Ladies and Gentleman a round of applause! I finished my Creative Writing for the Entertainment Business degree! After 29 months and a different class every four weeks, sometimes two, I managed to finish it on time.

The graduation ceremony was in Florida, where Full Sail University Campus is located. I took online classes and had never visited the school before. Let me tell you how much I loved it and how much I wanted to stay. Or better, how much I have rather taken the classes on campus.

When we first got there to the ceremony, there were a lot of different students, graduating from different degrees; Masters, Associates, and Bachelors like me. How we identify the degrees were by the colors on the graduation gown. After finding my group, it was time to find my online peers, who also flew in for the event; it was hard because most of us look completely different from the little avatar picture on the system. I had posted on the community board my decorated cap and that’s how the others found me. Out of a class of 20 something only a few of us could be there in person.

They lined us up by degree and our names were shown on screen. It was commotion to see al my teachers in person and they were all congratulating us. It was hard to remember their names, only “Kids Writing Teacher”, “Horror Teacher”, Portfolio Teacher, Dowhen e Susan. Yes, the teachers that were the most difficult ones, you won’t forget their names or their faces. Mr. Dowhen gave me 50 on my Brooklyn 99 Spec Script and I passed the class with a 70.3. Ouch. Susan said she wouldn’t check the short script format, I could only focused on the development of the story. I got 45, because, yes, she did check the format and mine had too many spaces in between. It was nerve-wracking, but she was the one who gave me the biggest hug at the end of the teacher’s line of recognition. Thank you, Susan. No hard feelings.

After the ceremony was over I talked to some peers outside, talked about plans with the teachers. This question always gets me, “What now?”. I haven’t thought about this until that point. I kinda know what I want to do, but I have to find a way to work where I live, which now is Chicago. I would love to be in LA, be glamorous, create my sketch show, but let’s be realistic, there are way too many people trying and I’m an immigrant. I would have to go around the block at least five times before I even get a simple job. I have no other reasons to believe the opposite. After a few photos, We went for a walk around the campus.

The Film parking lot of school is amazing if you thinking about going to film school, just do it. We also walked around inside of the production facilities, where some students were filming a scene on the set. Last, but not least, I ended up at Full Sail Library. The same one that I borrowed some books and had to send them a note apologizing for my book’s delayed’s return. It was a cute note and for some reason, I expected to be recognized. I wasn’t. I’m thinking I some type of library celebrity as I walk in, they know me. It happens here in Chicago too.

After that, my shoes started blistering my toes and we had to leave. I’m probably going back soon for some networking events. I still check my FSO constantly looking for grades and feedback. After two years and 8 months, it’s hard to let go.

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  1. Congratulations Joana! You have no idea how proud I am of you. You are incredibly talented and brave. You were able to concur a second language and earn a bachelors degree in writing in said second language. I’m glad that we met because you taught me how to open up and liven my stories. Thank you and screw Dowhen and Susan. I’m pretty sure I barely passed her class, and Dowhen gave me a 0 on my first assignment, but low and behold we overcame these obstacles and conquered our fears.

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