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Things I don’t understand in America- Food Edition

Every year is the same when it comes to Thanksgiving. It’s usually me and Josh and every other year we either receive family for dinner, or we go munch in someone’s else house. This year we were alone again, in the Airbnb, we very limited space to cook. Well, I had limited space to cook, […]

Moving during the Corona Virus.

We decided to move away from Texas, amidst all the Corona Virus trouble. November flew by. I was not expecting to go that fast. I hoped it was going to be a quick month, as with all the move from Austin, while staying a whole month at the Airbnb, I expected the days to drag. […]

Tinker Bell drawing

Ten things I still don’t get as an immigrant in the USA.

Being an outsider always lets you to interest conversations about habits and cultures. I chose to live in America when I was very young. As Princess Diana said, she knew was going to be royalty when she was a kid, I knew I was going to move to the United States eventually. After 8 years […]

How being a terrible student turned me in a writer.

How being a terrible student made me hold on to my dreams and being true to myself. First let me say, I was a horrible student. Not my entire life, only after my parents broke up and my mom turned my world upside down when we moved to Rio. I was a good student when […]


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