Five podcasts to listen for self-care

I grew up listening to the radio. My mom used to turn on the radio in the morning, while we were having breakfast together, so she could listen to the host pray and inform her about the news. Time goes by and the the radio is replaced by electronic devices, like the mp3, mp4, and iPods.

None of this contained any kind of information, lectures, or prayers, only music. In 2004, the audio blogging took flight, only to make life more enjoyable for people who can’t focus on reading. It makes a lot of sense, as time passes, people are more and more into their phone, instead of the book. The attention span is real. 

The podcasts become a type of radio on-demand, where you choose what kind of information you like, the genre you enjoy listening to. Or you if you are like me, and you can’t get enough of your favorite author and keeps digging for more. I have been listening to podcasts for a few years now, and my favorite ones are, of course, the authors I read, who are most likely to be self-improvement writers. 

Never having money to pay for therapy, I found on the shows, the voice of guidance I needed. On my daily walks, during quarantine, I constantly tried to find someone to tell me what the heck was going on in my brain, and how could work through it. There was too much information on my mind, too much time to think, and much more time available to feel useless.

I’m not saying that podcasts should ever replace therapy. But I also understand that when we don’t have the money to pay for professional care, we have to find different ways to cope. Many people found peace in meditation, I tried and got 10 minutes max. Days I can seat through, and days my mind is on full speed. CBD oil helps me to balance whatever it dancing inside of my brain cells. 

Here is a list of the five podcasts I listen to for self-care and daily boost!

Happier – With Gretchen Rubin

The book “The Happiness Project” saved my life in 2014, when I needed to find some joy in my life, after moving from Chicago to Georgia. At that time, nothing seemed right, and I was looking for words of encouragement. I found it and recommended the book to everyone. Gretchen studies happiness and with her sister, they created the podcast with the same name. They always give you tips on how to live happier and improve your habits in your daily life. They have book clubs on happiness, newsletter, and all the fun content while helping us to improve our life.

The Rachel Hollis Podcast

Rachel Hollis is like a mentor to me. Some people have Oprah, Michelle Obama I have Mrs.Hollis. I read both of her books and now I need to get the newest one, “Didn’t see that coming” because I have this weird feeling even though she doesn’t know me, she knows what’s going on in my life. Last year, while I walk around Chicago, I listened to “ Girl, Stop apologizing”, in the audiobook format. I laughed, I cried, I pushed myself through the words I was listening to: Find the reasons why you are creating the excuses to not do what you want it, and fix it. After I finished the audiobook, I was in desperate need of more guidance. Again, also much like free therapy. The podcasts had many words of encouragement and solutions for your mind and souls. 

On Purpose – Jay Shetty

I found out about Jay Shetty when he was on Mrs. Hollis’s show to talk about his life changes and new book. Jay left everything behind in his 20’s to become a monk in India, for four years. In his podcasts, he talks to people about self-centering, meditation, care, and mindedness. He talks about the importance of meditation and to look inside yourself, as you are the only person you will ever have to please. It hit me hard when he said that some people choose their careers based on what is going to make their parents proud and happy, instead of the individual self. I had to choose hospitality management first because that would allow me “to get a job and pay the bills.” Only took me 14 years to get out of the rut of getting paid to serve others. 

Unlocking Us – Brene Brown

Another favorite writer, Brene Brown talks about unlocking our true potential by daring to live a more fulfilling life. Having the audacity to show up for the fight and half of the battle is conquered. Brene is a Ph.D. in vulnerability and in her book she talks about fragility and how we don’t accomplish what we want, mainly because we are scared of being judged. How many times I put up a story I would like to write because I didn’t think people would like it, or understand it? Afraid of being judge set many steps back in my life and still is. Nothing is ever good enough and I’m always self-doubting myself because someone else is better, has more experience, and more funds to get the project done. There is also the fact that I’m an immigrant and I have to walk around the block three times before I ever think I’m good at something to move on with my projects. 

To be continued – Cristela Alonzo

This is not only about self-improvement, is about laughing at yourself and situations life throws at you. Cristela is a stand-up comedian, actress, and hilarious. I watched her standup special on Netflix and the joke about how the tomatoes of WholeFoods have better treatment than she ever will stay on my mind forever. The entire bit of WholeFood is hilarious. Thankfully, at least one good thing was, when the quarantine started, she started recording a podcast alone in her house. I was walking to Target alone and laughing at her story about how they didn’t find out about Vicks to cure the Corona Virus. Cristela is Latina and the daughter of immigrants, so she knows the drill, and her jokes are very much alike to what I live through in this country.   

Add on- Creatively Disrespectful  

It’s more like a daily rant about everyday life. Demeatrie is a Chef, Entrepreneur of Color, author, and a very dear friend of mine. Creatively Disrespectful is about the challenges she faces in the culinary industry, the difficulties that it takes to run a business during the pandemic. While still keeping the joy in cooking for people. I participated in a few episodes, complaining about Austin, talking about the events we worked together while still in quarantine, and tv shows like 90day fiancee and Love after lock-up.   

These ones are my favorites and listen to it on a weekly basis, some of them are released on different days of the week, so you can subscribe to all of them and listen on your way to work or as you please. 

Hope you enjoy the list of podcasts!

See you in a few days!


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