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The Facebook Debacle

Relationship Status - Done with Facebook! "Are you sure?" Photo by camilo jimenez on Unsplash Have you ever been harassed by a relative, an aunt you never meet, or a long time neighbors, commenting on a memory from 16 years ago, on how messy you were? You are not alone. My problems with Facebook started… Continue reading The Facebook Debacle


The biggest failures of 2020

We are finally on the last day of the year! And what year 2020 was! This morning I woke up thanking God that we got to this point safely. No big issues with Covid, we managed to have food and shelter, my parents are safe at home in Brazil.  It’s was terrible. I don’t know… Continue reading The biggest failures of 2020

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Is Influencer The Most Trending Thing Now?

Hi Friends! Hope you had a great Christmas! This week I'm back with something that it was on my mind for a few weeks now. Do you have what it takes to be an influencer? Or all it is left are endorsements and your self image? For me, an influencer is someone who spread positivity.… Continue reading Is Influencer The Most Trending Thing Now?

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Why I prefer my 30s over my 20’s

Why I prefer my 30s? I'm much wiser and careless about what other people think of me. My 20’s ended about five years ago and I’m finally ready to talk about it and go through a little reflection. Maybe because I lived through half of my 30’s already, I feel like an old wise aunt,… Continue reading Why I prefer my 30s over my 20’s

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Gratitude list for 2020

Even this nightmare of a year deservers some credit. December is almost over, with that, a new year fresh of new promises and ideas. It feels like I’m in a sort of sleep paralysis, where I know I’m awake, yet I can’t move. Like the rest of us, being stuck at home, without having any… Continue reading Gratitude list for 2020