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Abuela Madrigal is Toxic. And we need to talk about Bruno.

*This is not a movie review, nor a psychology lesson. Read it at your own risk. Contain Spoilers. 

Gio Luna’s art – Image retrieved from Pinterest

Disney strike again. No mercy. They hit first and you spend the next year talking about a cartoon, singing the songs, and quoting the lines of the movie. My husband and I don’t have kids, and yet we watched Encanto two times this week. The songs are so very catchy.

Colombia te quiero tanto!

The movie talks about Maribel and her family Madrigal, the location this time in Colombia. A tragedy happened and Abuela was given a miracle in form of a house, which is almost the main character. A magical house with an important part in keeping the family together. As it gives every family member special powers, to keep the Encanto between the walls and each other. Spoiler alert – except Maribel.

During the first scene of the movie, Mirabel is singing about Familia Madrigal, she presents the family powers, like her sisters, cousins, aunt, uncles until she says “Bruno” being reprehended with “With don’t talk about Bruno”. She moves on with her song and the kids, who are listening to her, start asking what is her special power.

Ignoring your problems is a way to go.

Mirabel keeps pretending she is not listening, while the little boy with coffee goes crazy. The song is so upbeat and the scene so colorful, which makes you want to dance. Later that day, we find out why they were all getting ready and the house ready. Her little cousin will find out what powers he will have, and he is terrified of ending up like Maribel since she was the last one to be gifted with nothing.

A very emotional flashback scene showed us what happened that night. Mirabel didn’t get any special gifts and her door vanished. So abuelita started to treat her differently.

We all got gifts, but you are just an ordinary girl.

From this particular scene where the little boy is gifted the power of listening to animals, Mirabel finally catches all the feelings of not being perfect and having any abuela’s approval, whatsoever. She is the outcast, the random one, and the one who doesn’t seem to matter in abuela’s eyes.

What Mirable represents until now is a crack in the perfect house. The crack that might break the Encanto. So Grandma becomes very snappy with her, without seeing what Mirable is going through. No mercy.

The house cracks because of Abuela’s toxicity.

Disney is notorious for making us look at our own life while watching the movies and relating in many different forms. It’s no different with Encanto. The Latino culture representativeness in this movie is very real.

The toxicity of the older generations, which require us some level of perfection, tend to blame the younger relatives for not succeeding and push them over the limit of existence. Our culture always shows us that we have to be perfect in our family’s eyes, otherwise, we are going to end up like Bruno.

If you are Latino and you were never compared to some distant cousin, because they seem to have their lives together and you don’t, you are lucky. We are constantly overshadowed by someone that does it better when you just want to live your life without other relatives’ expectations of you.

It’s your life, make the most of it. Get out of the bubble of expectations about you

So what if you want to go to Cosmetology school and your cousin is going to be a doctor? Have you ever asked if deep down inside that’s something that she is passionate about, or if she is just doing because society and family things this is some type of status? We have a lot of that in Brazil.

I decided very early I wanted to leave my country. One, I wanted to go to Hollywood and be a child bride to Leo Dicaprio. Two at a very early age, I had to learn about expectations. I was not good at anything, except writing. I was not good with science, physics, or math.

I was terrible at school and my only way out to succeed in life was to escape my country. If I’m going to fail in life, at least no one will see it and yell about my mistakes in my face. I left because I didn’t feel like being judged about my choices and being made fun of. Much like Bruno, I had to find a way to live my life without judgment and meanness.

Abuela sent her own son to exile.

Abuela Madrigal made her point to exclude Bruno because she was scared that he would break the Encanto, as everything he was predicting was becoming true on different occasions, and they were not good things. So when the same thing starts to happen with Mirable, she freaks out.

Abuela has this protection for the house, she is so afraid to lose it, that she ditches people when they don’t turn out as she expects. Understandably, her whole life revolves around that house, to the point of excluding her son, for being afraid of losing the Encanto.

We have to talk about Bruno.

When we are finally introduced to Bruno, we start to realize what the heck happened for him to be exiled. By Abuela. Bruno seems to be ok where he is now because he also doesn’t want to disappoint his family, so he finds a way to be around, but not present.

He then explains to Maribel what happened and what needs to be done to fix the cracks in the house. Mirable goes after what he said, but the house still crumbles. So Abuela Madrigal, falling apart, in tears, finally reveals why she has been toxic this entire time.

It’s nobody’s fault what happened to you, Abuela, be nice.

She lost everything and she was afraid of losing it again, she was given a miracle and she wanted to keep it. Then finally realizes why she has been so snappy and like almost any matriarch from a Latino household, controlling and obsessive with something she won’t possibly be able to fix.

Giving her undivided attention and preaching to people that goes with what she is saying. With all that, we also have Mirabel’s older sisters, Luiza and Isabel. Luiza has the gift of being stronger and Isabel has the gift of beautiful flowers or perfection.

Abuela loves it and wants her to get married, in an arranged married, by Abuela. Isabel buys the idea, but then we see she is also not happy, she struggles to be perfect. She just doesn’t want to disappoint the matriarch and end up like Bruno. Luiza thinks her only worth is to be strong and help the family. She also struggles when she starts to lose her gift.

What you see is not always what you get.

The entire movie is based on the premise of “what you see is what you get”, when it isn’t. Some people live throughout their entire lives afraid of disappointing people, afraid of being judged by their choices, agreeing to be submissive just to get by.

A perfect house foundation crumbles when is all a facade. We all struggle with something, we all like to be better at something or to showcase our talents without being judged. We already have the internet and Twitter for that Abuela, you need to be a haven, not make it worse.

My family throws shade at me for different reasons.

I don’t have any siblings, so I cannot relate to the movie on this level, but I do face the guilt-tripping from my mom does for the fact that I’m the only daughter and I’m there to be by her side as she gets older.

This is my burden. Not being around my parents as they get older. My mom always throws some shades at me and tells me she wishes she had someone to go with her to doctor appointments.

It’s a movie for kids, but the main theme is not. It’s for grownups for sure. Kids will like the music and the colors, adults will cry and question why is Abuela so toxica and they are never good enough.

Let me know in the comments if you watched the movie and how can relate to it.

Happy New Year!

Stay healthy, stay safe.

Twitter Vs Mental Health.

Being away from Twitter was great.

Great for my mental health and to focus on different things. It was hard on my blog. Twitter is the way I have to promote my blog post, get the engagement, as it is to comment on other bloggers’ posts. It was a necessary break because I have never seen so many people wishing on other people’s death, as the vaccinated wish on the people who don’t want to get the vaccine.

My mind can’t wrap around so much bad energy

Emanating from people who in most cases pass as great people, caring about others. I’m not going into the vaccine matter,  full disclosure I’m fully vaccinated indeed.

Just look around and see if you are one of these people wishing people to be dead for their choices. That’s borderline evil.

It’s totally fine to have your own opinion, but when you start to wish people to be sick and suffocated because of their decision, to validate yours, it’s time to look inside of what news you’ve been feed.

Time away from Twitter made me realize that there is more life and not everything is as bad as it looks. From society’s point of view, if you’ve been fed anger and destruction on your timeline, you may cave in and start to think your life is derailing, and certain people don’t matter.

It’s just the algorithm pushing the same time of content over and over until you can no longer get out of the bubble. That’s why the more you consume certain types of news, the more specific your timeline will get.

I drive the algorithm crazy.

We are all in the Matrix.

As I’m an immigrant, I don’t have a political side or a vaccine side, so I’m constantly navigating between the news, from the mainstream media and the independent media.

I like to see the disparity between the outlets that are being sponsored by pharmaceutical organizations to tell the masses what they want to and the independent media, that just want to inform us what is real. I don’t pick sides, I like to get my conclusions based on what I learned and researched. I do believe in science, I don’t believe in brainwashing.

Twitter is not for everyone.

Everyone on that platform has a weird way of interacting with each other. There is no need to be friends.

You might have never even been friends with that person in real life, you have probably never seen the person prior, and yet, you are ready to shout out your opinion and be extremely rude. Because your opinion needs to be seen as someone caring about what you say. Truth to be told, no one does.

I think Twitter works like this: It’s like you are in the line of the supermarket to pay for your groceries, you hear a conversation about the vaccine from two people ahead of you, and you jump next to them and yell they need to die because they didn’t get the vaccine, call them stupid and wish their entire family to die.

Would you do that in real life? Like face to face? Or would you just ignore those people and move on with your day? Some people are doing that on social media.

I’m sick and tired of this tyranny and entitlement. 

Being away from Twitter gave me peace of mind. Yes, it messed up with my blog traffic, as I don’t have a huge following, and that’s still the only platform that works for sharing. Instagram has a different purpose altogether. It’s mostly about sponsored content. I’m sick of that too.

There is also a big portion of Twitter folks to ask random questions and get some type of engagement.

Questions like “how many Christmas ornaments do you have on your tree?” get more answers than when you ask about your blogging issues or writing issues.

I started using the platform when I started watching the 90-day fiancee on TLC and following the hashtag to comment on the show. After a few seasons, the show got stuck on the same storyline and multiple spin-offs and I stopped watching it. And so did my enjoyment of Twitter.

Very quickly, I learned during the elections to mute some words, and unfollow some extremists, from both political sides. Right after that, amidst the chaos of the presidency, the pandemic came along and twitter became a battlefield.

It doesn’t feel good on the brain to feed yourself of other people’s cathartic opinions. You would walk away if a family member would do that to you in congregations, what would you engage with a completely useless stranger on social media? It makes no sense. So I quit for November/December to see how I would feel. Amazing. I felt amazing. I wish my blog didn’t depend on it.

Twitter is the easiest way to promote the blog.

We have some accounts that only purpose is sharing other bloggers’ content. If I have any traffic on this blog, I thank those accounts. Is very practical to be able to comment and share other people’s content you find interesting, as being able to follow their blogs. But that’s all I want to do on that platform.

I’m going to block some other words and move on from being alienated from other people’s opinions. Repeat after me: The opinion of that internet random person is not worth my time or my mental health.

In 2022 I’m once again prioritizing my mental health and what makes me happy. I’m not going to make any plans though, I’m still trying to accomplish plans from 2020. Say Hey, if you going through the same.

Let me know in the comments which accounts you follow on Twitter to increase your blog traffic and what blogs do you like the most, so I can follow them too.


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The Facebook Debacle

What would I tell the 21 years old me. Advice from the vault.

A couple of weeks ago, I started working in a Brazilian steakhouse, close to my house. I went there for lunch and they offered me a job. The manager told me they needed another manager and with my experience in restaurants, I could do the job. He called me the next day and offered me the hostess position. According to him “You will need to know the other employees first, so they don’t get frustrated with the new manager.” I accepted the hostess position. They just hired a new manager. 

Was I tripping? No, because we had the interview in Portuguese, so I can’t even use the excuse of being lost in translation. They just allured me into getting a job, to get a better position later, that won’t probably happen. So here I’m, 36 years old, working again as a hostess. 

For little to no money. It’s all good. I’m working with some 20 something years old, and I feel like I have a lot to teach and share my wisdom *insert sarcasm*. I think I do have some life experience that’s worth sharing, and the best part is, they listen to me. At least I think they do. 

So here is some of what I’ve been telling them. Some things which I would love that someone would have told me when I was 21. 

Arraial do Cabo – Rio de Janeiro – Sorry about the 2008 Camera Resolution.

Don’t jump into College so fast.

I started college when I was 19, almost 20, and I still drag thinking about what could I have done differently, if I had waited just a little longer. Tourism and Hospitality Management is a vague degree, that you normally don’t need to work in hotels and restaurants. I had friends who took journalism, New Media classes and went to Culinary schools, who don’t work with that anymore, in their 30’s. They all followed their heart at some point and decided to do what made them happy, instead of what society expected from them. 

It’s ok if you don’t have money.

Don’t get 70 hour work weeks and be exhausted to enjoy the time of your life, because you need to catch up with all the bills. Be broke, accept some help if someone offers. Help comes in different forms.

Maybe the help is staying in an apartment for free, when they don’t live there, like a housekeeper. Or some food donations from friends, when you have zero money. Make sure to befriend a chef, they are the ones who can feed you, because they always cook too much. It’s ok to struggle in your 20’s. I’m not talking about the kids whose parents are rich and yet they pretend to suffer when the only suffering is to check their bank account for allowance. 

I’m talking about the chicken noodle ramen folks. You know who you are.  

He/She might not be the love of your life, and it’s ok to admit it. 

Life will move on and so does you. They need to feel loved and validated is real and at some point, we all feel like we are going to die if the person doesn’t reciprocate the love. It’s a dead-end zone. Don’t give someone exclusive attention, if the feeling is not mutual.

It’s almost guaranteed you are going to crash at some point. Some people just do that to feed their ego and you are their unlimited amount of coins. You just have to hit your head on the brick a few times, and they get the coins.

Some people just like to allure you into their world, like nothing else matters, only to make themselves feel validated. Make plenty of mistakes, learn from them and move on. Or be like Taylor Swift who wrote a 10-minute song and profit from heartbreak. Something gotta give. 

Don’t let people dictate how you should behave. 

“Oh, look how crazy she is.” I’ve heard that plenty of times when I was just being as happy as I could be. I didn’t need anyone’s validation and tagging me like the crazy one was their easiest way to bring me down. As you start taming yourself because your loud mouth is not accepted by some members of society. People are usually led by church believes. Bless your heart, honey. Be loud, be crazy, laugh, and make memories. Those shameful folks are always going to judge you, no matter how you behave, so might as well have fun. 

First time seeing snow in 2007- North Carolina

Travel. As much as you can and as far as you can. 

I remember being in my early 20’s, visiting different places and staying at hostels. Hostels are shared accommodation, very popular in Europe, where the type of hotel was originated. You have CoEd rooms or Male and Female dorms, usually with bunkbeds. It gives you a sense of respect and freedom, and if you are traveling alone like was my case most of the time, you can make friends and meet people from all over the world.

In most of the hostels, you have a communal kitchen, a shared living room, and sometimes a bar, as they had at the one I stayed in Perth, Australia. They offered breakfast in the morning and became a bar at night. 

While young and broke, visiting coastal cities in Rio, I had the chance to figure out what I love doing. Photography and travel to new and not-so-popular places. One of my biggest dreams at that time was to backpack around Europe. 

I even bought the guide and the backpack itself, but I couldn’t afford to go. I wish someone would have told me to take a risk and go anyway. That’s why I say, if you are broke, go broke. Sleep in a hostel, have one meal a deal, make friends, check out less touristic places, eat like a local. Make memories. Work abroad. 

The only time I visited NYC, in 2007. Stayed in a hostel, had 1 meal a deal, +coffee. I was utterly alone in the city. Asking for strangers to take pictures. Other tourists, cause new yorkers don’t stop for you.

If money is a real problem, work abroad. 

If I remember correctly, Europe has a type of visa called a Holiday Visa, which allows European citizens to work and travel around Australia for up to two years. And that’s how most of the people I met from Europe were doing in Australia. For some other people, you have to get a working visa and pay some agency fees, but you can get it back with your work in that country. You need that first investment though, but after that, you can make it. It’s all about taking chances. I did. 

Before becoming a permanent resident in the States, I came over two times on a J1 type of visa, that allowed me to work for a few months at a time, like in Ski Resorts and restaurants, during the winter season. I also went to Australia, on the same type of visa, to work for a year. Remember you can always volunteer, research what type of temporary visa the country you are interested in has and explore all the options. Not saying this is only a 20’s something thing to do, it’s because it’s much easier when you are younger. 

When you have some baggage, you are not as free as you were at some point. You are more cautious. 

I have this conversation with my coworkers and I feel like I’m their Mr. Myagi. Go ahead Hostess-San, be wise and live your life. Take chances. Giving some advice to the novice makes me want to stay in that place just for that purpose. My ego. 

See you next week, weather permitting.




What is your comfort zone and how to get out of it. Or at least try to.

Why does everyone looks so cool and savvy online when I’m 36, feeling inadequate like I’m constantly having an out-of-body experience. My soul flying, like a kite, shaking and moving without steadiness. Feels like I’m not going anywhere, I’m just there wiggling on the wind.

Where does this feeling of inadequacy come from?

I guarantee I’m not the only one and it is not because I’m an immigrant either. I have friends from all over the place that feels the same way. We all feel like a hamster in the wheel, running to get nowhere, making money for someone else. Putting all of our passions aside because we first have to make a living, and we can’t afford to drop everything to invest in whatever we want to do.


For most of us, what we really like to do, we tend to keep a hobby. Either because we don’t think we are going to make any money with it, or in my case, I feel like I would destroy the only thing that makes me truly happy. I’ve been passionate about photography for over 17 years now. I never had the courage to make it into a career.

I’m too scared to be criticized for something I’m so devoted to. It’s like my writing.

I love writing, but instead of trying to pursue something with it, I’m still keeping it to myself because I’m too scared about what others are going to think of my stories, or if my character’s arc is according to the industry standards among other things. So I stay in my comfort zone. Writing on this blog.

What is your comfort zone?

Mine is working in hotels and restaurants. I’ve been doing it for so long, that it’s just a matter of days to be familiar with the new place and then I’m bored again. I feel compelled to try something else, but I always end up in the same spot over and over.


I know that kind of job will give me the most secure of all because it’s something I dominate and like a robot, you just program it and let it do its stuff. The security comes from not needing to learn anything new, and with that avoid criticism of being a newbie.

It shouldn’t be like that, but we are all humans and we tend to not want to make drastic changes unless we need to.

Taking risks is not for everyone.

The biggest risk I’ve ever taken in my life was moving to America to take English classes and not coming back to my home country. I had it all planned, but the way it unfolded still shocks me to my core. Actually moving to America was not too risky, what was really risky was moving to Georgia.Without having proper documentation.

me and my Kodak camera in 2007

I guess that’s why I’m in my comfort zone now, because all the happened over there, made me not want to take any other risk in my life. Like zero new adventures.

Living those 4 years in Georgia, made me create a cocoon. The reverse butterfly effect, where the butterfly grows out of the cocoon, I got back in. Have you ever had such a traumatic experience that shake your entire core and made you the most skeptical person to the day?

Mine was a series of things happening, in my restaurant career and my personal life, that made me see the worst in people, for way too long.

My comfort zone makes me look like I’m not doing enough to be wherever I aim to be.

It always feels like I’m not working enough, networking enough, sharing enough. I keep questioning myself on how can I do it better, or what would I have to do to not be so passive with my life anymore.

Can I have an exciting life, where I can showcase my travels, my achievements, my new career development? The comfort zone is keeping me where I need it to be, for right now.

I want to take a step further, but also, life is not a competition.

I’m not here to compete with anybody. Even though it seems like that’s all we are doing at this time and date.

Westminster Train Station

I guarantee you that you also have something you’d like to showcase, as something that you are really proud of, that something is holding you back. That’s where it lays your comfort zone, my friend.

A place where you know all your coworkers, all your friends are the same friends you have always seen, the same places you go to. There is nothing new to try. You are to accommodate to take a step further. The unknown is scary and who you might find there too.

This blog is an example of me stepping out of my comfort zone of working in hotels and restaurants. I come over here, every other week, to write a post about something that I’m feeling, and would like to share my experience about navigating life as an immigrant.

I don’t care if I have a lot of views or even if my blog hit the stats that I hope for. I write because it’s something that I feel like I need to do, in order to feel accomplished.

It’s my personal share of success.

That’s the only thing that makes me navigate life without feeling like a robot owned by a corporation, who pays me a little bit over a minimum wage and drowns my hopes and dreams. I need my comfort zone to be where I enjoy also to be.

What works for me is been taking small steps and making reasonable lists that I can accomplish. Out of my comfort zone. I’m also working on the depths of why I’m stuck in this position and how can I venture outside.

Does the comfort zone also have some to deal with anxiety?

I read an Instagram post about it the other day and it made me reflect on why my comfort zone is attached to my anxiety and ability to get my projects to move forward? If any psychologists are reading this, let me know if I’m thinking correctly.

Please let me know in the comments what is your comfort zone and what’s keeping you there? Are you afraid of trying, fearing something might derail you from what you are used to, or the unexpected reaction of complete strangers online?

Maybe both.

Stay healthy, stay well.

Writing Contest and the Creative Bankruptcy


Do you know when you have the perfect writing piece in your head, just right before falling asleep? At that moment, when you have a great idea and it seems like your blog post planned for the next morning is ready in your mind and when you wake it vanishes? That happened to me last night.

I woke up this morning and nothing came to mind about the post, except a few eloquent words that surprised even me. The only thing I remember from before falling asleep was the term “Creative Bankruptcy”. Stay with me a little longer and see if what I’m thinking about it makes sense.

Creative Bankruptcy

Have you ever participated in one of the Writing contests across different platforms? I did and after much thinking about it, I concluded that it all might be a scam to seed ideas. Have you ever thought that the paid ones, you might be paying someone with more influence than you, to steal your ideas and present them as like it was theirs?


I’ve seen some people complaining on Twitter, and I don’t mean the random kid in a basement in Ohio, who writes about robots and zombies. I mean people that have some experience with the industry.

A few months ago, I read someone saying that they have been trying to pitch this script for a long time, only to find out, someone with more influence, just twerk some things on the plot and presented it as theirs.

Don’t pitch your ideas to random people

I was furious. That’s when I started to think about the Writing Contests and Creative Writing Schools, like Full Sail, that I graduated from a few years ago.

Full Sail has great teachers and very knowledgeable people. My only problem was with some of them who insisted that they had that type of influence in Hollywood.

That they could either find you a job or between the lines sell your ideas for their producer friend. Here is why I say that.

One of my Writing for TV teachers had worked in Hollywood for a great amount of time. He constantly said that he was one of the judges of the Emmy and he knew a lot of people. We get that. So in his class, we were given a few options to choose a TV show to write a spec script for, during the 4 weeks of class. My choice was Brooklyn 99.

Brooklyn 99 it is!

The show is amazing and if I had to dive in headfirst on something, for 4 weeks, it had to be something I’d enjoy watching. I started to study the characters, their story arc, why the series creator, writers, and producers had in mind when they created certain episodes.

I study it deeply. First, because I would love to be a tv writer, and second it was my chance to show I was good at something, for once.

After the first week’s assignment, I got a C-. When I asked him what was wrong, he simply told me “I know Dan, he is the show’s creator and he would never use that.”

The same teacher called me on the phone on a Thursday, to change the 3 acts completely. I had to skip work because that part of the assignment was due that Friday at midnight. I spent the entire day, exhaustingly working on it. I still got a C.

Maybe I was very in sync with the show, maybe my spec idea was passed on.

A few months forward when the new season of the show started some of the ideas I input on the spec was on the episode. Maybe I was very in sync with the show, maybe my spec was passed on. We might never know. I don’t think Full Sail will have control over that. No one has. We can have the same ideas, you might just be more prone to get it done than me. Or know the right people.

Last year when I participated in the Nickelodeon Writing contest I was pretty confident I was gonna place. I had to write a spec and an original comedy piece.

The spec I chose was Pen15, which was easier to write because I lived in the same era as the characters. The year 2000. Since I had two scripts to write in 4 weeks, I had to rush. It took me 3 weeks to write the Pen15 spec and 3 days to write my original since it was based on my life.

We can use your ideas, and you won’t have how to prove it was yours. Ever.

Once I had everything ready and before submitting the scripts, I had to sign a term, that I give Viacom all the rights, and any ideas they used that look like yours, are mere coincidence. What I understood was: We can use your ideas, and you won’t have how to prove it was yours. Ever. We have your release form.

Photo by Gabrielle Henderson on Unsplash 

That gave me chills on my spine. If you use my ideas, at least give me credit for it. Or pay me for a coffee. Something. Before hitting the submitting button, I paced around the house.

Pouring rain, with trees shaking with the wind and the power about to go out. I looked at the window and thought to myself “Maybe I will see this show with someone else’s name on it and pressed the submit button.

Doogie Howser MD.

Back in my writing school days, one of my first assignments was to write a spec or a new version of Doogie Howser MD. I wrote about Doogies Kids, who had the same intelligence as him, and they were twins, a boy, and a girl.

Fast forward a few years, Disney+ comes with a new version of the show. It aches my heart just to think that they might have received my spec and once again, their experience and influence, which I don’t have, made it better and sold the idea I created. Creative Writing School For the Entertainment Business sounds a bit sketchy by now.

I’m not saying by any means that someone stole my idea at school, but I wonder how many people from the same school or others, think about the possibility of that situation happening too.

That’s one of the reasons why I think these contests are what I call a Creative Bankrupt. A term I heard on youtube while a filmmaker was talking about the entertainment industry and how creativity is only to make money, and not for entertainment purposes anymore.

They will make the tones of money, while you were snatched with 70 dollars for your idea

My thoughts on that are: You have a great idea and you paid to be in a contest, they tell you you need to work on this and that (if you pay the higher fee, for feedback) and you might be giving this person an idea that it will make the tones of money, while you were snatched with 70 dollars.

Photo by Jeremy Yap on Unsplash

I’m not saying it’s not worth it. It depends on every person, I participated in the free ones, even though I learned to read the fine lines before submitting. Everyone should do as they wish. Contests are fun and they give you a good idea of timing to work on a project. But like everything else, it’s all about the money and business.

They don’t want to invest in projects they don’t know if they will ever get the money back. That’s why we also have an array of The Rock movies, Marvel, and 17 seasons of Grey’s anatomy. We always see the same people, movie after movie and tv shows that raised this new generation.

It’s always the same people, with the same movie over and over.

That’s why it is probably so hard to break into the industry. It’s been corrupted for God knows how long. I believe youtube is the best way to break in for creators. I’m putting all my eggs in that basket now.

You do all the hard work, to someone come and steal your idea. That’s rewarding.


It would be a great idea to start a spec script company to be used by upcoming filmmakers, like film students and film enthusiasts so everyone would have a chance to have the same opportunity to shine. It’s something I will have to develop still.

Please let me know in the comments if you think your ideas were used by some writing contest or some of your teachers passed your ideas along to someone with more influence in the industry.

Stay Healthy, Stay Sane.