How does it feel to look for a job during the Pandemic.

Truth to be told, you probably won’t get one.

“- Content Writer and Creator- Intern
*You must have 5 years of experience with SEO, Adobe Creative Cloud, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, and Google analytics.
*3+ of Managing a team.
*Web Copy and Sales Material
*Graphic design it’s not required, but its a plus.
*Must be bilingual
We offer based pay of 7.25 as you starter salary and if you have a nice attitude and you are a goal-getter, you will be seen and get rewarded for it”

How is it to apply for jobs in the middle of a pandemic?

I feel old while looking for jobs. Like I’m still working with a typewriter. I wish.

This is a similar job offer for one of those million job websites around the internet, but I have seen plenty of websites requiring a huge amount of competencies for a job that you will probably be trained for if you get hired. I have been looking for a writing position, but I never have everything the companies are asking for. Are they asking for too much? Or am I never good enough to work somewhere other than a restaurant? Probably both.

This week I completed a year of graduation in Creative Writing for the Entertainment and I’m yet to find a position in my field. A server position or a Club Lounge Attendant, I can get it fast, a position in a company where I would have to think, plan and manage projects, I don’t.

I’m about 15 years behind in the market. What it leads me to believe that some people I know, most likely got the position they wanted because they either lied on their resume, or they put the one most important position they had their entire life. Honesty it’s not trending.

As soon as I got back from my graduation, last year, I started looking for writing positions on Indeed, Linkedin, and Upwork. I only got stressed out and feeling worthless, because besides not having the experience they wanted, English is my second language.

One day, while scrolling through job offers, I came around one that said “Native English speakers only.” I have just graduated in writing on a second language, a bachelor’s degree, never had failed any class, but I was still not good enough, because of the place I was born. I cried in desperation. Was that all in vain?

I cried because, until that point, I had enough confidence to finish my degree and had the same treatment as all my American peers during the classes. The teachers asked me the same amount of work, didn’t pat me in the head because I was born in a different country.

I was treated the same, as they couldn’t hear the accent coming from my essays. It was great because for the first time I was being treated like I belonged here and had hoped to get a better job other than being a server. At that point, it was like a bucket of cold water hit me in my face. I decided to quit that website for that moment.

I complain on Twitter and Upwork said they were not responsible for the job offers posted. So what are they responsible for? Getting a chunk of my money? So people don’t have guidelines about a job ad, they can say whatever they want and be as offensive as they want because the website is not responsible for it?

It sounds like its Facebook to me. I also try the career advisor from my school, which was not very useful as all the good jobs and internships are located in New York, Los Angeles, and even Florida. But never where you are. This is the kind of thing the school will never tell you when you are applying for the classes.

They will never tell you beforehand, that if you want to work on tv, you must move to LA, which is the only way to go. The teachers are going to wait until you are in the middle of your second year to tell you that you won’t probably get a job. Or if you are lucky to get a job they will want to pay 0.17 cents per word.

Chill. Just chill. Meditation is not required, but its a plus.

Coming back to the present days, I started to looking for a writer position or eventually freelancing to get some income. In the middle of the pandemic. That’s when I stumbled upon the most absurd job requirements. Now, Indeed says what it’s missing on your resume to apply for that position and it comes in red.

Not enough to have to constantly prove that I’m worth it and I’m good with an array of things, I have to deal with the fact that now they show what I’m not good at. What I’m lacking knowledge and experience. This anarchy of job searching websites needs to end. People get depressed with beautiful people on Instagram, I get depressed when I look for jobs on Linkedin.

Linkedin might have been useful for some CEO, the IT kid from California or for the guy who created Virgin Airlines. For the common peasant, that keeps trying to get a job to live, that site just brings you down. I never have seen people so successful and well in life, like I’ve seen it on Linkedin.

I have seen some peers from school move up in their careers in a space of 3 weeks. Good for them. I would move up fast too if I was my boss, with my own company. There is also the fact that too many life coaches are on the website trying to convince you that you should wake up at 4 AM if you want to win in life.

This mentality of manipulating society into what you think its the right way to live is so wrong. Stop guilt-tripping people because they are not as successful as you are when you were their age and don’t put this on a job post subconsciously.

I keep applying for jobs just so I can see what is out there. I feel more inclined and motivated to start my own business, where the only person I will need to prove competency is me. Its extremely disappointing to not be able to work on what you studied, because the companies want your heart and soul and want you based on nationality.

If I ever going to give any sweats to a project, will be my projects, that I can sleep through the night without the feeling of guilt of waking up before dawn.

I feel more capable than ever to start a freelancing company of my own or my food photography business. I’m almost sure that whatever I will end up doing, it will be something related to the food industry. I come into terms that I won’t run from it anymore. I will probably follow the steps of my favorite author, Sophie Kinsella.

All her stories are a girl from London, who got in trouble for a mistake she thinks is a bit thing. While fixing her bigger problem, she falls in love with a guy she thinks is out of her reach. How do I know all these premises? I read too many of her books.

Consistency is the key to success I think in a near future, I will write about cooking, chefs, and the food industry and take photos of the food. I don’t want to waste my time feeling like um undeserving of having a good job.

To finish, I also look not only for job in the creative writing field, I looked for jobs as an assistant store manager, receptionist, digital content coordinator and many others. My folder of options is open. I’m not being picky, they are.

Today is the 8 anniversary here in the United States and I’m off to celebrate with cake and balloons. See you on the next post!


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  1. I feel your pain on this 100%! Upwork always has jobs like “We need an expert writer that knows everything there is to know about blue crayons. The pay is $5 for 5000 words.” It’s such an insult to us and makes it so frustrating! Keep doing what you do though, you’re clearly a good writer. Loved this post.

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