I didn’t even want to write this week. Since the last post, the country erupted in protest, fighting for the peoples rights, to be respected as an equal, systemic racism, police brutality, due to the recent death of the Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Aubrey and George Floyd. The news is exploiting George’s death in every single possible way. I lost count of how many times I’ve seen that poor man collapse during broadcasting. We all demand justice. We are tired of this system.

Tired of the injustice, tired of being worried about my friend’s of color safety and tired of the internet parasites, who use someone else’s fight to promote themselves. Social Media and the delusional world they build. It helps create the idea that you are helping, tagging along with hashtags and motivational posts; when the situation is much more profound than that. I know people who post about Black Lives Matter, only to look cool and be part of the hype. Don’t be that person, it’s time to educate yourself and get out of the bubble. How? Watching movies by directors of color, listening to music, from musicians of color, other than Beyoncé. Read the books, support black entrepreneurs, watch documentaries, take art classes online and so on. I believe that equality is the only way to go.

The past weekend I thought I was going to take my mind away from all the mess going around and relax for a minute, it turns out I hated the place we visited.

We traveled to Corpus Christi, the gulf coast of Texas, about 3.5 hours away from Austin. I’m not sure if it was the fact that I was at home for the past 3 months and my expectations of being outside again were really high, or the town was boring. It felt weird to be out, in an almost abandoned town, where the eerie feeling drifted in the air. It felt like I was out of my body, with seagull’s flying low, hooting loud, hungry for my next mistake. I woke up on a rainy Sunday and all my plans to go to the beach were washed away, I put all my drinks in the cooler, we drove there anyways, stayed for 15 minutes with heavy winds, trying to keep the mat on the sand, only to decide to drive back. Most of the people in town were not wearing masks or caring about the virus. It seems like the virus hadn’t messed with their lives. Texans seem to be reckless and somehow they are fine. I have to find another coastal city to visit and I will probably choose somewhere in Florida.

I finally sat on a coffeeshop after 3 months. Outside, with my hand sanitizer in one hand and the mask in the other.

Talking about Florida, I had a great conversation with my college best friend Shelly. We got some time to talk on video chat, something we have been planning for months. We talked about the plans for the future and how Full Sail University shouldn’t have creative writing as a bachelor’s degree, and instead add some of those classes as a choice to take during film classes. It would work much better, while it wouldn’t waste anyone’s time or money. Full Sail is great for gaming, music production and film. If I had a chance, I would not consider the creative writing as degree choice. You can sign up foe a Master Class membership for $99 a year instead and be able to do the same thing we were doing. I don’t regret taking it, as I was in a bad place in my life, and somehow those classes kept my energy flowing. But I would not do that if I was in my right state of mind.

Spike Lee resumed 3 years of classes in 4 videos.

As June starts, I gave a chance to my quarterly planner. Today I sat down and planned the next days and my goals for this week. I’m trying to keep it simple, because I’m very bad with self-scheduling, even though I was on point with school assignments. If I don’t have a deadline, I end up watching “The Office” or “Parks and Recreation”, or scrolling social media to the moon and answering strangers on twitter, instead of doing the job. I need deadlines. I work well under pressure, I guess I enjoy the induced panic feeling and the adrenaline of being a failure. Anyway, the only things I have planned for this week are my blog post, create the log line for my web series script and finish my master class. What can throw me off the rack? Social media and tv. I’m also working on the comic strip about the restaurant industry, I have about 4 scripts that I will have to draw.

That’s it for now, friends. I will see you back here when the energy gets better.

Be safe,

J. G. Snelly

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