Last week’s post was a bit sadder than I would like it to be. In all honesty, I live with all that I wrote and I manage my life well. I would not live anywhere else, or change anything except the President and his circus.

On the first of August, I sat down and brainstorm a few possible blog posts for this month. I wrote it on a post-it and stick on my planner. That was the easiest way for me to be organized with my blog posts and not having to come up with something different every week out of my imagination like I have been doing. I wrote four different subjects, one for each week, my only problem so far is that I keep moving the Taylor’s Swift new album post for another week, as I came up with something less neurotic to write. I want to write about Folklore, because the album is dark and intense, not very much Swifty. I pushed again for another week, and me being a Libra, that’s normal. I can’t make up my mind.

I understand if you don’t believe in astrological sign, its fine, but join me while I unveiled all the characteristics I’ve seen in people with the same birth month as me.

1- We are loyal

I’m loyal. If a person does me wrong, they have to make it bad for me to keep them away from me. I’m also a softy and not confrontational, I listen and try to understand. The only problem is when the moon shines on my neck and I become feisty. I don’t accept people mistreating others. Once Libras become a friend, we are friends for life. Unless you did me wrong or tried to be funny when I was suffering. I also have a very good what I call affection memory, I remember things you told me 20 years ago. So, if I’m weird with you, it’s probably because I’m ramming over something you said at some point. I’m loyal to my feelings too.

2 – Libras don’t let things go easily.

We are not revengeful, but we hold our poison on the corner of our mouth, for when the time is right. We accumulate experiences and pile up feelings, to one day become part of our very own show and let it all out at once. I’ve done it many times, especially with my family members, my husband too. He is also a Libra, but he tends to hold things better than I do. I feel like that man will implode any day of so much he holds on.

3- We are very dramatic people.

Exaggeration is the key. Leading everything in life with intensity, either good or bad, we learn a good drama from an early age. When things go bad, we make it sound really bad, we make it sound like there is no way out and we spin out of control for a few hours, until we calm down and find a solution. We are very theatrical. and dramatic.

4- We struggle to make decisions.

Remember what I said about the post-it with the blog arrangements and I’m constantly moving the Taylor Swift post for the next week? That’s what I meant. We can’t make a firm decision at first, Libras will always come up with second or 3rd options, a good example is the Canvas Graphic design website. There are so many options for designing blog posts, cards, Instagram ads, that all I do is to keep choosing new fonts, new colors and it takes me 3 hours to decide. We like this, but we also like that, and that one too, that one would work fine as it is and so on. It’s a constant nightmare. If you ask us a simple question like Muffins or Pancakes for breakfast we bug out like an old computer.

5 – Expectations.

We daydream about a lot of things. Some of us are called planners, some of us are called unstable, I call myself a free spirit. Since my dad was diagnosed with cancer in 2008 and we didn’t know what was going to happen, I decided I was only planning my life up to 6 months at a time. Explains a lot why I can never get a house or plan a trip to Japan, that would consume a lot of time. I also hold high expectations for simple things. For example, a few weeks in the quarantine, I got so excited to go to the grocery store, I almost couldn’t sleep. It looked like I was going to Disney. Walmart is the Disney of the White Trash Society Members. I checked my fridge, I made a list, I made space on the fridge. I made going to the grocery store a huge deal. Maybe because I was bored, or maybe because finally being outside of the house was the most positive thing on my day.

6- We are voyagers!

Yes, I’m quoting Moana. All the Libras I know like to take a chance in a different place, outside their comfort zone. We just pack our bags, throw a dart on the map and leave. No hard feelings. See you on the other side. Besides being attached to our families, we are focus enough to take chances and not always be in the same realm our entire lives.

7- Good listeners.

Everyone I know that it was born at the end of September to end of October is a hell of a good listener. We understand people and we sympathized with other people’s struggles. I care a lot about my friends and on the internet days, it’s hard to read between the lines, because people are easily faking a smile, a new outfit, or bragging about some accomplishment. Check on your friend to make sure it’s all real.

8- Great conversationalists.

I have always been the chatterbox of all the groups I’ve been in. From school, to work, to group projects, to family gatherings, I always have something to say. I also unroll the story I’m telling into 3 or 4 sub different stories, so you better keep up. That’s why I become a writer, it is hard for people to listen to me endlessly, so I share all my thoughts on a paper.

9 – A dark sense of humor.

Libras are creative creatures and we lighten up the room most of the time (when we are not in our dark place of drama). Other times we spill our acid sense of humor and a few times we are misinterpreted and get called out, sometimes we hurt people to their core. Because we love to talk most of our conversations end up in some sort of humongous crazy situation that happened to us at some point and we use that to enhance the story. We are always the Ugly Duckling. The misfit. Most of us also carry a burden inside who are never explained to anyone or talked loudly.

10- We are the creatives!

We sing we dance, we write and we are imaginative people. As a child, I loved telling all kinds of stories, playing endless hours with my Barbie, and creating fun plots. I had about 16 different dolls, meaning I had an entire cast to work with. On a psychology class I had during my writing for the entertainment business, the teacher stated that what you enjoyed playing most in your life could have possibly become your career. Kids who played a lot with Legos, grew up to be architect or engineers, kids who liked to play doctors, grew up to be in something the area of taking care of people. It makes all sense that playing with barbies led me to be passionate about writing scripts.

If you know someone that its a Libra and you recognize any of this traits please let me in the comments! All that I wrote is based on people I know, mostly for entertainment, and of course it varies depending on different aspects.

See you in a couple of days!


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