let my phone alone didn’t work. The notifications keep beeping and I got back to it like a cat following the laser. It looks like Ben Affleck got a lot of packages from Amazon, and now I’m highly invested in knowing how nice it would be to buy all you want at once, instead of pretending you are not interested, only to buy two days later. I need to go back to my planner and write my pieces. 

4 Pm

Dear diary,

I only have about 8 hours to finish my piece. Between planning, writing, and editing I’m already two days late. I don’t know If I will be able to do that. I’m just gonna watch a youtube video to get me back in the mood. 

6 PM 

Dear Diary,

I got hooked on travel videos on youtube and now I understand how planes work. Not that this is going to help me to write my piece, but at least it gave me peace of mind for my next trip. Even though I have no idea when this is going to happen, due to Corona. My husband just asked me if I finished my story. Oh damn. I only have six hours now. 

7 PM 

Dear diary, this is not even funny anymore. I waited too long. Now my idea for the story doesn’t seem to work. I’m still on act one. This is not how I imagine the story in my head. It’s not working, I’m hungry again and I want to cry. This character is boring and it is not moving the story forward. Should I replace it now? 

9 PM

Dear Diary.

Ok, there is no panic, I’m still working on my second act. As I decided to check for different word meanings, I logged into Pinterest. I don’t know how checking the best travel luggage is going to help with my story. But it’s good to take a break. As I got back to my story I had to read it again and now, as the nervous breakdown starts to show up, as I don’t think this is any good. Why are my stories never good? Am I being too critical of myself? My heart is beating fast.

10 PM 

Dear Diary,

I finished act 2 right at the moment when the cat decided to meow like there was no tomorrow. He also ate the plant and jumped into my keyboard, like the mean creature he is. If I fail this assignment, I will blame him. 

11 PM 

Dear Diary,

I wish I could get some help. I feel like I’m having a heart attack, I can’t fail this class. My story is all over the place and I only have a few minutes to submit it. It’s not my fault that I have a life and a cat. Wait a minute. The cat is playing with the internet wires on the floor.

11:30 PM

Dear diary,

The cat ate the cable of the internet and my vision went black for a few seconds. I needed a minute to remove the cat from that area, put him in the room, and fixed the damage. The internet is now back on. I still need to edit my work. 

11:45 PM

Dear diary,

My writing piece is gone. The program shut itself and now I can’t find it anywhere. That’s it. I’m gonna fail. I can’t even think now. 

11:55 PM

Dear diary,

I found the document and edited it the way I could. The cat is meowing so loud, it looks like he is gonna break the barrier sounds. 

11:58 PM

Dear diary,

I finally submitted my story. I feel so accomplished! Next time, I will work on my pieces with more time, so I can breathe! The cat is out and now he hates me. He just dropped the plant vase from the window.

Wednesday :

9 AM

Dear Diary, I just received an email from my professor. He said I sent him my resume, instead of my writing piece. He said he would love to hire me, but that’s not the case now. 

The end!

This is a fiction piece of how my everyday life at school while undergoing Creative Writing classes would play out. Most of it its true, except for the cat.

Thanks for reading!

Let me know in the comments if you are a procrastinator too and what makes you work faster!


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