Press Release



“The One that Got Away and other Short Stories”

Chicago, Illinois, July 10 of 2018

Joana Snellenberger, emerging writer of Historical Drama, has published a series of short stories based on themes prompted by her school teachers, at Full Sail University.

“The one that Got away and Other Short Stories” contains a dramatic development of the characters, based on different lifestyle, with motifs like personal growth.

The flash fictions “The Circus of Life” and “The One that got Away” , are stories about how the same character overcome that challenges, in different stages of life. Giu is an Italian Immigrant, who arrived in the early 1920’s with his whole family to chase their American Dream. After some struggling years, he goes after his own dream.

On “Don’t talk to Strangers”, the character is conflicted about his life choices. Michael is on a quest to meet his friends in Las Vegas, when his car breaks down in the middle of the desert. He soon realizes he is not supposed to play with his luck.

“Art Heist”, the exploitation of a good human being is shown. The crime involved all the three friends, but only two got benefitted by it.

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