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  • 90 day Fiancee Train Wreck- Part 2
     I swear 90-day fiancee is like being part of a cult. I will explain why. On Sundays, a great number of people gather on twitter with the hashtag 90-day fiancee, to discuss other people’s relationships and households. The show has a duration of two hours and after that, it comes 90-day fiancee- Pillow Talk, another […]
  • The train wreck that is 90 day Fiancee – Part 1
    Imagine yourself going on vacation to spend a few days with your girlfriends at the beach, soaking in the sun, drinking, enjoying your free time. When you get there, you meet a guy/girl, falls immediately in love with the stranger. You guys spend the next days in a romantic cloud before you leave back home […]
  • The reason behind this blog’s name.
    “Whenever you can tell a story and don’t feel any pain, you will know you are healed”                                                                               Author unknown. I always thought that the United States would be the best place in the world for me to live, so I decided that I was going to move here when was I was 12 years old. […]
  • Folklore is about us in quarantine
     Here it goes, I’m finally gonna write about what I have been putting aside. Like it or not, Taylor Swift was all of us during this quarantine and she expressed that on her new album, Folklore.  I listen to Taylor’s music since she released Love Story, in 2009, when she was still trying to figure […]
  • How does it feel to look for a job during the Pandemic.
    Truth to be told, you probably won’t get one. “- Content Writer and Creator- Intern*You must have 5 years of experience with SEO, Adobe Creative Cloud, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Google analytics.*3+ of Managing a team.*Web Copy and Sales Material*Graphic design it’s not required, but its a plus.*Must be bilingualWe offer based pay of 7.25 […]
  • The Reign of Cobra Kai
    About two weeks ago, I was looking for something to watch and the suggestion list was insisting on Cobra Kai. I skipped a couple of times, to watch something I had already watch a thousand times before, like Gilmore Girls, or Jane the Virgin. I wish I hadn’t skipped. My husband came home and we […]