Abuela Madrigal is Toxic. And we need to talk about Bruno.

*This is not a movie review, nor a psychology lesson. Read it at your own risk. Contain Spoilers. 

Gio Luna’s art – Image retrieved from Pinterest

Disney strike again. No mercy. They hit first and you spend the next year talking about a cartoon, singing the songs, and quoting the lines of the movie. My husband and I don’t have kids, and yet we watched Encanto two times this week. The songs are so very catchy.

Colombia te quiero tanto!

The movie talks about Maribel and her family Madrigal, the location this time in Colombia. A tragedy happened and Abuela was given a miracle in form of a house, which is almost the main character. A magical house with an important part in keeping the family together. As it gives every family member special powers, to keep the Encanto between the walls and each other. Spoiler alert – except Maribel.

During the first scene of the movie, Mirabel is singing about Familia Madrigal, she presents the family powers, like her sisters, cousins, aunt, uncles until she says “Bruno” being reprehended with “With don’t talk about Bruno”. She moves on with her song and the kids, who are listening to her, start asking what is her special power.

Ignoring your problems is a way to go.

Mirabel keeps pretending she is not listening, while the little boy with coffee goes crazy. The song is so upbeat and the scene so colorful, which makes you want to dance. Later that day, we find out why they were all getting ready and the house ready. Her little cousin will find out what powers he will have, and he is terrified of ending up like Maribel since she was the last one to be gifted with nothing.

A very emotional flashback scene showed us what happened that night. Mirabel didn’t get any special gifts and her door vanished. So abuelita started to treat her differently.

We all got gifts, but you are just an ordinary girl.

From this particular scene where the little boy is gifted the power of listening to animals, Mirabel finally catches all the feelings of not being perfect and having any abuela’s approval, whatsoever. She is the outcast, the random one, and the one who doesn’t seem to matter in abuela’s eyes.

What Mirable represents until now is a crack in the perfect house. The crack that might break the Encanto. So Grandma becomes very snappy with her, without seeing what Mirable is going through. No mercy.

The house cracks because of Abuela’s toxicity.

Disney is notorious for making us look at our own life while watching the movies and relating in many different forms. It’s no different with Encanto. The Latino culture representativeness in this movie is very real.

The toxicity of the older generations, which require us some level of perfection, tend to blame the younger relatives for not succeeding and push them over the limit of existence. Our culture always shows us that we have to be perfect in our family’s eyes, otherwise, we are going to end up like Bruno.

If you are Latino and you were never compared to some distant cousin, because they seem to have their lives together and you don’t, you are lucky. We are constantly overshadowed by someone that does it better when you just want to live your life without other relatives’ expectations of you.

It’s your life, make the most of it. Get out of the bubble of expectations about you

So what if you want to go to Cosmetology school and your cousin is going to be a doctor? Have you ever asked if deep down inside that’s something that she is passionate about, or if she is just doing because society and family things this is some type of status? We have a lot of that in Brazil.

I decided very early I wanted to leave my country. One, I wanted to go to Hollywood and be a child bride to Leo Dicaprio. Two at a very early age, I had to learn about expectations. I was not good at anything, except writing. I was not good with science, physics, or math.

I was terrible at school and my only way out to succeed in life was to escape my country. If I’m going to fail in life, at least no one will see it and yell about my mistakes in my face. I left because I didn’t feel like being judged about my choices and being made fun of. Much like Bruno, I had to find a way to live my life without judgment and meanness.

Abuela sent her own son to exile.

Abuela Madrigal made her point to exclude Bruno because she was scared that he would break the Encanto, as everything he was predicting was becoming true on different occasions, and they were not good things. So when the same thing starts to happen with Mirable, she freaks out.

Abuela has this protection for the house, she is so afraid to lose it, that she ditches people when they don’t turn out as she expects. Understandably, her whole life revolves around that house, to the point of excluding her son, for being afraid of losing the Encanto.

We have to talk about Bruno.

When we are finally introduced to Bruno, we start to realize what the heck happened for him to be exiled. By Abuela. Bruno seems to be ok where he is now because he also doesn’t want to disappoint his family, so he finds a way to be around, but not present.

He then explains to Maribel what happened and what needs to be done to fix the cracks in the house. Mirable goes after what he said, but the house still crumbles. So Abuela Madrigal, falling apart, in tears, finally reveals why she has been toxic this entire time.

It’s nobody’s fault what happened to you, Abuela, be nice.

She lost everything and she was afraid of losing it again, she was given a miracle and she wanted to keep it. Then finally realizes why she has been so snappy and like almost any matriarch from a Latino household, controlling and obsessive with something she won’t possibly be able to fix.

Giving her undivided attention and preaching to people that goes with what she is saying. With all that, we also have Mirabel’s older sisters, Luiza and Isabel. Luiza has the gift of being stronger and Isabel has the gift of beautiful flowers or perfection.

Abuela loves it and wants her to get married, in an arranged married, by Abuela. Isabel buys the idea, but then we see she is also not happy, she struggles to be perfect. She just doesn’t want to disappoint the matriarch and end up like Bruno. Luiza thinks her only worth is to be strong and help the family. She also struggles when she starts to lose her gift.

What you see is not always what you get.

The entire movie is based on the premise of “what you see is what you get”, when it isn’t. Some people live throughout their entire lives afraid of disappointing people, afraid of being judged by their choices, agreeing to be submissive just to get by.

A perfect house foundation crumbles when is all a facade. We all struggle with something, we all like to be better at something or to showcase our talents without being judged. We already have the internet and Twitter for that Abuela, you need to be a haven, not make it worse.

My family throws shade at me for different reasons.

I don’t have any siblings, so I cannot relate to the movie on this level, but I do face the guilt-tripping from my mom does for the fact that I’m the only daughter and I’m there to be by her side as she gets older.

This is my burden. Not being around my parents as they get older. My mom always throws some shades at me and tells me she wishes she had someone to go with her to doctor appointments.

It’s a movie for kids, but the main theme is not. It’s for grownups for sure. Kids will like the music and the colors, adults will cry and question why is Abuela so toxica and they are never good enough.

Let me know in the comments if you watched the movie and how can relate to it.

Happy New Year!

Stay healthy, stay safe.

Old SitComs that inspired me to study ScreenWriting

The SitComs that made me want to be a TV writer and how my American dreams were builded as those stories represented America for me at that time.

I’m absolutely a sucker for American Situation Comedies, the Sitcoms. Back in 2002, when we first got cable on TV, I used to spend hours and hours, just enjoying my time with the shows and trying to understand the jokes.

I loved my TV so much, I got to retake my second year of High School, because instead of studying, I watched tv endlessly.  The “Canned Goods” type of Sitcom, as my mom used to say. What she meant was the comedy shows that had all the same format, and the laughs at the end of each joke.

At that time, I had just started English Classes. Years later, when I applied for Creative Writing School, that’s what I intended to learn, how to write scripts and develop a show was always on my mind. 

On Creative Writing For the Entertainment Bussiness, at Full Sail University, we had two classes on Writing for TV, and on the first one, the teacher asked us, what we would like to write. We had two choices: Drama, which is about 60 minutes, or Comedy, which is about 30 minutes.

The first thing we learned was 1 minute on screen is equivalent to 1 page of the script. So I had no doubts I would choose Comedy for an array of different reasons. 

First, I watched plenty of Multi-Camera shows my entire life, and I still do. Second, all the shows are based on the same premises. It’s either a family, a group of friends, a workplace environment, a school/college. It’s easier to develop something you are familiar with.

The teacher gave us a few options to write a spec script, based on a show that was on the air, and my choice was Brooklyn 99. Even though it’s not multi-camera, it falls in all the comedy categories.

TV writing or Web series writing is what I enjoy doing, besides the writing for tv classes being very demanding; when I visited New York Film Academy Film School, I understood why. It’s all business. They will crush your ideas and dreams to make it profitable for them.  

Years and years of watching the same type of show gave me some type of comfort and authority when I talk about it. When I decided to write this post, I knew, on the top of my head, the shows that I wanted to write about. One thing I realize after quickly coming up with the list, is all the shows have almost the same premises. The broken American Dream, lived by Americans itself. I never understood because all I could see was how good those characters had. 

These shows are also older, your chances to remember them are greater if you are over 30. 

According to Jim (2001-2009) 

Jim Belushi as a nonchalant dad was really on point. Jim is a suburban dad and raises a family in a Chicago suburb. “According to Jim”, is also based on family structure and it was on air for 8 seasons from 2001 to 2007. Married to Cheryl, Jim, and has to deal also with her two chaotic siblings Dana and Andy. Who are always there to plot something against him. As the show developed its season, we see the older girl, Ruby becoming a teen, the dialogues between her and Jim are sharp. As in the scenes between Gracie and her uncle Andy. 

That was one of the first sitcoms I’ve ever watched, until that point it was all Friends and Full House reruns.

Gilmore Girls (2001- 2007) 

I’m not crying, you crying.

Definitely not a SitCom, but a show that wroth sharing. Rory’s passions for books, Lorelai references for all the pop culture, and the idea that love conquers all, as long as you have each other. I’ve been watching Gilmore Girls since 2002, and yes, I’m team, Jess. This is the kind of show that even nothing happens on the episode, I’d still watch it. The characters are so compelling that you could just watch the dialogue unfolds without thinking about what’s next. I learned at writing school, that you don’t need to show much information on the characters, more is less. You just have to show a good and dynamic dialogue. Make the audience participate like a friend, who is watching but can’t be heard. 

Everybody Loves Raymond (1996-2005)

My mother in law said she didn’t want glasses like mine, because she didn’t want to look like a Witch. 🧐 I wish I was kidding.

The show is really funny, but then you realize you are living it, it kinds messes you up. Ray’s overprotective mom, Marie, who lives across the street, the dad who seems to be living on a planet of his own, a dumb brother, and Ray’s wife, Debra, in the middle of all that. The show is hilarious and shows these family problems that we try get over it, but most of the time, we just have to deal with them.  

8 simple rules (for dating my teenage daughter) (2002-2005)

A dad and his teenage daughters, navigating the nuances of having to deal with all the discoveries and all the drama that goes inside of the house, during those years. Kayle Cuoco’s Bridget, give me the idea of the spoiled American teenager, full of privileges. While her sister was the Ugly Duckling.

The actor who played the dad, John Ritter, died at the beginning of the second season, of a heart attack and after that, they couldn’t go much further with the story. The show ended at the end of the third season, after recasting David Spade as the cousin and Cate’s dad, played by James Garner. I don’t think I finished watching the last season, because in Brazil, sometimes the tv cable didn’t buy it to be exhibit there.  

Grounded for Life (2001-2005)

Again, a show about an American family, who had kids at a young age, and struggle to raise them. Watching it in Brazil, I saw them having a great life. I rather am poor in America than in my own country. The show had a typical American family, that balance it off each other, has a sneaky and hilarious older daughter, creating all the storyline for the show.

How young parents, raise kids with the help of other family members. The uncle, the grandpa, and the neighbors. I will never forget the episode where Lily, the daughter, found some herbs and thought it was weed. She smokes it while her parents worry, watching her thinking she is getting high when she is smoking basil.  

Jane The Virgin (2014-2019)

The most inspiring Latinxs tv show from the past years. They broke barriers, and Gina Rodrigues gave Jane the most authentic Latina character I’ve ever seen. We usually see the Latino community represented in a specific way, always with certain mannerisms and cliche acting. Jane the Virgin just shows us that it’s possible to write those characters without being derogatory.

The undocumented immigrant grandma, Jane’s mom Xiomara and Jane, who through all the chapters showed how to find love, keep the love, lose the love, while trying to find ways to make it on a writing career. The show episodes are told in Chapter, like a Novella, adding absurdity, dramatic flashbacks, and montages. Rogerio, Jane’s father as the eccentric telenovela superstar.

When Abuelita told her story and why she remained undocumented after all those years, I cried. It hits too close to home. 

American family structured and how it was portrayed

I guess what I was missing while watching all those shows was family structure. That’s probably why I got obsessed with it. Not until much later, TV started showing different families, and what they are consisted of. In my teenage years, my mom and my dad were broken up and my dad lived in a different State. My aunt lived with me and my mom, so she could help to raise me, and with the bills. My family structure was different. 

Do you have an old show that you keep coming back to? Let me know in the comments what influenced your writing style!

Stay cool! Stay healthy!


Captain Sandy for President

First of all : Justice for Kiko!

 We are just a few days away from the election and the new season of Below Deck, the original one. I’m gonna go straight to the point and say that Captain Sandy should run for president. In the next few paragraphs, I will campaign for her and explain why she is a great candidate.  

One random Saturday morning, I woke up with nothing to watch on Netflix, because let’s be honest, the streaming app is letting many of down lately. As I had my coffee, I landed on Bravo, where they were having a Below Deck Med marathon.

I believe the last episode of the season would be the following Tuesday. While looking at my phone, without paying attention, I heard someone on TV clashing the pots and threatening to leave. That was Chef Tom, mad as hell, because the food he ordered right before the charter, was frozen. 

I let go of my phone and called it a day to keep watching the marathon and immediately send a text to my friend and also Chef, Demeatrie. I told her what was happening, as we both worked in the hospitality industry for years, we both needed to watch together so we could discuss on our way to work.

It didn’t take long for us to search for past seasons and one thing all the seasons have in common is the Yacht chef, Hannah, Malia, and Captain Sandy. Everything that happens on that show revolves around them. 

Captain Sandy is badass and has zero tolerance for people who can’t do their job. Another reason why should be the next President is that she is a woman, managing all those nutcases, guests, and crew while parking the boat on a dock like a ballerina. I’m not a feminist, but I do think we should have equal opportunities and don’t have to fight so damn hard for a higher hierarchy position in any industry. Captain earned her position and she fights to keep it. 

I worked in the luxury segment before and whoever is managing you, has to have a full understanding of the pressure it is. I can see why Hannah was hyperventilating and having anxiety crises. It’s easy to freak out when day after day you are trapped in a boat with millionaires who demands your body and soul because they are paying for a luxury charter. They forget we are not robots.

When the pressure doesn’t fall on the supervisor, it falls on the chef. And a few chefs throughout the seasons made the work environment hectic. Another reason Captain Sandy should be President: She is in a reality show and she fires people. 

Captain Sandy X Chef Milla (Season 4) 

In season 4, we were excited to have a female Chef, she was from Russia and had gone to Le Cordon Bleu, one of the most “refined culinary schools in the world”. Julia Child attend the same school, so Milla should be capable. I don’t know what happened, but when she decided to serve nachos to the charter guest, I lost it. I serve nachos to my husband when I don’t want to cook, so I trick him into eating whatever scraps I can put together.

Chef Milla did the same, but for guests who were paying tons of money expecting a refined cuisine. The episodes continue, so does her nonsense cooking. Captain Sandy walks into the kitchen and Milla is putting together tacos, from a box, that you get at Walmart for 2.50. She asks if it’s dinner for the crew, Milla says no, it’s for the guests. She serves it, they liked it, I think rich people enjoy eating peasant’s food every once in a while. 

The next day Milla can’t do pancakes, from scratch or the box. Girl, it’s just mixed with water, c’mon! At this point in watching, I’m annoyed. I’m annoyed because I work with food and I respect it, even if it’s just pancakes. At night, she reheats the steak that was about to be served in a microwave. I repeat – on a microwave- to serve to the guests.

Captain Sandy never dropping the ball, ask Milla to please cook the food that it was on her portfolio. She didn’t. The next day she got fired. 

Captain Sandy X KiKo ( Season 5)

First, let me say – justice for Kiko! When I first heard him talking, I immediately knew he was from Brazil. Our accent is easily recognizable for each other. We just know. I was happy to see a Brazilian chef, showing a bit of our culture and our habits on tv. When people ask me if I feel any type of representation while living in America, I say yes. Have you seen the Bird from the movie “Rio”? That’s all the representation I could get these days. Loud, chaotic, and scared, because we are all like that. We are not. 

Kiko was a sweetheart, very focused on his food, and respectful of his colleagues. That was not enough to keep him in the boat. He kept trying and trying and when he couldn’t do it anymore, Hannah gave him the horrible suggestion of making fried food, for the Las Vegas night. Kiko has never been to Vegas and I don’t think Hannah has been either. It was all fried food, and he got fired on the spot. 

A tip from 14 years of experience in the hospitality industry: be careful with who you bond with, and be careful with what they tell you to do. Follow your instincts. 

Captain Sandy fired him too, saying that he needed to learn organizational skills, plating, and everything else. Kiko cried all night. He cleaned the kitchen, went to his bunk bed, and cried himself to sleep. When he left, Hannah lost it.

Captain Sandy X Hannah (Season 5)

Hannah is from Australia and her way of working reminded me of when I worked in Australia in 2009. It’s a very passive-aggressive relationship with whoever is your subordinates. I remember having a huge discussion with one of my supervisors in Australia, when on the next day she came to me, as nothing happened and said she usually does that to her employees, so they can respect her as a boss.  

After Kiko left, it’s a downward spiral for Hannah, because she felt guilty for him being fired. Well, lady, that was technically your fault. One of the nights, she had an anxiety attack and asked for her Valium. To Malia. Malia is a Bosun, which right under Captain Sandy in the hierarchy. So a few days after a discussion about switching rooms to be with her boyfriend, Malia took a photo and sent it to Captain Sandy. A picture of her Valium and a weed pen. CBD pen, according to her. 

This type of medication is not allowed in the boat, unless Hannah had a prescription for her stuff, she would have to be terminated. Thanks, Malia. Hannah took her microphone off and walked outside, followed by Captain Sandy, who was trying to explain her reasons to let her go. To the point, Captain, tired of trying said “F* off” and walked away.  

All the crew got surprised by Hannah leaving, except Malia. Again, keep your friends close and your enemies closer

Captain Sandy X Tom (Season 5)

On the very last charters of the season, Chef Tom, Malia’s boyfriend joined the crew as a Chef. He went to visit his girlfriend and got trapped by Captain Sandy. As the time passed, Chef Tom, who is highly trained and competent, started to getting frustrated, especially with the food provisions given between the charters. When he received the fish only a few hours before the guests arrived and the fish was frozen, he lost it. He unintentionally yelled at Captain Sandy, and no one yells at her. Not even the Chef. If they had more than one or two charter at that season, he would sure get fired too.

The Election is no Joke

With all the joking aside, this week is Election week and one of the most important elections of all times. There is a lot at stake and you should vote conscience. I don’t vote yet, neither do I like any of the candidates. They are both terrible and I’m scared as hell for my future and the future of this country. 

In the next election, hopefully, as a citizen, I will be voting for Captain Sandy. Because she showed she is more than capable to run us all. It’s about time for us to have a female president!

Please let me know who would you like to see as your President next Tuesday! Don’t worry, I don’t like  Trump either.

The train wreck that is 90 day Fiancee – Part 1

Imagine yourself going on vacation to spend a few days with your girlfriends at the beach, soaking in the sun, drinking, enjoying your free time. When you get there, you meet a guy/girl, falls immediately in love with the stranger. You guys spend the next days in a romantic cloud before you leave back home to America, he proposes. You say yes, to the person you met 5 days ago and decided to apply for a K1 fiancee visa. You decided you will marry the stranger you met on an island and you guys will live happily ever after. That’s the entire premises of the TLC 90 day fiancee show and that’s only the beginning of the chaotic life the couples will have ahead of them. 

I couldn’t write a better script. 

 I started watching 90-day Fiancee about 3 years ago when a friend told me about it. I was instantly hooked. As an immigrant, I could resonate a lot with the cast, in terms of, what we have to go through to get here, and getting adapted to live in the United States is the same. Finding love abroad and make it work on the motherland it’s not necessarily an easy path to follow. The show generated multiple conversations with my American husband while trying to show him that is exactly how a foreigner feels, while they arrive in a different country. 

The TLC big hit generated a good amount of spin-off, such as Before the 90 days, when the couples travel just to meet each other and figure out if they actually are what they say they are, or a complete nutcase all together. 90-day fiancee “Happily ever after?”, follow some of the most popular couples after the marriage, or the divorce, like it was the Larissa and Coltiee case. Recently TLC released 90 days – the other way, with the Americans traveling to live abroad with their significant other. Its highly entertaining to see these people trying to figure out life in a country where there is no toilet, no A/C, a lot of os mosquitos, and no running water. Big Ed showering with the rat in the Philippines is one for the books. Four ft nine Ed was already bothered by every single thing he encountered, Rose and her 4-year-old son were living in extremely poor conditions, sharing a house with her entire family, with her dad and sisters, and the rat. They were all sharing the space in harmony because that’s what people outside of America do, they don’t have a choice neither do they most of the time can’t afford to live better. We don’t have a luxury, we have the basics we need to live and most of us don’t know or understand how the United States runs, and I’m pretty sure that’s what causes the commotion while trying to adapt here. We don’t know what to expect, besides what we have seen in movies and tv shows. 

This week, another season of 90 days Happily Ever After comes to a wrap. It was a crazy season where no one was happy, they all considered divorce, shoes were flying, manipulation was at high stakes, plastic surgery was made without any money and Angela kept her mind games with poor Mykul. That man deserves to come to America more than any other person from the cast. Thinking about this season and some other seasons, I concluded that TLC’s money machine is based on the same troupes, season after season. After some time, I did some research and found out that the show sometimes manipulates their reactions to make it more interesting. It worked, because lately, I have been watching like its a very dramatic soap opera, that it is on air at 2 pm for the past 30 years, like “Days of our Lives”

troupe verb

trouped; trouping

Definition of the troupe 

intransitive verb

: to travel in a troupe

also: to perform as a member of a theatrical troupe 

I put on together a list of the cast that are part of the same troupe; Let’s start with the old ladies first, in respect to their age. 

The Old Ladies who want the youngsters: 

Angela, Baby Girl Lisa (Aka – Angela wannabe), and Jennie. 

Angela was the pioneer. She met Mykul on Facebook and decided to meet him in Nigeria, where she verbally abused the hell out of that man and he patiently accepts her tantrums and gives her cake as a peace offer. I guess he understands she is older and has some serious menopausal sing issues. He respects that, at the same time they want to have a kid together, but she can’t “tote” the kid, because, oh well, menopause. After being on the series of the show’s franchise, they finally got married in Nigeria, after Mykull had his fiancee visa denied. Hey, immigration, maybe he is the Nigerian prince we keep getting emails from since 2010. Let him come over already, he deserves it. 

After Angela, we got the Great Value version of her, Baby Girl Lisa. What is up with these old ladies and the Nigerian guys? Baby Girl Lisa fell in love with Usman, who is a singer and made her a song. That damn song verse “baby girl I’m in love with you” with that autotune was on an endless loop in my brain for days. Make it stop. Lisa is also jealous, feisty, and angry, but Usman is a little bit less patience than Mykull, he fights back. And no cake. Lisa wanted to be in his music video, because the song was for her, his manager/friend said it was not appealing to the viewers. I laughed so hard I spilled my drink. A goat as a gift for his mom, which they insanely transported inside of a Volvo to his mom’s house. There were plenty of memes about Lisa with avail in her head, praying, while she looked identical to the ET on the movie. I live for #90dayfiancee on Sundays. 

Going far and beyond we had Jenni. She moved across the globe to be with Summit, in India, when she got there, he used to disappear like a cat, coming back home eventually with the sad look on his face. Something was bothering him and I called it “He is married. He probably has another family” .He did and it was a whole altercation. His family showed up at the apartment door, Jenni cried, felt betrayed, got back to the States, just to go back to India for another season. This time is for sure! I guess…

The ghostly golddiggers and the delusional: 

Maria and Lana and The Williams


Years and years taking money from Caesar, without a single drop of guilt. Caesar as a nail technician was being drained with the promise she would go see him at some point. We all cheered, we spend the entire season thinking she didn’t exist He was eating ramen like a college kid working like a maniac, for her just to live her life in Russia. At the Tell All episode, she showed up, even the cast was in awe and yet, she didn’t want Caesar, 


David, much like Caeser, fell for a Russian girl he paid to talk on a website, about 200K in seven years. She answered him, but every time they have to meet, she fled with a crazy excuse. Once again, we call the guy crazy and the girl, different than Maria, actually showed up at the very last minute. She didn’t speak any English, so they used the translator. She was shy and confused by the man she was talking for the past 7 years.  

Yolanda/ The Williams

We don’t have pictures of The Williams. Yolanda doesn’t have any photos either.

Much like the other in the delusional troupe, Yolanda fell into the internet catfishing hole, and it was too easy for The Williams to play his game. He told her he was from England when she asked which airport she should arrive, he didn’t know. Like everyone in her troupe, she kept believing in his lies. At first, I was like “protect Yolanda at all costs. Please don’t hurt her” At the end of the season I was like “The witch is crazy, so many clues and how can’t she see that?” Then he blackmailed her. She sends nude photos to him. We were thinking he was part of Usman’s Nigerian friend’s group “The yahoo boys”. The viewers are great with conspiracy theories and I can prove! 

The boy-child troupe

TLC is coming with another show soon called “I love a Mama’s boy” and I don’t understand how Colt was not cast for that too. His relationship with his mom is weird, co-dependent, and invasive. At least that’s what they show on tv. I don’t know what is real or not, I judge by what I see. He listened to his mom, instead of his new wife, forcing the wife to live like in a hippie community, sharing all the spaces and mother Debbie is very protective of her space and her in- house slot machine. Brazilians don’t have a sense of space, since we have none. The same situation happened with Jihoon, the Korean guy who impregnated the girl after meeting her for the first time. 

Jihoon was still leaving with his parents, doing small schemes to make money. So, as his life goes well, he decided to bring the American girlfriend, her 3 years old daughter, and the newborn baby to live in Korea. What can go wrong? Inside of his parent’s tiny house. Last season, he rented an apartment on a bad neighborhood, Deavon’s mom freaked out, the kid almost got hit by a car and all this end up with Jihoon crying on the sidewalk, smoking a cigarette, guilty and a complete emotional wreck. This shows it not for the weak minded. We also have Paul. For 3 years now we see this man move back and forth from Brazil, with a translator that helped him get a girlfriend, marry her and have a baby. With no job. They go to Brazil like they are crossing the Indiana-Kentucky border. His neurotic behavior led Karine to believe he can’t control his temper. I don’t think he can either. Paul, as far as I can see, is the true American, problematic, gaslight the hell out of the girl, blames and manipulate her, because of that feed his ego. Yes, they can get away from each other. 

That’s the end of part one of showing my extensive knowledge of the show. I love trash tv talk and I could talk about it hours on end. That’s why I’m working on the second part which will include: The rude crowd, The spoiled brats (ew! Leida), and the Brazilians (because I have a lot to say about my people and the reckless behavior) 

If you watch the show too, please let me know on the comments what is the most chaotic person on the show so far.


The Reign of Cobra Kai

About two weeks ago, I was looking for something to watch and the suggestion list was insisting on Cobra Kai. I skipped a couple of times, to watch something I had already watch a thousand times before, like Gilmore Girls, or Jane the Virgin. I wish I hadn’t skipped. My husband came home and we decided to give it a chance to the show, just for a few minutes and we were hooked. I got soaked in at the first five minutes and couldn’t stop watching. I watched both seasons in a week.

The show was initially produced for Youtube Red, by Sony Entertainment, in 2018. How haven’t we all heard of it, is still a mystery, I don’t know anyone who watches shows on the streaming.I’m glad for once that Netflix decided to buy the two seasons and don’t hog it or give us 7 episodes every six months, as they do with shows like Mr. Iglesias. It all there for our entertainment.in the most millennial way, I want it now, and I want it all.

Karate Kid – 1984

I don’t remember watching the Karate Kid franchise, but I’m familiar with Mr. Miyagi, banzai, and the nickname Daniel-San. The fighting dragon or bird pose is also part of pop culture, you don’t need to watch the movies to know about the rivalry between Daniel LaRusso and Johny Lawrence. You know LaRusso won the fight with the illegal kick, as it is stated multiple times 34 years later during Cobra Kai.

The show is based on what happened to each of the character’s life, after the Karate Kid movies. Daniel LaRusso, as expected, succeeded, is married, owns a car dealership, has a nice house, a wife, and kids. A typical cookie-cutter middle-class American life. Johnny Lawrence is a dead beat, borderline alcoholic, and an absent father to his mischievous kid, Robby, who by the way, hates him. After seeing a kid being bullied outside of a store, Johny goes out in his defense, fighting the kids using his lifetime karate experience. It’s a great scene and it keeps your attention during the entire fight. After all, Johnny fights against five guys alone. The next day, is on the newspaper, guess who sees it? Daniel LaRusso and that bring some meaningful memories. After the fight, Miguel, the kid who was being bullied, asked to be trained by Johny and that sparks on him the desire to open his karate dojo, that of course, he would name it Cobra Kai, based on the dojo he used to train, with his karate Trainer, Kreese.

What makes it Cobra Kai so cool, of course, the bickering between the two main characters. They are full-grown men, yet they can’t let go of the fact that LaRusso stole Johny’s girlfriend in high school and he only lost the fight because of that illegal kick. They still hate each other. LaRusso is calm and collected, but extremely hurtful and vengeful, while Johnny is a nutcase, learning how to teach karate with a purpose of fighting to compete and win, without almost killing the opponent. That gets in the way when we see his old Sensei Kreese make his way back into the dojo. Kreese is an extremely violent war veteran, who doesn’t want to teach mercy. He was apparently dead, but Kreese is alive and well. He wants the students to win, no matter what. So he instigates Johnny to fight dirty.

34 years of rivalry.

Apart from familiar characters, we have an array of new people that add to the fun. LaRusso’s Daughter, Sam is the typical girl next door, who gets infatuated by Miguel, knowing that he is being trained by her family arch-nemesis, now Sensei Lawrence. She encourages her dad to open his own Miyagi Dojo, based on her dad’s Sensei, so she can train karate, like when she was a kid. Almost like a Romeu and Juliett, but with some extra people on it, like Robby, who gets a job at Daniels’ car dealership to get make his dad mad, and end up finding in Larusso, the dad he never had. So he gets under his wings to learn some karate moves. One of the best scenes is the karate tournament, where Robby is coached by LaRusso, against Miguel, who is with Cobra Kai, aka Johny Lawrence, Robby’s dad. Johnny wants to win, but also don’t want Miguel to hurt his son. His conflicting mind is what drives the series. Its about between do what is right, or win against the person you had a beef with your entire life. You don’t know which side to cheer to. It balances it out during the entire two seasons.

Other cool things to add are the lack of technology expertise on Johny’s part. He is awkward and with no social skills, he also makes you uncomfortable to watch him navigate his endeavors. The fact he struggles with a computer system and phones is hilarious. Daniel Larusso is happily married, while Johnny is on the newly founded internet, looking for “hot babes”. It feels like he got stranded in the ’80s, especially when a female student, looks for him to learn karate and he says girls can’t do karate, because they are “soft”. When he gives Aisha a chance to prove herself, she beats the crap out of the other student. Entertainment at its best. After a huge fight breaks out on the first day of school, the second season ends with a major cliff hanger. Netflix announced that season 3 is coming in 2021, as its already filmed. My only problem is, Netflix itself.

Like I said many times before, Netflix is about the money. Not much what the audience thinks it’s cool, or popular. I had many shows I liked, canceled because the executives said there was not enough audience to keep it on the platform. Once again, because they didn’t want to promote the way it should be. Netflix is my Daniel LaRusso. I despise it, but can’t stop talking about and let go.

We don’t know much about season 3 of Cobra Kai yet. All we know is that according to the show creator Jon Hurwitz the series “is already filmed, edited and ready to go”, as he said on Twitter. Let’s hope its the beginning of 2021, but its Netflix, so I’m getting ready for the staggering of waiting months and months.

If Netflix don’t stagger, we will have season 3 soon.

Cobra Kai has a little bit of everything for everyone. Karate, family values, comedy and loss. Flashback who lets whoever never watched the movies go along with the story the show is telling now. If you watched, let me know in the comments what did you like the most! I can’t wait for season 3!

Enjoy your holiday weekend ! Stay healthy !


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