DJ lights on Friday Night

Most of us have been locked up at home for the past 4 weeks. No friends to hang out, no congregations, no bars. In this new dystonia life, everything is order by a screen, no contact, no eye to eye, no connections

I ordered some sushi the other day, and the delivery person placed at my door, knocked and left, like a prank. I thanked her, even though I didn’t see her face. She replied “you are welcome” from the other side of the apartment hall, then I once again I said “have a great day”. At this point, we are all kinda desperate to make connections, you can say you are an introvert, or don’t like people, or can handle the quietness of your house well. But we all need to make connections and I don’t mean through apps, even thought we would all be doomed if there wasn’t for technology. How was I supposed to watch all the live concerts on YouTube, if there was not internet? Or How would I post pictures of the books I’m reading, or the food I’m cooking, scrolling endless memes about the quarantine? How the people connect through other pandemics, like the Spanish Flu? I did a little research

According to the History Channel, no one know where the virus precisely originated, some researchers related to the military camp base in Kansas in 1918, and some of those soldiers were all contaminated when they were recruited to serve in World War I, in France. Another documentary from PBS, says the entire ship with sick soldiers from America, arrived, helping to spread the disease around Europe. The virus didn’t get his name because was originally started in Spain, but Spain was the country that recognized the diseased, as they were not part of the war. The country didn’t have any part in the law that the United States had in that time to not bad mouth the American government. Yes, there was a law that you couldn’t spread bad news about the government, or the country. Lucky, there was no Twitter. The way to contain the spread was quarantine. Schools were closed, and people were forced to wear masks, not going out in public. So they stayed home, read, and probably found cretive ways to entertain themselves.

They were fined 5 dollars if they were out without masks. I wonder if they all rushed to stores and stocked on fabric, like people these days stocked TP and canned goods. Even though is nothing near to the Corona, it killed about 500 million people in two years. That’s a lot compared to the earth population at that time

In other news, I have too much time to think and zero willingness to execute my projects. I would love to be proactive, and self-made, and a goal setter during this time, but I’m not and I’m not going to be. You don’t need to be either. I also don’t feel sorry for it and will never judge anyone who is not trying to get it done. This is not a race. We are all trapped in the same situation together, a lot of us lost their steady income, are scared for their family member, have children at home to be homeschooled, doesn’t know when the next meal is coming from, so please, stop expecting people to acquire new skills or start a business during this pandemic. Most of us are not in our right state of mind. Yes, you can be positive, but don’t expect people to be.

Too much of this crazy encouragement on social media, I think its great, but at the same time if you keep posting all your victories like you won the gold medal of progress in life, you, stranger, are making someone feels like they did nothing or could have done better, they are keeping themselves alive, it is great progress. At this point, none of us could “do better”. As far as right now, we are trying to find ways to not lose our sanity and coping in different ways. Some drink, some eat, some cook and some people are obsessively cleaning. Some like my husband got into buying and selling stocks, he is now investing whatever little money we have to someday miraculously sell them and get more money. I think it’s better when he plays video games or poker on his phone.

Me on the other side, tried to meditate more. Learning how to focus my thoughts and my energy other than the numbers of people infected or dead with the virus. Once I again, I know its bad, a terrifying situation for any of us to be in it, but if you tell me a 100 times a day, how many people die by the hour, I will end up losing my mind. I rather focus in what make me happy instead. We should all get free time from the news and internet for a couple of hours and sit on the sun if its possible. Texas has a weird weather.

Stay home, get informed and feed your brain with good news.

Amazon delivers priority items right now, so I bought a little DJ portable lamp, and I plan to have a little party for myself on Friday. That’s enough to make me happy. I watch the Some Good News Prom( Thank you, John Krasinski, in Brasil we don’t have prom!), live on Youtube, moved on to Nice DJing live on Instagram, had a blast in my living room, and call it a night at 10:30Pm because at the ’30s gang (me) can’t go much later than that.

If you would like some cheap happiness, that’s the DJ lights I bought.

In writing news, I finish the horror I was writing now I need to edit. I need a lot of editing actually.

Stay Safe!



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