Remember all the plans we had a couple of weeks ago? It looks like a vague memory now that we have eyes for one matter, the Corona Virus who trapped most of the planet’s population inside our houses. Whoever could run to the cabin in the mountains did it, but for us, the real knights of the corona Apocalypse, had to stay locked in the city anyway.

The media are feeding itself breakfast, lunch and dinner on this issue. It feels like they can’t get enough. Like a lion, drooling, watching his prey suffer of anxiety, to give up and move the next one. All the news outlet are making whatever this virus is, even worse, it had happened before, with Ebola, Measles, and the most recent one, the impeachment. Hours and hours spent on TV talking about what is going to happen with the president, why was he in this position, feeding the anger, to have the politicians to vote it against it, with nothing happening to the president at all. As this matter was over, Corona was on. Every single outlet and it grew bigger. Not until a week and a half ago when they decided to shut everything down, people starting to realize that we were all getting some collateral damage from the virus. Our everyday lives was going to be affected, our school system and our jobs. I got hired to work in a hotel, but they closed for now.

My friends in the restaurant industry are suffering the most. Small business owners have no idea of what to do during this time and the staff doesn’t know what to do to pay rent, bills and food. All the restaurants I worked are doing carry out, with a fewer options from the menu and a short staff. All the bartenders I know are at home. So are the cooks, the waitress and the hostesses. The truth is, we don’t make enough to have it saved for longer periods of time, for 2 months, like the time the news is saying of all this is going to last. Heck, most people in this country live paycheck to paycheck. We don’t all live in a white fenced house in a suburb, we are not allowed to work from home and get paid for. We need to give for ourselves, we need to work.

Once again, the media did what supposed to do and everyone went to the grocery store and packed for the apocalypse that in their mind is about to happen. I went to get some toothpaste and for my surprise, the shelves where the Lysol and other cleaning products were empty, so was the toilet paper and the lunch meat. The frozen food aisle were all scattered, even the vegan food, pretend meat sells well in times of desperation.


I wrote this post about two weeks ago, and see how everything unveiled is maddening. There was no need for this desperation at the grocery store, as most of the items like bread, milk and water were replaced, as the stores are opening and closing earlier. The new normal is not leaving the house and only going out if its necessary. I can understand why dogs gets so excited to go for walks, I’m on that stage too. Bored most of the day and super excited to go to the supermarket.

I could pretend that I have a lot of interest in writing and keep moving on with my projects, but I can’t focus. I kept my gratitude planner and it helps me to at least see my intent of getting things done clear, now that its all a blur. I made a little chart to show my levels of anxiety at this point.

My writing on the procreate app

I’ve also been part of a few podcasts episodes with my friend, Demeatrie, as we can’t meet, we share our thoughts out loud.

Hopefully the next post will be with more engagement and some type of joy !



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