A Letter of Encouragement.

A letter of encouragement. For all of us.

Another year comes to a wrap. This year was one for the books, for all of us. We will never forget 2020, for the rest of our lives. Just like that special event, that you keep in your memories, we are going to talk about 2020 forever. It’s not a year we want to forget either. At least I don’t.

This year started promising, I had plans to go back to California to take some workshops, finally, get my drivers license, and maybe, just maybe, start a little production company, where I would write sketches, film it and post them on youtube. Oh! I was going to Disney too, to see a friend from my teenage years. Nothing.

When March 15 hit, I remember seeing that clown on TV, saying everything should be closed because of the Virus, and they wanted to avoid overcrowding the hospital system, so we should all stay home until April. To flatten the curve. Today is December 15. Nobody talks about to flatten the curve anymore.

During this time, I saw restaurants and businesses’ closures. I saw friends losing their jobs, I saw family struggling to get by. Something I also learn during this time is that I’m surrounded by resilient people. People that don’t give up and keep moving. All of them did.

Somehow, we made it work.

In adverse times, we look for better ways to improve our lives. Some of us had finally the time to turn that hobby, that was on the back of the drawer, into a career. We found new ways to sustain ourselves and somehow improve our life quality. I started paying attention to what I eat and how I eat. I’m not very religious, but I took some time of my day to pray and be thankful.

I’m thankful for being alive and healthy. I’m thankful because I finally had the time to pursue my dreams. I have this blog for two years, and only now I had time to dedicate myself to it, put my voice out in the world. To learn about it and to focus on the message I want to spread.

For all the people that lost loved ones, I’m terribly sorry. For the nurses that worked night and day, without seeing the family members and all the stress caused by the endless work, I salute you and appreciate you. The true heroes. Now the vaccine is coming, we lift up our heads again and march to continue our lives. Hugs and physical contact has never been more appreciated than now.

For all the creators that kept us sane!

The awkward creator that lives in me, salute the awkward creator that lives in you!

And for all my friends reading this, a huge imaginary hug from me, and a shout out! We did! We managed 2020 the best way possible! For all the creators out there, I know how hard some days were, but we did it! We are the reason people didn’t lose their minds completely. We are writers, musicians, content creators, video game players, reality tv producers, screenwriters and illustrators. It’s because of us, people could keep their sanity.

So now, when people turned around and say your art/film career doesn’t matter, ask them to read the legislation book for entertainment. Binge-watch the Senate channel.

Enough of throwing shade now.

The endless quarantine didn’t finish with my plans, I just postpone it. I still want to go to California and take the screenwriting workshops, I still plan to go back to Disney, and I still plan to live my life to the fullest. Even if I’m stuck at home for a little longer.

Thank you, 2020.

Thank you 2020 for giving me the chance to know more about myself and not be into the cloud of just surviving another day.

For the first time, I had the chance to appreciate every day as its own, because of the uncertainty of tomorrow. After this year, I will not take anything for granted.

I will make sure to pay attention to my actions and the energy I’m transmitting. Make sure to look up and enjoy the scenery instead of looking down at my phone screen. Dance my weird dance moves and laugh at myself. Let my inner child come out whenever it’s necessary.

Call my parents and tell them I love them and make sure to see them soon. Watch all the Disney movies. I wish you don’t take anything for granted, and you also, had enough time to adjust the sails, like Dolly Parton once told us.

What are your plans after the quarantine is over? Let me know in the comments or on my social media. I complain about it, but I’m always there. Complaining, of course.

See you soon!

Take care and Stay Healthy


5 thoughts on “A Letter of Encouragement.”

  1. suchitasenthilkumar – An aspiring writer creating chaos. Was born in Bengaluru, 17 years ago. Her work has been featured by Live Wire among others, and was a student of UNICEF's Voices of Youth Mediathon of 2021.
    suchitasenthilkumar says:

    Thank you for this. It’s lovely to truly appreciate 2020 despite all the odds.

  2. I think this year has changed a lot for everyone yet we have adapted. I think that says a lot about humans as a whole. The ability to overcome. Although we have hated this, there may be a light at the end of the tunnel.

    I think overall it had taught many of us the importance of being together and how much we rely on human contact in general. I think it is something we won’t soon take for granted once this is said and done. Thanks for sharing!

  3. kianachante – "& everything I say in these pages, is straight from the heart." ...before you start to judge me, please remember you have not walked a mile in my shoes and couldn't if you tried, felt my joy nor pain, let alone, known my struggles.
    Kiana says:

    This really warmed my heart. It been a tough year, but it wasn’t all bad and I’m grateful for that.

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