“Jimmy pushed his hair inside of his police hat, a uniform that he borrowed from one of his acquaintances, so he could get by without being noticed with his partner in crime, Mark. They had this plan for months to steal and sell those pieces of art on the black market.

They had just agreed during the robbery that they would lock the third partner, the security guard, in an office to make it look real and that there was no inside job. This way Manuel, security guard, could keep his job and nobody would suspect him.

“Are you SURE, it’s a good idea to keep me locked in here?” asked Manuel.

“Yes, they can’t figure out you are part of this plan” said Jimmy, putting tape around Manuel’s wrists.

“If you gave us the right direction, it shouldn’t take too long for us to find the pieces we want.” said Mark, on his walk towards the door, turning off the light and leaving Manuel to the darkness of his own regret.

A few moments after the following the direction they were given, Jimmy and Mark stopped in front of the first painting they would remove from the wall. “Landscape with an Obelisk” it was worth millions of dollars.

“Should we just pull it off the wall? The entire frame?” asked Mark, waiting for instructions on what to do next.

“Just take the painting and leave the frame, they will have a great surprise by tomorrow.” Said Jimmy staring at the paint …

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