I don’t think anyone reads this and I’m probably right. So every six months I came by, write some random stuff and disappear for another six months. The only thing keeping me away from writing more often is the number of assignments  I have to work on every week for my Creative Writing for the Entertainment BachelorsDegree. I truly enjoy it, but my energy and focus go to that.

I have one class per month. This month I had Lit Genre of Fantasy/ Sci-Fi and Lit Genre of Horror/Mystery. For the last one, I had to watch some horror movies, for an article I should be working on right now. I really don’t like or watch this type of movies, but I enjoy writing the short script more than I ever imagine. It’s like my own piece of art.

The script for the short movie is about three friends, who decided to investigate a ghost that lives in the girls’ bathroom, and comes out to scare every once in while. That might not be too scary for some; but my teacher told me to write something that scares me, something that frightens me and that certainly do. Let me tell you why.

Growing up in Brasil, in the ’90s, we had to deal with all kind of tales. Every other school had one, but The Blond in the bathroom was kind of Union of all schools tales. I heard about this one in 1995, and girls from my school, older kids, used to talk about this during recess. A few times I almost pee myself, because I was too scared to use the bathroom. One of those days, we were lining up to go outside, for Gym classes, I couldn’t hold myself and HAD to go use the restroom.

Frightened to my core, I went in. As soon as I walked in, the kids outside started to knock on the door yelling “The blond in the Bathroom, Blond in the Bathroom”, we all knew once you called her 3 times, she would come out.  Oh jeez, I finished so fast and almost came out with the short in my hands. Terrified. Even my teacher laughed. I was about to cry. Time passed and 7 grade they started with that again. I was not that scared, but still a bit conscious about it.

So as soon as my teacher gave us the assignment, I brought back this crazy childhood memory. I would love to make it into a short movie. Who knows, maybe at some near future. I might submit to the Film School department, at my school.





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